This mod was created with the propose of Faction war zone wich every faction want to conquer camps with the option to player join\leave a faction, an improved AI, bring Clear Sky faction from S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: Clear Sky and another features.

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Aug 12 2012 Anchor

k1tch3n : Can we look forward for any new models?
xRatx : Leave this few screenshots of some models that are inclued in the patch#1 for CSFM ver. 2.4.2.

: And what about new sounds?
xRatx : If I speak in terms of the 1st patch for version 2.4.2 , the only new sounds that will be there is for some new weapons I've added and others that I've replaced by Arsenal Mod models.

kyujin : Is the enemy combat ai as good as in OGSE?
xRatx : Well, I don't know! I've only played OGSE a few times but I can't tell you wich one is better than the other. You can read this article published in this Mod DB page. Link :

: How good is your companions combat ai?
xRatx : It's the same as NPC's AI inclued in the mod but with a few little problems when the NPC is following the player.

DisposableHero23 : Who other than the traders in Cordon, Bar, and Freedom base sell a good variety of weapons and gear in the mod? The Colonel in Duty got killed early on in game so I cant shop with him, and I joined Duty and wiped Freedom out so cant have access to all the good NATO weapons I like. Any other good traders?
xRatx : I am goin' to go a bit off the question. All traders in the mod need to be properly rebalance (Later Patch#2 this will be fixed). So currently, there is no other good traders than those you mentioned.

DisposableHero23 : Also, in the next patch could you make repair kits buyable at traders? They are like gold because repairing armor costs so much.
xRatx : Actualy, i have another idea related to that. Split the Repair Kits into 3 kinds of repair kit (Repair kit for 1st weapon slot, another for the 2nd weapon slot and a third one to a repair suits) and sell the at specific Mechanic NPC's (Functions : Repair suits and sell Repair Kits).

DisposableHero23 : What about upgrading weapons and armor? I assume its only possible in Clear Sky and CoP, but maybe theres some way to work it into SoC?
xRatx : Someone already done that feature in other mods. If we inclued such upgrade feature for weapons, there would be alot of work in making alot of weapons profiles and it would crash when we added those weapons id's into mp_ranks.ltx since it has a limit of weapons id's that we can add there to make the game not crash when a specific weapon is dropped near a NPC.

DisposableHero23 : Are there any ways to put a scope on the M16A2 or the H&K G3 and if so which scopes do they use?
xRatx : Currently, both of those weapons doesn't have any scope to be used (H&K G3 model doesn't support a scope). I am tryin' to find a better H&K G3 model that supports both scope, silencer and grenade launcher and aboyt M16A2, I think it suports an ACOG scope but I am not sure. I will make some tests today and I'll edit this answer.

NOTE : This Thread will be updated as new questions apears in the Q&A session - #1 (Questions only!) thread

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Dec 20 2012 Anchor

Are there any ways to put a scope on the M16A2 or theH&K G3 and if so which scopes do they use?

Dec 20 2012 Anchor

Updated 20-12-2012 with DisposableHero23 question and the following answer. (DisposableHero23 can you keep the questions in the question thread and not in the answer thread?)

Feb 6 2015 Anchor

Hello,im really new at all this forums and all,but have been playing Stalker-clear sky for couple year's. I downloaded CSFM 2.4.2 And i have couple of questions.
1) I have instaled SCS with patch 1.5.04 do i need to download something new or i can use this CSFM 2.4.2?
2) I have extracted CSFM to my desktop and then i saw readme sayin "extract to you stalker file" does that mean my folder i got with instaling the game ?
3) Just write what i need to put where and i'l handle the rest. Thanks

Feb 6 2015 Anchor

1. This mod is for STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl v1.0005.

2. You need to extract gamedata folder into your stalker folder.

Feb 6 2015 Anchor

Is there such mod for Clear Sky ?

Feb 7 2015 Anchor

I am not at the current in ST:CS mod.

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