I made mod that makes game and mainly guns more realistic. I've also added new skins and grenades from Back2Fronts mod (many thanks for this), new weapons and maps. I also have to thank Def and xMartineSx for support, help with tests and so on. Works only in Multiplayer. You don't need other versions before this one. MCh2207Cz allowed me to use his skins. I hope you'll like it!

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After I finish my work this will be released as realism 2.0 That's because there will be many changes...

Posted by CZelednikov on Jul 13th, 2012

1. Most importantly new guns. As you noticed it will be MG-42, FG-42, DP-28. Maybe I'll add Sten with silencer and/or MP-41.

2. Correct weapons in time period - when you're playing Stalingrad for example, Russians have no PPS-42 and Germans have no Stg-44, FG-42 and G-43. British soldiers have no M1 garand and Sten in Toujane. But they will get Sten in France for example. And so on. I am trying to have in every time period enough weapons for every team. For example - German army have now SVT-40 avaliable when they fighting on Eastern front (they were using then very often). But later in 1944 (Burgundy for example) they have their G43 instead. Weapons will be allowed or prohibited automatically when you start any map.

3. You will no longer regenerate your health in MP. No more jumping out of the window to make your way shorter (well you can do it, but you will be wounded). If your health is critical your screen gets red as before.. but now it will never be better anymore.

4. Like in screen-shots - no HUD. Only thing you can see is number of bullets (that's something you should know).

5. Victory marches - Every team will now have their own victory music. You can no longer hear "Axis win" or "Allies win". Marches will be following:

For Americans: When Johny Comes Marching Home
For British: March of British Grenadiers
For Germans: Königgrätzer Marsch
For Russians: Invincible and Legendary

Marches will be only 15 second long parts though.

6. You can see new weapon menu in screen-shots. Stats in the menu are taken from reliable sources.

Another changes are not as important.. I changed of course stats of guns to be more accurate. Weight for example is more realistic then before (heavier guns have longer time to aim and moving is slower). I also made that if 2 guns with same cartridges have different muzzle velocity, bigger damage will have gun with bigger velocity. I watched many videos to find out real recoil of guns and compared it each other and so on. If you find some of my guns in the mod after release unrealistic please let me know and I will make everything to make it shoot as similar to it's real exemplar as possible. Thank you for patience.
I try to release it as soon as possible

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CommanderDef Jul 14 2012 says:

hey man, i gotta problem here. i grabbd ma BAR and started shooting on ma enemy. he was ****** invicible!!! OMG ur ****** gunz arent shooting! i empty all ma shots and nothing happenz! **** dat mod i gotta play CoD 10 instead...

This mod is not recommended for most of Call of Duty XX players. Really.

It actually took a while to write something like that. :D

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Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 14 2012 replied:

LOL, I was going to say something rude to you, then I saw the last phrase XD.

Now, those features sound really really great. Different weapons for each map depending on the date; that's exactly what CoD multiplayer needed. I would love to see them in Back2Fronts. Would it be possible?

Congratulations and best regards.

+3 votes     reply to comment
CommanderDef Jul 15 2012 replied:

To be honest, I disagreed with Perun on weapons date depending. He added many weapons and now you have to use only 3 weapons in Stalingrad for example. He added FG, which is awesome, but in real it wasn´t on eastern front, so number of maps where you can use it just dropped. Same with BAR, STG, G43 and many others. On early maps - basic submachinegun, basic rifle + scoped version. If you are lucky, you can get something better from other side...

But anyway, he is the maker...

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CZelednikov Author
CZelednikov Jul 15 2012 replied:

Smallest arsenal is in the Moscow.. and Germans have:
MP-41 (in the future)
Mauser Kar98K
Mauser Kar98K sniper

and Russians have:

Mosin + scope

Another maps have arsenal only larger. I think it's enough weapons. In CoD 1 for example you have only 3 weapons for Russians and they have german pistol so :D

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Simcardo Jul 16 2012 says:

The Portable MG42 will be like Bren right? (Deployable, and can only aim while prone)

+2 votes     reply to comment
CZelednikov Author
CZelednikov Jul 16 2012 replied:

There will be change. MG-42 will be like BREN was, but BREN will be different. With light machine guns (BREN, DP-28, BAR), you will be able to aim even when you are standing. But it will be inaccurate. Much better will be shoot in prone position. With MG-42 you can aim only in prone position. Because it's too heavy. BREN, BAR and DP-28 have about 10 kg, so it it possible to aim. MG-42 is much heavier.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Jul 20 2012 replied:

Well MG42 is not that much heavier
Bren ~ 10kg
BAR ~ 9kg
DP28 ~ 9kg
MG42 ~ 12kg

note1: weights are for complete gun with empty magazine

note2: one rifle cartridge weights approximately 50g (so you can count how much each weapon would weigh if fully loaded)

+1 vote     reply to comment
CZelednikov Author
CZelednikov Jul 20 2012 replied:

But MG-42 have big and heavy magazine. There is no problem to aim with BREN. With MG-42 it's bigger problem.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Jul 20 2012 replied:

