Classical-Age : Total War

is a mod based on Rome : Total War strategy turn-by-turn videogame created by Creative Assembly in 2004, and now integrated into the "Total War Era" pack distributed by SEGA. Coming from a graphists forums, and history geeks, Belisaire, prisejack and Armninius, we choosed, after having tried and enjoyed to play RTR and EB, to build our own mod. The task was filled by Belisaire which took ideas of new units and coded them, as with prosejack which made a website for it, an i (arminius), to the skinning process. At the end, the beta1 was released in october 2007. It was a demo unit featuring almost 28-30 units by factions, corrected and historically accurate, and three new factions replacing the roman families: Illyrians, Pergamum and Galatians. The mod was fun to play because of its lightness, while having gigantic amounts of units, all of them coming from vanilla game, as none of us known barely anything about modelling. But sooneafter, as the target was considered filled, the team gently dismissed, prisjack making some updates in the beta1 catw website, and i, having the will to make a true campaign game. This was CATW BETA2a, eventually released in september, 2008. With new units from addons and mods like Prometheus res gestae and Lusted terra expugnandae, anims from Signifer One, and new ships, new buildings and a lot of specific region units, the mod featured new music, graphics, and was fully playable, including original and new historical battles, new battlemaps, etc... It was entirely in french. An english traduction was made two month after. The second version or Beta2b (final beta2) was previously designed to play on the mundus magnus map, which never works properly. Now the work is reported on the final version, or CATW 1.0.


  • 7 new factions: Epirus, Illyria, Boii, Bellovaci, Senones, Arverni, Bosphorus
  • More than 2,200 skins and about 35-50 units per faction recruited through the new AOR
  • Skins and new models from CATW (never seen before), high degree of detail and historical accuracy
  • Longer battles (moral increase, less fatal blows except for cavalry charges and other tradeoffs)
  • Speed reduced for horsemen, horses redesigned according to the time, and many accurate smaller horses
  • System of Alternate skins (managed from DMB) be able to change the skins of its units during a campaign, but disabled to have a lighter file)
  • The 2/3 graphics changed
  • No More Cyclopean walls
  • The "barbarians" and others factions now have access to higher level barracks and barracks provincial related to their goals of conquest
  • Addition of the Royal Arsenal for Macedonian and Ptolemaic (can recruit units naval super-heavy type hekkaidekere)
  • Three times as many types of vessels and new graphics and descriptions
  • New historical descriptions, and many unusual names corrected
  • Prometheus and CATW strat towns
  • Animation of Alin (EB)
  • Rebalancing costs and construction duration of buildings, much longer and expensive, as well as units, some of which are recruited 0 laps (lifted)
  • New recruitement building levels (coding) for all factions
  • Many units in hidden resources specific to a region of 1 to 10 by factions (for example 10 types for the Greek hoplites)
  • New buildings fr romans (socii barracks), greeks, easterns, and celts as well, and mercenary barracks
  • Revamped Mundus Magnus Map with optional strat skins
  • Complete RS2 environment
  • Optional realistic pike
  • Quick battles available
  • Some historic battles are playable, plus 6 new historical battles
  • 50 new custom battlemaps
  • New water reflections from minimod
  • New lights and true night battles from Horsearcher's skymod minimod
  • Request a good CPU and graphic card (highly detailed 3D models, new strat map and models based on huge MM map, and a lot of hd skins)
  • New music
  • Many, many, many others things

Playable factions:

  • Thraike (Thracians)
  • Pahlava (Parthians)
  • Romani (SPQR)
  • Celtiberi
  • Arverni
  • Seleukoi (Seleucid Empire)
  • Skytho-Sauromatae
  • Pontos (Kingdom of Pontus)
  • Makedon (Macedonians)
  • Arche Bosporos (Bosphoran Kingdom)
  • Boii (Boians)
  • Sweböz (Germans)
  • Senones (Gallic Confederation)
  • Epeiros (Epirus)
  • Arche Ptolemais (Ptolemies Empire)
  • Getai (Getic People)
  • Kart'hadast (Carthage)
  • Illyria
  • Bellovaci (Belgian Tribes)
  • Hayasdan (Armenian Kingdom)

More informations:

Go to our official forums at TwCenter:

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Download here:

Classical Age: Total War v2.0

New in CATW 2.0:

How the Force Diplomacy Script works:
how to force the AI to accept a proposal :First you must click the "?" in the upper right of the diplomacy box. Then you can force a faction to accept your offer by clicking on the "show me how" button.
This script is very useful to prevent the AI from breaking alliances.

