This mod was created with the propose of Faction war zone wich every faction want to conquer camps with the option to player join\leave a faction, an improved AI, bring Clear Sky faction from S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: Clear Sky and another features.

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May 16 2013 Anchor

1. Randomly "Scripted" Events

How about adding small scripted sequences where certain factions will attack and fight for certain points at a random hour? This would be similar to skull and his gang attacking the freedom base or perhaps a bit larger? I think this would be a cool idea. Maybe after each blowout? I am particularly thinking of the wild territories to be an almost full scale battle between random factions since it is the "wild territories" (perhaps after you complete the ecologist mission). This can also occur with mutants/zombies where after each blowout most of the zombies/mutants that spawn will attack certain points and try to overtake it (This would make blowouts more hectic and tense as you would want to go to a hideout where friendlies are or risk getting swarmed by zombies/bloodsuckers after the blowout :devil:) . You could also have it where it will come up on your screen like a mission would so you can help save your friends (perhaps tweak it so after the battle npcs will give you money or something?).

I am particularly hoping that you have something planned for the bases we've cleared when following the main mission? Like the Bandit base in Dark Valley, South of it where the "honest" loners are, the whole of Agroprom...

2. Rebalancing of weapon prices and stats

Currently the Benelli M4 Super 90 is, I feel, overpowered for something that takes over a secondary slot. For the stats and low price, it pretty much beats every other secondary slow weapon in terms of cost efficiency and price. Ammo is extremely plentiful and you can kill pretty much everybody with the just beneli. Some other weapons that are stronger than their counterparts are actually much cheaper as well...

3. Moar Weapons/attatchments

Particularly SMGs? Or even reskins of the same weapons like what you have with the black aks. Maybe even the ak74su cobra sights (or the M21 sights) on different weapons? Oh, and how about a grenade that emits radiation? This can be a monolith/ecologist special item. (I know you can't just pull stuff out of thin air and hand it to use on a silver platter... just given out ideas XD)

4. Elite forces

Similar to Alpha Squads in SGM for COP. If you kill a certain number of npcs (say 400) of certain factions, they will send out "elite" hunting groups (five per) that would try to kill you? I think this would be pretty awesome. They could be equipped with the real high-end deals to make it interesting. For example, perhaps they can be equipped differently per faction:

Military Elites:

2 equipped with sniper rifles (perhaps us m14 dsm, m21)
2 equipped with M4a1/hks with grenade launchers
1 equpped with a unique weapon

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May 26 2013 Anchor

Sorry for the delay to answer to this thread, last week has been keeping me buzy (School tests) so lets answer to your questions.

1. You mean scripted events like in Oblivion Lost mod?
We have five spawn loadout after each blowout (Spawns randomly in the level I think since we are using Dexxx's Blowout).

2. That has been nerfed in patch#1 in terms of how many shells you can put it. For now you, you will be able to load 3 shells in that side-shotgun. Traders has been "rebalanced" without touching in base price.

3. Those AK's you mentioned are not just reskin but diferent models each. We will have a few more weapons in the next patch (Both unique and non unique)

4. It is a good idea but I am not interested (for now) to add that kind of feature.

Jun 7 2013 Anchor

Another idea I just thought of was some way to make the laboratories less of a one-time ride. It always bothered me that after you finish each laboratory, there really isn't any reason to go back into them. Why not add some quests that send you back into the laboratories?

Stuff like:

  1. Fetching quests:
    You are tasked by your faction leader/trader npc to get certain items found only in the abandoned laboratories (e.g. getting scrap metal/spare parts, scientific notes, etc) OR something similar to the family rifle quest where you have to find the "special" rifle for the guy in the Bar. This can be a daily quest where stalkers will send you to get a gun/armour they dropped in one of their treks into the laboratories.
  2. Clear Quests:
    You are tasked by one of the npcs guarding the entrance to a laboratory to clear mutants/npcs in the labs (e.g. a fierce chimera/pack of dwarves/mutants/faction have settled in the lab and you are tasked to clear it out)
  3. Artifact Creation/Finding:
    Certain anomalies can only be found/created in the labs. You are tasked by your faction leader/trader to find/discover such anomalies.
    I really like this one. I played Oblivion lost 2.2 and I REALLY loved how you can create new artifacts by mixing them in certain anomalies with other artifacts. Would it be extremely difficult to code that feature into CSFM?

I think these additions would give more incentive to go back in the undergrounds... Personally, I just want a quest where a whole bunch of zombies/izloms/bloodsuckers took over the lab and you are tasked with clearing it out XD.

By the way, just wanted to stop by and tell you that this mod is excellent and it's great to see that you still have a drive to continue to improve and advance with this mod. :thumbup:

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