Reborn on the RNA engine, the RA2 and YR story will be relived with real time 3d graphics. We of the ConRed team are aiming to recreate the gameplay of Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge on the Red Alert 3 engine, with a new Yuri Campaign. Later on, we will be working on a mod that is an expansion to this one; Condition Red: Rise to Power. The setting of the mod will take place after the events of YR, with Yuri in the psyonic prison. This allows us the create a whole new story continuation, with a lot of new content.

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Just a demonstration of the Weather Storm Super power ingame. Note: There has been slight modifications since this vid was made. Youtube:
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Nokiaman Jun 22 2009 says:


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Xenasis Jun 22 2009 says:

Well that base got owned....

You will add a button to this - like the normal superweapons wont you?

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Slye_Fox Author
Slye_Fox Jun 22 2009 replied:

It should allready be there

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Jul 4 2009 replied:

Wow... even too good to be real.

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dky.tehkingd.u Jun 22 2009 says:

Holy... O.O

Awesome, but it would be cooler if the clouds piled up like real life thunderheads. ;)

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hypercubes Jun 22 2009 says:

However, I don't think it should destroy the super reactor.

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 22 2009 replied:

It need to be a bit less powerfull

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lub123 Dec 5 2010 replied:

Yes is terrible IMBA but it looks cool

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macacos2 Jan 5 2011 replied:

It's a super weapon, I don't see what's the problem with it's power

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pwnagesince1337 Jun 22 2009 says:

I'm loving the new HUD. Are you guys gonna change the part at the bottom (where it shows the unit info)?

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Slye_Fox Author
Slye_Fox Jun 22 2009 replied:


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d00msdaydan Jun 22 2009 says:

Epic as hell, but the other superweapon(s) should be about as strong too or it would be unbalanced.

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ruby92 Jun 22 2009 says:


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andyasdandyasd Jun 25 2009 says:

pure awesomness, keep up the good work!

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Hijacker Jul 5 2009 says:

Thats some GREAT FX!! The soviets are @!$# UP with weather storm!! XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dibelius Jul 5 2009 says:

Not bad, but two things disturbing me:

1. it's very laggy (or is it just your system in general?)

2. all the lightnings directly attack a building instead of randomly go down here and there. Maybe you should make it so, that only ~25% or ~33% of all lightnings directly hit a target while the others scatter around with some splash damage

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Slye_Fox Author
Slye_Fox Jul 6 2009 replied:

1. Fraps always causes lag when recording.
2. I've yet to find a way to do this.

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DarkyPwnz Jul 28 2009 replied:

if you do that,WCD would be much more weaker than other superweapons which have a big AOE and damage everything in their AOE

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GriffinZ Aug 3 2009 replied:

the old one scattered and i think it was the best supa weapon in RA

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V.Metalic Aug 13 2011 replied:

Totally agree with 2.

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The_Bobo_NL Feb 28 2010 says:

the Weather storm in RA2 could destroy a war factory, if it was bigger, it got damaged

I do like it!

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comatosedhatred Feb 28 2010 says:

Epic Damage

Don't you hate it when you are minding your own business, building up a nice base....and then the Allies have build a Weather Control Device to blow the crap out of it?

I anticipate this mod.

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Mr_F1sh May 28 2010 says:

i think the storm is abit too big..... maybe it should be smaller....

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Codename=EZ= Jan 9 2011 says:

Very intimidating...
I can imagine a player going: Awwwwww @#$!...

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PsionicAssassin May 13 2011 says:

Love the new HUD! and the epic ThunderBolts :P

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xXYALE70Xx Mar 5 2014 says:

Makes the Proton Collider look petty.

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Just a demonstration of the Weather Storm Super power ingame.
Note: There has been slight modifications since this vid was made.


Jun 22nd, 2009
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