CnC Post-War is a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars featuring new Gameplay, Factions and Units. It is set in a near post-apocalyptic future world. The wastelands are showplace of the seemingly endless battles between different militant splinter groups. Become the leader of one of these factions and fight for their survival. Welcome to the Wasteland, Commander!

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Information and pictures for the basic Peacekeeper units

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After introducing the new gameplay in the first news, this article will focus on the basic Peacekeeper units you use in game.

The infantry in general gets several changes in Post-War with the purpose to emphasize its very own features and to create a better balance against vehicles.
Beside the cost aspect and the fact that infantry has no effect on your fuel level, the major adavantage of infantry is to be more flexible, especially in urban areas. As a first novety your squads will be able to switch between stand and prone position. Prone infantry gets an armor bonus and becomes invisible for enemy units when lying on ground long enough. Additionally every infantry unit is able to detect stealthed enemies when coming close enough to them.

As you might wonder what the "supression" label on the screenshot has to say we will come to the second new feature. Suppression is strictly speaking nothing new in TW, however in the original game it had no real effect, whereas in Post-War it is an important element in the battle with infantry. Suppressed units first of all have the disadvantage to be nailed to their current position, means that they will not move anymore, and secondly their rate of fire decreases rapidly. The easiest way to suppress enemy infantry is the use of heavy MGs or active tank cannon fire. As counteraction it is also conceivable that larger groups of squads or nearby vehicles will increase the troop's "moral" so that it gets harder for enemies to suppress these units, but at the moment I am still experimenting with this subject.
(By the way you might have noticed that the original GDI models are used for the Peacekeepers infantry, which is because it would really take me too much time at the moment to create new infantry models and the retextured GDI ones come pretty close to what I had in mind for the Peacekeepers.)

As necessary in every army the Badger takes the role of the Peacekeepers light, fast "allround-vehicle". Being unarmed at the setout it can be upgraded with either a machine gun or a missile launcher and is additionally able to transport infantry squads. Moderate armor and adaptability make it a perfect unit for ambushes or quick pushes.
The design is based on an US Humvee, but in a rather slim variation to make it more suitable for the wasteland.

In an attempt to grant higher survivability for personnel ground forces and equally cover the necessity of a light tank, the Peacekeepers rely on a modified version of a Stryker MGS, which becomes, due to its comparative high maneuverablity, especially useful in urban areas. The Stryker is armed with a main tank cannon plus a mounted coaxial MG and is moreover able to transport troops, who can fire their weapons through gun-ports. To emphasize its role of being the infantry's "shepherd", each Stryker can be upgraded with additional medikits that heal nearby squads.

Based on a modified M1 Abrams and equipped with a heavy main tank cannon, a coaxial anti-personnel MG and the option to mount an additional turret gun, the Predator is the most powerful ground unit ingame and the whole pride of the Peacekeepers. The remarkable armament combined with its heavy armor make it the ultimate combat unit, especially on open fields. Its upgradable turret MG can switch to a laser target designator, which increases the damage of all weapons firing at a marked target. Only weak spot, as usual for tanks, can be the engine, when the Predator gets attacked from the back, however you can activate a smokescreen ability to hide the tank and nearby units for a moment, just in case it gets too hot.

That's it for now. More information and units that have not been shown before might be seen in the next update.
Coming soon!

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