8 new races, new units and features for the original 9 races. With the mission to bring all races to Dawn of War, in the style of their Codex, drawing inspiration from the Table Top Game. The complete collection of the Codex Mod to date.

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This mod would be a great mod, however there are a couple of issues which prevent me from giving this a 10/10, 9/10, or even an 8/10, it's quite a wait to merely get a game started in this mod, considering the maddeningly slow loading, I feel that the mod is a bit more for looks than being able to actually play it, the races are unbalanced in many cases, the daemons are very weak and confusing to play as, while the Grey Knights are not balanced with the other races. Other than that, the armies within the mod needed much polishing, for example, a couple of odd-ball factions within the Imperial Guard, Lost and the Damned, and other armies within other races that didn't make a whole lot of sense, (Who the hell are the "Horus Heritics") lol, not to mention that many of the color schemes are wrong and do not fit with the color schemes in the codexes, and I've noticed many sounds were ripped off from other races (daemons for example, borrow too many Chaos Space Marine sounds). Other than that the mod would be absolutely great since it has many new races and excellent(albeit laggy)graphics. With more improvements to general playability and gameplay quality, I'd definitely give this a 9/10.

I wouldn't recommend a download yet though, at least until 3.6 is out, It'll usually take up to an hour and a half or perhaps more depending on your internet speed for the huge amounts of files to download, only for you to get a somewhat polished, sort of raw mod, before this mod can truly be considered similar to the tabletop game, it certainly needs far more aesthetic work done to it, and more care given to each race. As a side note, someone such as myself, who is a massive Warhammer 40k nerd and enjoys the lore and actually plays the tabletop game on occasion might want to wait a while longer for this mod to improve if it ever does, like a few others have said, right now this mod is more for someone who just wants fun models, and whom doesn't know much about 40k lore rather than someone who wants to play a serious 40k game as if they were playing tabletop or reenacting an event from the lore.

Nice mod proceed from hard work,I like it,but still miss a little thing to be full balanced

allows easy access to other mods to be included, unque and possibly different every time, cool new races, whats not to like

Wow so much blood for the Blood God :D

Weeeeeeeeeeee :D

Just your typical mix-n-match clusterfuck of a Mod. Meaning horrific balance issues and extremely lazy coding.


Lord_Cylarne says

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I totally forgot to rate the Codex mod (or I did, but then people yelled at me). Here it is again!

7/10 Immersion, gameplay, balance

10/10 content

N/A Story line or plot

5/10 replayability

7/10 functional

9/10 AI

8/10 tactics

6/10 prolonged gameplay

10/10 graphics/ui

10/10 for amount of races

8/10 layout and design

2/0 (free points) mod team and updates

Worth the download? 8/10

For a fan of codex related material or people looking to look at stuff, this is a very great mod. For the amount of races integrated into this mod, this is outstanding. Balanced? Absolutely!

This mod also includes multiple winconditions no other mod has. The allies wincondition, which you can call in reinforcements from other factions, random per faction, and of course tons others! Like allow titans, massive battles, etc. This mod is totally worth the download!

I have to however point out that I got very many crash to desktops. I don't know if it is now cured and I am totally wrong now, but out of the ten games I have played (which is very great!), I get half the time crash to desktops, and every mod for Dawn of War has these crashes, but more frequently in this mod.

Other than that, the Codex mod team did a fine job at remaking all races together. The Grey Knights race is phenomenal, not judging its content, but gameplay! And is probably one of the best races in any mod besides Gambit's new Chaos Daemons, THE IDH mod, and the Tyranids.

Immersion is very good, and sometimes gameplay, but the lack of help text does also take away some influence. The gameplay is mostly vanilla based, not entirely changed or new. Mod still includes many limits of DOW SS "balance rule". Codex Daemons needs to be fixed, like my old screwed up Daemons mod when I converted it to vanilla. I feel the same about these Daemons, not entirely fun in the long run.

Otherwise, this mod is full of content and worth the download. I don't understand how the mod is so popular, but it is for a reason!


10 / 10 because of all the new units, and the detail put into them :D

Love the mod brings my Love for DoW:SS back to life.. having few minor issues with few units in game. seems I cant build them. but doesn't effect playing the mod other than that mod is to notch and a must have for SS

and hoping their will be more races added to the codex in the future.



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