I will slightly disagree on that.
--BAR is the most controllable from those 4 MGs. It has smallest weight, good forearm grip and relatively handy magazine handling.
--Bren is relativelly light, it has reasonable magazine handling BUT - it wasn't usually fired from shoulder because it has no forearm grip - you have almost nowhere to hold it in shoulder fire position (if you don't want to get burnt from hot barrel). And you can't use the carrying handle becase it is very impractical for aiming.
--DP28 is relatively light. But it has kinda similar problem as Bren - it has moving parts on the bottom of the gun so there is very little place where to hold the gun. Other than that it has a very stupid way of reloading the magazine - the mag catch are those "ears" over rear sight and they have to be hold back to unlock the magazine. It's really hard to do it when standing.
--MG42 is quite heavy but it has a perfect shoulder fire capabilities - you can hold it just like rifle! Its drawback are its magazines - they are just boxes filled with belts so the reload is more time costy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Jul 20 2012 says:

Tady bych trochu nesouhlasil:
--BAR je nejvice kontrolovatelny ze vsech 4 - je z nich nejlehci, dobre se drzi (ma dobre predpazbi) a ma dobre ovladani zasobniku.
--Bren je sice stale pomerne lehky a ma dobre ovladani zasobniku ALE vetsinou se z nej nestrilelo z ramene (tedy vstoje a mirene) - protoze nebylo kde ho vepredu chytit (tedy pokud ses nechtel spalit o hlaven). Nosna rukojet nesla taky moc pouzit, protoze pro pozici z ramene byla nepohodlne umistena.
--DP28 je dost lehke, ale ma podobny problem jako Bren - ma pohybujici se casti na spodni strane, takze opet neni moc mista kde ho vepredu drzet. Navic ma hrozne pitomy zpusob prebijeni - zachyt zasobniku je zaroven krytka hledi (vypada to jako "usi"). To se musi drzet v zadni poloze, aby zasobnik sel sundat. A ve stoje se to dela fakt blbe - clovek by na to potreboval treti ruku :-)
--MG42 je docela tezke, ale da se vyborne drzet ve stoje v rameni - skoro stejne dobre jako puska. Jeho nevyhodou jsou zasobniky - jsou to jen krabice s nabojovym pasem - takze prebijeni je vice casove narocnejsi.

+1 vote     reply to comment
CZelednikov Author
CZelednikov Jul 21 2012 replied:

S BARem se střílí ve stoje běžně to je pravda. Ale viděl jsem spoustu videí, kde se střílelo ve stoje i s BRENem. MG-42 jsem se zamířením ve stoje nikdy neviděl. Navíc jsem se inspiroval z Forgotten Hope 2. Tak jediná zbraň, která vůbec nestřílí ve stoje je právě MG.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Jul 21 2012 replied:

Asi jsem to spatne popsal. Z vetsiny rucnich zbrani se da strilet vstoje dvema zpusoby:
1. od BOKU - zbran je ve vysce pasu a strili se s ni nemirene (instinktivne), popr. v pripade kulometu i treba pomoci stopovek - tzn. vubec nepouzivas miridla zbrane.
2. z RAMENE - zbran je ve vysce ramen a je tlacena proti ramenu na strelcove dominantni strane (tedy leve/prave rameno). Hlava je naklonena na stranu a strelcova tvar je pritisknuta (tzv. "přilícena") k pazbe. Toto je uz mirena strelba, protoze pouzivas miridla zbrane.

--BAR sel vstoje dobre pouzit od BOKU i z RAMENE.
--BREN sel vstoje vyborne pouzit od BOKU, ale z RAMENE docela spatne (z duvodu co jsem psal vyse).
--DP28 sel vstoje docela dobre pouzit od BOKU, ale z RAMENE spatne (z duvodu co jsem psal vyse).
--MG42 i MG34 sly vstoje pouzit od BOKU i z RAMENE.

Jinak tady je video, kde ukazujou, jak se s BRENem a BARem predpisove strili od BOKU (cas 2:10)

Tady je video, jak se z MG42 predpisove strili od BOKU:

A konecne tady je video, kde se s MG42 strili z RAMENE (cas 9:00)

Nektere tyto polohy lze dokonce videt v druhovalecnych videich :-)

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Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 22 2012 says:

Hey Martin! How are you?

Would it be possible to add that feature of different guns in each MP map depending on the time the map is set in, in Back2Fronts (with Perun58's permission, of course)? That would be nice, since you have added a lot of weapons in MP, but they are from different times.

Regards :-D

+1 vote     reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Jul 23 2012 replied:

Hey Nicolas!
Well, I am exhausted after 2-month marathon of exams, credit tests, projects, blah blah... And it is still not over, dammit. I am looking forward to my deserved (and short) holidays. But I don't want to bore you or throw my problems at you.

Anyway, I talk to Perun quite often - you know, about ideas, mutual modding help, etc. So who knows, you might see a future cooperation :-)

Btw, how does it look like with that work for me we discussed some time ago?

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