Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Good mod but it's not balanced enough. IS-2 cn't do anything, even with T-34-85. They're easily crushed by StuG IV. I'm dissapointed about balance

I mean yeah adding russians is nice nut actually change gameplay

After seeing how many awards this mod got I felt compelled to try it out. First thing I noticed was all the maps load way slower with Eastern Front installed, going from 15 seconds loads in vanilla to around 2 minutes.
Both the Soviet and Ostheer armies bring new units and doctrines to the table but they both feel weaker than the other 4 forces. The Soviet troops are too fragile and expensive (even my beloved T-34), while the Ostheer AI needs some serious rework as it doesn't know how to use it's own troops.
Aside from the 2 issues I mentioned above the mod is runs well and even comes with winter themed maps to fit the setting. (and the russians speak russian)

I think this mod is well done, and there was alot of hard work put into this, but it is not refined at all yet. First off, the soviet structures still copy the Allied and German structures, when they are obviously capable of editing the models. Second off, the Soviet faction should be speaking English, if they want it to be more like a "Relic faction". Finally, some of the sounds and models are not good. One of the soviet husks is screwed up, and is a completely different color, and some of the soviet rifle noises are much louder and much lower quality than the allied ones. I also come across alot of FPS lag issues, and the mod is not stable, crashing often for me. Nevertheless, it is still an incredible mod, although I do feel like the Soviets are a bit OP.

Really a big work.

There is a great need of balancing in this mod.

First off, you need to keep the AT-guns of the naval infantry at the same damage and rate of fire as the other AT options.

Also you really need to nerf the tanks of the Soviet, a T-34/76 (or 85) can easily bounce a 88mm shot from a Tiger and they take almost no damage at all from the Marder III tank hunter. The tanks are really easy to get and cost few resources, so they need to be nerfed. The IS-2 is just ridiculous, it can take double the damage than a Tiger or Pershing and cannot be penetrated from the front by any gun except the static 88mm. It can easily beat a Panther or Sherman with its side exposed. The damage of all the guns on those tanks is incredible, much more damage than their so called equivalents. SU-85 also bounces 88mm shots and can take a lot of punishment even though it is supposed to be fairly weak in armour.

The Molotovs or incendiary grenades also need a hefty nerf seeing as they can hurt tanks like the Panzer IV. Both T-70 and T-90 are supposed to be light tanks but they can still take very heavy damage (about two rounds from an artillery piece, Priest or Hummel, direct hits). The command squads are way too easy to get early on and they are equal, if not better, than rangers, paratroopers and knights cross holders.

Other than that the textures look good and I like the new maps and units, although some maps seem to have very few manpower points.

This mod is really showing how Company of Heroes is a game that should no be modded at all.

First of all, I downloaded this mod and installed it, but when I wanted to start a game but I could not choose the soviet army because it was locked. Then I discovered that my game needed to be updated, so after a long time and after downloading almost one giga byte of patchs, it was the mod itself now that was not launching. Then I downloaded the new version of Eastern Front but the mod's launcher always wanted to check for new updates and because I did not have Internet during this time, the launcher was crashing each time. After some researches I have managed to make the shortcut to launch the mod and it was working ! So I start a new game with bots at Stalingrad but the mod freeze after 70% of loading.... I kill then start the mod again and choose another map and I could finally start playing ! However the mod will crash in the middle of a game few hours later, and even worst the saves I made because I knew that the mod would certainly crash is making the mod freezing after 70% of loading...

So now I can play this mod but more than half of the time I start a map it is freezing after 70% of loading, and when it's manage to load, it is crashing few hours later in the middle of a game more than half of the time.

Also, I was expecting more than some reskinned buildings and most of the maps don't make me feel like I am in the eastern Europe...

Now it is a good mod, but I was expecting more...

It's a great mod, but until they balance it out, it's getting nothing above a 7/10


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