This mod was created with the propose of Faction war zone wich every faction want to conquer camps with the option to player join\leave a faction, an improved AI, bring Clear Sky faction from S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: Clear Sky and another features.

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Dec 5 2010 Anchor

Just a thread where you can write and discuss your secundary quests\tasks ideas for the mod.

Type of tasks:

  • Kill Stalker
  • Destroy Stalker Camp\Mutant Lair
  • Find Item
  • Bring Artefact
  • Bring Mutant Parts

Best Regards,

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Dec 8 2010 Anchor

Hi xRatx. I have been thinking about a big quest in soc, may be to big for your mod, of which I have played many times, anyway, the bare bones of tthe idea was somebody killed or robbed one of the main characters in soc and when that happens all the yellow/green dots on the mini map turn red and strelock is a hunted stalker by everybody that is apart from doc ghost etc your friends who think you are inicent, with there help you have to hunt the murderer/robber down to get all the others of your back, it needs some ajustments but I am not sure it will fit with your csfmod, if you do not think it an usefull idea prehaps it might fit in with some other mod you might create in the future......thanks for all the entertainment you have give in the past.....mick

Hi again. How about a leader to come foward to bring and control some of the factions, with present group leaders as area comanders, so you might have say duty, military, and some other group, and all the others in an other group so that would make a large army of fighters to try to take over anothers area so an all out war could start, a bit like in the faction wars mods only bigger, and stelock would be piggy in the midddle trying to keep them apart and or be a spy for one side who pays the most, or even they all mistrust you for what ever reason, failing that you could be the one to bring 3/4 factions together, and with all the problems of mistrust that might ensue you have to bring them all to the table, there again there is always the recycle bin of failed ideas....mick

Mar 19 2011 Anchor

It would be good to raise amount of Clear Sky members first. Somewhere i've seen Lebedev model on AMK forums. For example make somewhere their base.
And for example: In Clear Sky (game, not mod) end, lot of Clear Sky members died near NPP. So in your mod you could make that Lebedev have quest for you to capture one of the camp, after you clean that camp from enemys, the Clear Sky members will come... And for example thats how Clear Sky faction will raise their population..

P.S Ooops, forgot that Lebedev died in NPP too. :S
P.S.S I know my english sucks..

Mar 26 2011 Anchor

Aveng3d, I don't think that Lebedev died in NPP ... remenber that Strelok could died in NPP but instead of it, he was brain washed :)

P.S.: Your English doesn't sucks :P

Apr 1 2011 Anchor

Yeah, that's right.

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