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Faction choices for:

Chaos Legions - 9 Original Traitor Legions and Renegades
Space Marines - Remaining 6 First Founding Legions, and 3 Second Founding Legions
Eldar - 6 most famous Craftworlds
Orks - The 6 major Clans
New units and characters for all the original races.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download both parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Codex Base Code.
2. Extract all 3 parts to your SS directory (see tutorial -
3. Download and extract Codex 3.6 to your Soulstorm directory.

4. Select “Dawn of War: Codex (3.6)” from the Game Manager.

There is a combiner module file for using in conjunction with the Tyranids (vs 0.51b) and the Black Templars (beta 5) mods included in the extracted folder,
but you will NEED these 2 great mods installed separately.

NOTE: The new races are not the same as other independently released versions, just to avoid confusion. These are the Codex versions, developed separately.

Boothy_p (Team leader / Coder / Chief Chimp)
Deathwatch78 (FX / Textures)
dkpisme (Textures / Testing)
Count Bagatur (Testing / Textures)
deathteam15 (Community Manager)

FOK / POK Team - Without who's models this would not be possible, simply the best...
_Warsmith_ - Fantastic models and assets
Titanium Wars (GrOrc) - Models, assets and OE pointers
Apocalypse Mod - Fantastic models and assets
Horus Heritic - Models and skins
ZanyReaper - Assets from TTRU
Dawn of Skirmish Team (and Thudo) - For the wonderful AI, a joy to work with!!
Corsix - For the great mod studio
jONES1979 - For little items, and alot of knowledge and insight
CutterShane and Arkhan - Heroes mod, love it!!!!
Inquisition Daemonhunt team - Models and assets
Catwell - Great Unclean one, Keeper of Secrets and others
Mudflaps - Bikes, and other models
Witch Hunter mod - Inquisition models and assets
Torzel - For the lovely space wolf skins
Steel Legion team - Models and assets
CraftWorld team - Eldar models and assets
Whiteshield - For Specular textures
Winterdyne - The warhound titan
RavenwingRetribution - Icons, lots of.....
Combat_Sheep888, - Dark Angels Vehicle Skins
O-CuKChainz - Blood Angels Vehicle Skins
Relic and THQ - For the wonderful game that is Dawn of War (make 3 as good!!!!!!!)
Games Workshop - For the IP, fluff and 40k universe, and allowing this sort of endevour

To anyone I might have missed, sorry (tell me, and I'll update)

To all those who have already downloaded and enjoyed/commented on the mods to date.

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2 comments by boothy_p on Mar 16th, 2015

OK, so 3.6(beta) is out........
It was a bit of a rush job, with most of the changes done over the last week, but they seemed to all work OK, so just drop me a message if anythings wrong (except descriptions :) )

A few things to note though:

"Allow Allies" needs to be activated to get the allies buildings in the advanced build menu.

"Allow Titans" is gone as a win condition.

"Escalation" allows titans, and bumps the pop cap up 50%.

"Apocalypse" allows titans, and bumps the pop cap up 100%.

(Don't use the 2 together - you'll get a SCAR error)

I don't know what's next, there's a massive list (well, there isn't actually, but a lot of ideas).No new full races though for now, the current lot still need work, and it takes to long to build a race for my free time at present.

New Allies though - defo!

Anyway, I hope the downloads work OK, get annoying when they get screwed up..........

Oh, and see the tutorial here:
For those unsure on the best method of installing the base set.

And see here: for who gets what allies.

(I'm off to play DoW II, and Space Marine :) )

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Codex 3.6 (beta)

Codex 3.6 (beta)

Mar 15, 2015 Full Version 19 comments

Codex 3.6 (beta). Requires Codex Base parts 1, 2, and 3. Incremental patch release, with a number of additional feature, tweaks and fixes. Full change...

Codes Base files - Part 3

Codes Base files - Part 3

Mar 14, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Base code set for the Codex Mod. Required for 3.6 and all subsequent versions. Download Codex Base Parts 1, 2, and 3 and extract to your Soulstorm directory...

Codes Base files - Part 2

Codes Base files - Part 2

Mar 14, 2015 Full Version 8 comments

Base code set for the Codex Mod. Required for 3.6 and all subsequent versions. Download Codex Base Parts 1, 2, and 3 and extract to your Soulstorm directory...

Codes Base files - Part 1

Codes Base files - Part 1

Mar 14, 2015 Full Version 22 comments

Base code set for the Codex Mod. Required for 3.6 and all subsequent versions. Download Codex Base Parts 1, 2, and 3 and extract to your Soulstorm directory...

