7 new races, new units and features for the original 9 races. With the mission to bring all races to Dawn of War, in the style of their Codex, drawing inspiration from the Table Top Game. The complete collection of the Codex Mod to date.

Review RSS Feed Israfail says
9 Israfail

Jul 31st, 2012 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't


Great mod, but I have ONE problem, but don't know if it is your mod or the Black Templar mod that causes it.

When I select an Predator of the Black Templars, the game ends itself.


BagaturKhan says
10 BagaturKhan

Jun 1st, 2012 2 people agree 2 people don't

One of my favourite modes for DoW. Very good!

Emperor Of Mankind says
1 Emperor Of Mankind

May 12th, 2013 2 people agree 3 people don't

Meh. I played better mods

SeriousMatthias says
8 SeriousMatthias

Oct 18th, 2014

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akchurinkirill says
10 akchurinkirill

Aug 8th, 2014

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.Shiki says
8 .Shiki

Jul 30th, 2014

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mrthirsty247 says
10 mrthirsty247

Jul 7th, 2014

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lysyindor says
10 lysyindor

Jun 27th, 2014

No review provided

libero46 says
10 libero46

Jun 16th, 2014

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bushmikhail says
10 bushmikhail

May 15th, 2014

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