  • Standalone patch. All others included in this one.
  • Animations overhaul. Hundreds of new animations specifically designed for CATW. Adding to the immersive feel of battles.
  • DMB fixes of all texture errors, all texture code adjusted accordingly.
  • Expect a stable campaign now without crashes during battles. Report back if there are and which units were in the army.
  • Everything in the DMB is fine. Only a file with improper dds encoding would cause a crash when loading a battle from now on with this patch.
  • Several errors fixed in EDB and EDU.
  • New formations from sinhuet modified for CATW are in it.
  • Includes an alexander.exe patch as promised by coco, it will be playable on alexander now, in fact its highly recommended.
  • A force diplomacy script are included in this patch.
  • A specific adjustment to formations_ai to calibrate it for alexander.exe to prevent CTD's upon ambush.
  • Bugfix for CTD upon winning campaign conditions for romans.
  • New descr_strat*
  • Roman and barbarian portraits by Joar. Carthaginian and Greek by myself
  • New 4TPY script with historical facts per season until 268BC (WIP to be completed in upcoming patches)
  • New sun
  • New animation updates
  • Character traits overhaul. (WIP to be added to in upcoming patches- Brand new map stretching from Britain to India with everything in between (Anarchon's but I only implemented one of his earliest versions)
  • Bugfixes
  • Germanicu5 scripts
  • Redfox wooden walls
[CATW 2.0] Forests of Germania

[CATW 2.0] Indian subcontinent

[CATW 2.0] Soka Tochana

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

News 4 comments

Come here to see all the informations you need to install and play the mod.

How to install the mod

How to install the mod

Feature 2 comments

how to install Classical Age - Total War step by step

RSS feed Downloads
Hotfix for CATW2.0

Hotfix for CATW2.0

Patch 1 comment

This is Hotfix for CATW2.0. CATW 2.0 needed. Open the archive with Winrar and extract the to files into catw/data.

Classical Age: Total War v2.0

Classical Age: Total War v2.0

Full Version 10 comments

This is new version of Classical Age by z3n, featuring Anarchon's new campaign map streaching from Britannia to India and everything in between, new battle...

[Obsolete] CATW's 140 Historical Battles

[Obsolete] CATW's 140 Historical Battles

Patch 1 comment

This a pack of 140 Historical Battles for CATW, combined with Patch 1.1.6. Open the archive with Winrar, and extract the content into "Rome - Total War\catw...

[Obsolete] Patch 1.1.5

[Obsolete] Patch 1.1.5

Patch 6 comments

This new patch made by Resef includes all the previous patches. You just need CATW 1.1 installed. Open the archive with Winrar, and extract the content...

[Obsolete] Classical Age: Total War v1.1

[Obsolete] Classical Age: Total War v1.1

Full Version 9 comments

Full version of CATW 1.1 for RTW 1.5. Just run the installer and install the mod into your "Rome - Total War" directory. You will have to create a new...

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This mod is masterpiece :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks dude...its WIP still we are busily making it better ;)

TWC forums will be the place we post progress

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Already following ;)

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Hi, I wonder if anyone knows how to contact the prose writer of the Classical Age mod. As a former high school teacher of both English and History, I find that the English language of this mod, presumably translated from the French, is not very good. The prose, punctuation and spelling all need to be brought up to standard. I would like to offer to do that if I knew to whom to speak. Any ideas?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Have you tried at TWC?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The instaler is in a different language i think french

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a way to change the 6 seasons back to one year per turn?
Is there a way to increase the size of the units, e.g. principes from 225 to 240? Thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


2 things.
1. Now downloaded catw1.1 and patch1.5 with N360 totally disabled.
With some trepidation being unprotected for 5 hours! :-)
But have exactly the same problem.
The loading screen (v1.0 at top left) loads
Then a ping, then nothing happens.

I have catw downloaded into my Rome - Total War Gold Edition folder.
(parallel to BI, Alexander, my own mod and the 'data' folder for RTW.
I installed the patch over the catw/data/ folder.

Am I missing something? Should it be under another folder? CI had to be installed in the BI folder.

Is it possible for you to have the files sent to me by email?

2. Javelins again.
What I want to know is how to control appearance of javelins in left (shield) hand.
For example, I am working with BI_british legionaries. They always seem to have 2 crossed javelins appear behind their shield. In the skin they form part of the helmet and part of the sword so it is not practicable to make them invisible. Is there a way of switching them on or off in EDU or DMB or anywhere else?

Thx again

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So your not getting an error message or anything?

Really weird. . .Does this happen with all mods you have tried? Because I am positive this is not a CATW problem. Perhaps something in your base installation of RTW was changed and conflicts with CATW ??