Codex Badges and Banners

Codex Badges and Banners

Jun 17, 2012 Skin Pack 13 comments

Possibly the most boring download available on the site, but here we are. It's been brought up that the badges and banners in codex are not there for...

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IceMaverick13 Apr 8 2015, 2:14pm says:

I'm glad work on this has resumed. Maybe I can finally see my wonderful new Tau Codex units ^_^

+1 vote     reply to comment
boothy_p Creator
boothy_p Apr 9 2015, 11:50am replied:

Out of interest, apart from the 2 new flyers, what units do you think are missing from the latest Stupid Blue squids (Tau) Codex?

+1 vote   reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 5:33am replied:

DX-6 Remora Drones - Vehicle Beacon: In the same vein of fleshing out Kauyon, what good would a carefully laid ambush do if the enemy simply rolls in with heavy armor? The Remora drones are low durability drones capable of carrying missile systems in addition to being a cloaked unit. I would have them function like the current Drone Squad unit, but instead arm them with heavier weaponry only effective against vehicles, and of course cloaking. Per rules, Farsight Enclaves would not have access to these.

Darkfire Assassin Squad - Fire Cadre Barracks: This one here really pads out the Kauyon ideals of ambushes and stealth... The only issue is that this is simply a popular Homebrew unit and not officially in any Tau Codex, so it may violate the ideals of the mod itself, so take this with that in mind. The Darkfire squad is a team of higher ranked Stealthsuit units that use modified XV25 Battlesuits. Darkfire units are Snipers in full. They wield modified Pulse Rifles meant for high damage over long distances and since the Darkfires are cloaked, makes them perfect for setting up in a position to pick off enemies being lured back. I would equate these units to Space Marine Scout-Snipers in that they operate in a squad to pick off groups of soft targets at range and I would implement them as such. As with the others, I would gate this unit behind the Teachings of Kauyon and it would make a nice Barracks mirror to the Mont'Ka XV8 Crisis Team.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 5:34am replied:

Cadre Fireblade - Barracks or Coalition Center: The Fireblade is a Commander unit. One thing I've noticed about the current Tau army in the mod is that they're one of the few races that is lacking in Commander units. The Fireblade would be a nice secondary Commander to help flesh that out a bit. Normally Fireblades come with their own personal Markerlights and act on the field as a Captain of sorts for Fire Warriors, having attained the same rank as Battlesuit operators, but choosing to remain infantry instead. The Fireblade also usually comes with Drones, in the form of either Marker, Shield, or Gun drones. Im not sure if you'd take the "individual unit" Commander approach like the current Tau Commander, or if you'd make it like say, the SM Commander who attaches to squads. If it's an attacher, the drones may be weird to do, but if it's a solo unit, I would recommend allowing him to reinforce with various drones. If he's an attached Commander, I would suggest some form of passive aura that buffs fire rate on nearby squads as more shots is one of his primary abilities.

Now that I've touched on some general expanding, I wish to dive into ideas for the Farsight Enclaves.

Commander Farsight - Fire Cadre Barracks: Commander Farsight would replace the Tau Commander unit. He is an XV8 Crisis Suit that also has a sword melee weapon. Beyond stat modifications and the addition of the potent melee weapon, the only changes between the Tau Commander and Farsight would likely be the removal of the Snare ability and the removal of the XV22 Weapon Upgrades, but the addition of the Crisis Jumpjets, Crisis Weapon Upgrade + Shield system. Farsight can keep the heavy aimed shot ability.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 5:36am replied:

The Eight - Coalition Center: Seeing as the Farsight Enclave lacks Ethereals, they will need a suitable substitute for a high-level Command Unit. I propose that unit be a Command Squad formed of Farsight's Seven other Commanders. The group contains an XV104 Riptide, an XV88 Broadside Suit, and 5 XV8 Crisis Suits (Several of which are heavily modified.) The cost of this group would be much higher (of course) than an Ethereal. The Squad would simply deploy the XV104 Riptide first, and then each subsequent member of The Eight would be deployed as a Reinforcement to that squad.

Kroot: Seeing as the Farsight Enclaves are cut off from the rest of Tau Space, Kroot warriors would be hard to come by in large quantities. It wouldn't make very much thematic sense to allow Farsight to have access to the various forms of Kroot, especially the more advanced forms as well as large numbers of them.

