What would happen if in 1988, Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev was assassinated? CNC Fallout is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that postulates this very question.

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Henford Author
Henford Aug 15 2011 says:

Just something I quickly put together...

Tried to make it as realistic as possible.

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Sesa Aug 15 2011 says:

Nice :D and yes it is realisitc!

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Scorponizer Aug 15 2011 says:

Nice! Reminds me of OF:DR.
Lacks sound though.

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GeneralKong Aug 15 2011 says:

this is brilliant work, everything is so legitimate, like a war actually happened in real life

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magiguy101 Aug 17 2011 replied:

I think they're planning world domination :P Nice vid

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Henford Author
Henford Aug 15 2011 says:

For anyone experiencing squashed video (caused by the ModDB player), I will upload to Youtube HD within the next few hours.

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Dracula90 Aug 15 2011 says:

wow it is AWESOME

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Oaks Aug 15 2011 says:

Well,a lot of it actually really happened and the probability of history like Henford it gives us is really big too.The half of truth is always the greatest lie.Such interactive performance and you've just quickly put it together.Why don't you say to guys from EA that they have 15 seconds to pack,'cause you're taking command ?:p)

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DjMcShifty Aug 15 2011 replied:


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Battle8111 Aug 15 2011 says:


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Dukat863 Aug 15 2011 says:

The video must end with "World War III officially begins on June 18, 2011"

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NoSoldier Aug 15 2011 says:

"War Imminent" - "Today" and then a release. That would have been awesome.

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ApornasPlanet Aug 15 2011 says:

looks awesome!

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NRedAlert Aug 15 2011 says:

WOW! Great work!

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Lesser Aug 15 2011 says:

great video m8 would be nice to have some like war music to go with it.

hell yeah go austraila aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

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I_am_a_Spoon Aug 15 2011 says:

Fantastic job... and it didn't even take long?!

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Henford Author
Henford Aug 15 2011 says:

The didn't take too long part was stretching the truth!

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Parker: Aug 15 2011 says:

I've tried something so far ... Just add some "extra" music who can fit to it, just to fill it and add more consistance to it.
So begin with


When at 1:44 switch to :


Thumb me up or down, i've just tried to make this great trailer more epic.

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DilinDafonte Aug 15 2011 says:

War Just Got Closer To Home.

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I_am_a_Spoon Aug 15 2011 replied:

I guess you could say...


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DjMcShifty Aug 15 2011 says:

sure i'd buy that lol,no but in all seriousness that was pretty awsome, silly russian's, i'm wondering why they haven't done it sooner XD Victory for the Multi-Verse Theory!

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Henford Author
Henford Aug 15 2011 says:

Youtube HD


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Commander_RealWar Aug 15 2011 replied:

Is the video supposed to have sound, because I can't hear anything (youtube version)

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Henford Author
Henford Aug 15 2011 replied:

Not as of yet - it is the video that plays on the mod's skirmish screen.

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C&C-Pickled Aug 15 2011 says:

This is quite honestly one of the best mod video's I've ever seen. Ever.

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Zeke_Dlyoung Aug 15 2011 says:

skirmish screen? so it's a shellmap?

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Henford Author
Henford Aug 15 2011 replied:

On C&C3, there is always a video that plays in the skirmish setup screen on the upper right.

On vanilla C&C3, it is a video of GDI tanks etc rolling out of a base.

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Zeke_Dlyoung Aug 16 2011 replied:

oh that one!

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Scorpionov Aug 16 2011 says:

very nice & very well thought out

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Andrey_159 Aug 16 2011 says:

Generally well done, nice effects too (AK-shaped soviet arms sales XD ), but there are some things I want to complain about:

Backstory problem: "Andriy Litzkova" >_< After searching the wiki I figured it supposed to be male. But even if "Litzkova" were real surname (based on name it's supposed to be Ukrainian one), which I doubt, but can't confirm right now, ending puts it as female surname.

Newspaper heading: "Andriy Litzkova new USSR premier" - feel like verb is missing.

Moment at 0:42 - while turning Afgan red is done normal, erasing the border and putting full soviet logo feels excessive.

1:02, missiles. Topol-M is ICBM, it have no benefits of stationing it at Europe. Just my opinion.

2:07 Iskander? So, while ICBMs are on the frontline, tactical missiles are placed as a strategical?

And the constant flickering. Uncomfortable.

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Oaks Aug 16 2011 replied:

I and JG2 were already talking about Andriy Litzkova name issue.Henford put his word too.http://www.moddb.com/mods/cnc-fallout/page/2#comments

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Andrey_159 Aug 16 2011 replied:

Didn't noticed it there... Well, I just saw problem and voiced it.

PS: "Andreyev Litzkov" XD

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Henford Author
Henford Aug 16 2011 replied:

Consider it done =)

Thanks for helping me keep my Russian correct!

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Andrey_159 Aug 17 2011 replied:

Umm... "Andreyev" is a surname. Just FYI. Also in Wiki it jumps between "Litzkov" and "Litzkova", mostly the latter. Also surname "Litzkov" is highly improbable to appear is Slavic language, mostly because of uncomfortable "tz" part.

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Oaks Aug 18 2011 says:

Thank you Henford.But that old name can still probably be seen in those news in your video.

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dta.Osiris Aug 19 2011 says:

Seriously how can his mod not have a campaign? With a video as epic as this it's screaming for one.

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Hazza-the-Fox Aug 26 2011 says:

This is insanely awesome!
Got goosebumps watching it- actually makes a believable scenario that the Soviet Union (on the decline) and Australia would actually massively turn themselves around into hardcore superpowers!
Nice stuff! Should put some background music in it though.

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nitebomber51 Sep 28 2011 says:

how did you get the news fottage to modify most of that **** is under lock and key

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ZuitaSoldier Oct 10 2011 says:

Are u human? :O


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Rafenrazer Nov 3 2011 says:

As much as I love the idea of Australia acting as a major player on the world stage, I see several flaws in your 'back-story"
1. The Papua would never welcome IMT's 'law and order', just look at east Papua, Indonesia still can't enforce their rule over the populace to this day. Also such an invasion would require retaliation from all the commonwealth Realms immediately as written in their constitution
2. Australia has a very small population,(ok, you could get round this by having us as quality over quantity...You already thought of that I'm sure.)OR You could add that they recived a massive imigration over the course of two years from Europe &/or North America
3. ANZUS treaty and our constitution would require us to fight as part of the NATO hierarchy.
4. If Australia did become so badass, why didn't you mention us annexing New Zealand! :D (silly but plausable)

Minor complaints; sorry for ranting.

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djwarrior91 Feb 29 2012 says:

AWESOME the BEST work i have seen on the this network needs sound though.

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Plokite_Wolf Aug 8 2013 says:

From 0:45 onwards, I see Montenegro and Albania connected. A bit nonsensical, but eh. The rest of the video is a frickin' masterpiece.

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The (hopefully) final version of Prelude to Conflict.

This is the video that plays during the Skirmish setup screen. For this reason, there is no sound.

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Aug 15th, 2011
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