About the javelins, those are part of the model's cas file itself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


No I have installed & launched/played CI mod (mod-foldered) with no problem.

It is weird cos the component files don't seem corrupted.
I have experimented with the models and skins in my mod; and loaded all the map files into Paint Shop Pro (all after the failure to launch catw).

My copy of RTW (Gold Edition) is bought online and not played with the cd-rom. Could this be the cause?

If I could launch, I could check some of those map issues myself. :-)

Hoping you can email to me.
How do I get my email to you? I don't think I am allowed to post it in-forum.

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TWF, your map problem again.

I had this problem once, but cannot remember what caused it or how I cured it.
But some more things to try.
1. Try a blank map_features.tga. I remember a major, difficult to locate issue caused by one river in skythia incorrectly configured.
2. Try with minimal characters/armies at start. Had another issue with some too close to watchtowers. (Not applicable if game starts with no watchtowers)
3. Some problem if inland lakes were not matched up in map_regions and map_heights. Cannot remember details of this, but maybe worth testing with test versions of both.

Now trying to download catw with N360 firewall disabled. With some trepidation as it means I am unprotected for 6 hours.
Thats why I would still like yr recco for AV software which is mod-friendly

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Hmmm, well just like your a bit out of your depth with the javelin problem, maps confound me. Perhaps if you wish to send me these things with the adjustments you reccomended? Would be very grateful.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi TWF, I have made first maps to try.To where do I send?
My email is nikfincher(ampersand)

Below are instructions if you want to get one of your team to try out.
The map heights file probably will have no effect on the map-reset.
But it just might, for the reasons given below.
And it suggests other things you can try.

All I have done with this file (map_heights) is make inland lakes and seas colour 0,0,243 instead of 0.0.253 which is used for sea.

Together with the use of 64,0,0 in map_groundtypes for inland water, all this does is prevent pirates appearing in lakes.

However, checking out this suggested the following;

1. The region Tribus Massagetae (58,177,75 in map regions) may be confusing the system.
It abuts both the Aral and Caspian Seas(lakes).
Try making the western half part of Tribus_Aorsi (205,212,157) (purely for the purpose of testing this)
In descr_strat, you will need to edit out the port in the reduced Massagetia as T-Aorsi already has one.
And maybe temporarily move/delete some characters and/or forts/watchtowers if present.
NB Rename map_regions1 file attached to map_regions.
(Incidentally for historical accuracy, the western half of "Tribus Massagetae" was the Dahae Lands, not Massagetic).

2. Then try giving ports to the 2 regions surrounding the Aral Sea.
Chorasmia (122, 4, 85), Tribus Massagetae (58,177,75)
NB Rename map_regions2 file attached to map_regions.

NB This is not what I would recommend for historical accuracy.
You really need;
Dahae Lands adjacent to north-east coast of Caspian.
Massagetae north and north-east of Aral Sea.
WaterScyths/Marsh-Scyths adjacent/east of the Aral Sea.
Chorasmia south of the Aral Sea. (although I combined these last two)

I am happy to test all this for you if you can get me a working copy of CATW & patch.

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I need to have the CATW mod running to test.
But I can do those changes and send to you.
To where do I send?
I flounder in using forums! :-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sorry I have been busy getting the latest patch together and been working very hard on it since my last message. It is now released at this link

Sorry about the long time taken for me to respond. lol

Thank you very much this sounds very interesting, a real mapper at long last...

Unfortunately I'm the only guy on the team, I call myself mod leader but I am the only person working on it right now haha. Though coco (the original mod leader and guy who worked on it alone just like I am) is also trying to do what he can while not coming out of his modding retirement.

I truthfully have no idea what is going on that won't let you play CATW I can tell you that it works fine for me both redownloading reinstalling and using the patches. The no cd is not the problem since I do use my installation that way too.

If your using steam it would be a good idea to check this link out Also do you have a mac? I don't think you do since you are mentioning virus protection but IIRC on mac's a lot of mods don't work, only a few do.

About my email,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Not using steam.
Not using a mac.
Really puzzled.
Have been fastidious in making no changes to basic RTW installation after mod-foldering my mod.

Shall try again after downloading latest patch.

Its really irritating cos I could test all the map suggestions I have made, if I could run it.

I am going to email them to you as separate emails. 4 or 5. (My email connection here in Jakarta is very slow).

Any chance of you emailing to me the mod file and earlier patch so I can try being sure of no possibility of AV corruption?

Do you want me to check the CATW map from a historical accuracy perspective?

One leap-out is that Babylonia should have port access to the Persian Gulf. Babylonia, through Teredon then Spasinou Charax controlled access rather than Elymais/Susiana which did not have a good port and less good land connections to the west

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