Farsight Warriors - Fire Caste Barracks: Farsight's Fire Warriors are unique from the standard Fire Warrior in one way. They lack the crippling weakness at melee range. Buffing the Fire Warriors' melee abilities or otherwise making them more effective at close combat fits them thematically and help alleviate the issue brought about by the lacking of Kroot soldiers. These units would either be a change to, or a replacement of the default Fire Warrior.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 5:37am replied:

XV8 Crisis Suits: Commander Farsight's primary method of warfare is not to rely heavily on vehicles or even infantry deployments. His main strength lies in his use of his Battlesuits. The standard Tau forces have a hard limit of 3 on XV8 Suits. For the Farsight Enclaves I would propose the limit be unlocked or, at the very least, raised, to reflect Farsight's gratuitous use of the suits as his primary forces. In the same vein, if other common Battlesuits have limitations on them that I can't recall at this moment, I propose the cap on those be increased as well to allow this Tau faction to feel really unique in it's heavy reliance on Battlesuits over Vehicles. To help encourage this, perhaps some of the heavier vehicle variants could be prohibited to Farsight in exchange for greater quantities of XV8 Crisis suits.

XV9 Hazard Suit - Fire Caste Barracks: Quite a recent addition to the Tau armory, they're very expensive to make and given only to the most skilled of XV8 Crisis pilots. This unit I would propose being added for both Farsight and Orthodox Tau. It was originally crafted by Orthodox Earth caste members, but it was reported that several of the suits were "diverted" into Farsight space. The suits are armed generally armed with heavier weaponry to destroy armor. I would suggest starting with the XV8 as a template: same starting weapons, jumpjets, the works. I would then make the suit more durable and instead of allowing upgrades to Flamers or Missile pods, allow upgrades to Phased Ion Blaster (similar in role to a Lascannon) or the Fusion Cascade (rapid fire, similar in role to Melta weapons). I would propose the unit be made quite durable with a limit of 1, or only slightly more durable and share the limit with the XV8 suit for balance purposes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 5:39am replied:

With the few changes to Farsight that are on my mind currently (and there's more that could be dug up from the appropriate fluff) I'll move on to the things that all Tau players are dreaming of: Riptide Variants.

XV-104 Riptide: Though already present in the game, I feel like (esepcially if my other considerations are taken into account, especially with the addition of other Riptide variants) this unit will need to be moved off of the Vehicle Beacon. The Riptide requires at least that the Mont'Ka Post or Kauyon Post be constructed so perhaps that would make a good spot to move the unit to, since the Command Card on those buildings only has the 1 upgrade taking up space.

XV-107 R'Varna - Kauyon Post: The height of all Tau Battlesuit technology. This suit is armed with twin Pulse Submunition Cannons, which, from descriptions, seems to operate much like a giant Plasma Shotgun loaded with explosive rounds designed to saturate large areas with micro-explosions that tear apart infantry lines and absolutely demolish larger armored targets. Armed with these weapons (and the lacking of jumpjets), the suit was designed to provide fire support from long ranges instead of closing in on the target. The design of this to be a less-mobile long-range weapons platform makes me want to place this into the Kauyon Doctrine as it's poor mobility makes it better suited for bringing the enemy to the suit instead of advancing on the enemy. This suit would be far more armored and far more damaging than the XV104 Riptide, though it trades mobility for that and forgoes it's jetpack as well as a portion of it's mobility. Compared to the XV104, I would suggest a much slower move speed, longer range, increased damage, and increased health. This unit would likely share the 1 unit limit with the Riptide suit and would only be available after researching Teachings of Kauyon, making it exclusive to that side. Due to how recent of a design it is, Farsight would likely not have access to this suit.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 5:40am replied:

XV109 Y'vahra Battlesuit - Mont'Ka Post: The XV109 is another, newer variant of the XV104 Riptide. This suit was created with mobility in mind. Equipped with a jetpack and superior walker servos, this unit was designed to close distances quickly and engage at close-range. In addition to it's speed, it's equipped with a heavy, triple barreled plasma flamer for saturating infantry with walls of fire and an Ion Discharge Cannon designed to pepper vehicles with Ion strikes and EMP blasts to disable and destroy them, allowing the XV109 to deal with both soft infantry and armored vehicles. Like the XV107, the XV109 would share the hard cap of 1 with the XV104 Riptide. And considering the XV107's tie to the Kauyon teachings, I thought to tie this rapid-strike, high mobility suit to the Mont'Ka teachings. As such, it is unlocked after researching Teachings of Mont'Ka, making it exclusive to that side. As this is bleeding edge Tau technology, the Farsight Enclaves would likely not have access to this suit.

Apologies for the MASSIVE wall of text, but I felt like a bit of description on each would be helpful on deciding without deep research if it was something you'd be interested in doing if you weren't familiar with the unit already. Really sorry for filling up the board like this :/

+1 vote     reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 5:32am replied:

Apologies for the huge delay in replying. I only check this page every few weeks for updates.
I realized I spoke a little hastily in this because I didn't check as thoroughly in the Tau race for new units and I found the new Riptide suit (and am relatively pleased with it, besides the walking animation not matching the move speed :P) but there's still plenty to be had. You asked and I shall try to give enough fluff mixed with some more concrete in-game terms to pique your interest in seeing about adding them in. Be warned, this is probably going to get quite long.
First of all, my 2 biggest things that could flesh out the Tau would be to give something else to the Kauyon path (As nearly all of the new units are Mont'Ka)and to include content from the Farsight Enclaves (Perhaps as a Faction choice, much like Chaos and SM? Orthodox Tau and Farsight Enclaves?). With all of my suggestions, keep in mind that I have no understanding of what is within your power and what kinds of changes can be made via the mod, I am simply suggesting somewhere to start. With that preface, allow me to begin:

Tetras - Vehicle Beacon: These units are supposed to act like a vehicular substitute to the Pathfinder unit. They're very quick and very fragile and poor combat units. Their primary purpose is much like the Pathfinder: Scout the enemy position and mark them with target lights so the main guns have better shots on the target. I would suggest tying this unit to the Kauyon as that doctrine is all about knowing your enemy and preparing to lure them into a well placed trap. A high mobility scout to draw attention and quickly update yourself on their positions feels good for that. I would suggest the unit unlocks after researching the Teachings of Kauyon, has the Markerlight ability Pathfinders have, and (while not technically accurate) perhaps something to assist their mobility like Jumpjets? Per rules, Farsight Enclaves would not have access to these.

+1 vote     reply to comment
boothy_p Creator
boothy_p Apr 21 2015, 12:40pm replied:

"Riptide moved off of the Vehicle Beacon" - Yes, probably
Tetra will be in at some point, once it can be sufficiently different ingame from the Piranha. Some stuff needs thinking/balancing in terms of translating table top to the tiered system of race progression.
Farsight enclaves have been in my mind for a while, but would be nice to have more than 2 options available for "factions".
I would not be surprised at all if all Kroot units disappear from the next Tau Codex from GW, and a new Kroot Codex arrives.
It's been rumoured for a while, and seems to be the current way of working.......
The only thing with a number of the units you've mentioned is they are not strictly "Codex", but fluff, so models can be the issue (I'm more and AI/code guy).
I hate Tau, but appreciate they are popular, so will give them some more attention in time :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 12:55pm replied:

I appreciate taking the time to read through that huge wall of text. A lot of it needs thought into where it goes on the tier list, because balance is always the hardest part of introducing new things :P
Indeed, perhaps breaking the Tau down into their respective Clans? Though I'm unsure if we could find, or create enough differences in those groups to make them into truly unique factions like the other Races have.
Oh a new stand-alone Kroot codex? I hadn't actually heard anything about that (Probably because I'm not overly fond of the Kroot, though I understand why they need to be apart of the Greater Good).
Well there are physical tabletop pieces and rules (Made by Forge World) that can be used for reference for making the 3D models if that is what your main concern is? The only unit who doesn't have a tabletop piece made would be the Darkfire Assassin Squad but they use XV25 suits which are already in game. The only remodeling for that unit would be making a Pulse Sniper Rifle that fits their mesh well.

+1 vote     reply to comment
boothy_p Creator
boothy_p Apr 21 2015, 1:09pm replied:

Yeah, GW seems to be breaking Codexes down into smaller chunks (like Daemonkin), and a Kroot Merc codex has been mooted for a while.
I know nothing really about Tau beyond the Vanilla and Farsight codexes, so PM me with any further info (and references) on any clans that may apply.
I'm not much of a modeller, so need others to contribute to that........

+1 vote   reply to comment
IceMaverick13 Apr 21 2015, 1:24pm replied:

Alrighty, I will do. My Tau knowledge has faded in the last few years. I did huge amounts of research on them this time a year or so ago, in hopes of having something to contribute knowledge wise to Tau development in this mod, but I seem to have forgotten much of it. If I re-research things that may prove interesting, I will be sure to let you know.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 10 2015, 9:04am replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

jONES1979 Apr 10 2015, 12:49am replied:

Riptide and R'varna, I guess.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fucking-Qapla Apr 6 2015, 11:36pm says:

Not Eldar jet bikes or wraith lords? :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fucking-Qapla Apr 6 2015, 11:42pm replied:

Never mind about the wraith lord actually, just can't see any elder jet bikes to build :/

+1 vote     reply to comment
boothy_p Creator
boothy_p Apr 7 2015, 5:06pm replied:

Sorry, bug, they shouldn't be in the army painter, as not in game........
I'll get them out of their to avoid confusion.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Fucking-Qapla Apr 8 2015, 5:31pm replied:

Aw okay :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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