The Classic Doom 3 modification is a remake of the original Doom game, by id Software. The main emphasis is that of bringing the older game up to date in a modern graphics engine. The project makes use of all of Doom 3's advanced graphical features while retaining the feel and gameplay of the original game. The project will only cover the shareware levels due to many reasons that include the following : - We are bored of converting over peoples stuff and want to create something of our own. - The mod started off as a fun way to learn how to mod for Doom 3, and we all feel we have learnt what we need to make our own project. - A more minor reason is the legalities of remaking anything past the freely available shareware episode. Our latest build is version 1.3.1 which is the final version that we plan to release. This version is numbered 1.3.1 to reflect the fact that it has been tested to work with Doom 3 patch release 1.3.1, and thus works both with Doom 3 on steam and windows vista..

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Fantastic! I thought I knew Doom back to front until I installed this mod.


What Doom III should have been.

This mod brings the original Doom to ID Tech 4. The visuals are not only impressive to look at while you're gunning down Cacodemons or chainsawing a group of demons, it gives you the impression of "Hey! THIS IS DOOM. DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. NOW SAVE THE EARTH, YOU PANSY". Yes, the re-design is quirky but the lighting is where the treat really is.

The gameplay experience has a tough time replicating the difficulty of the Doom series but you can fix that by choosing a higher setting. Other than that, it is what it is. A conversion and it satisfied me even if the mod was really short.

In conclusion, while this mod replicates the Shareware version of Doom, you cannot pass up this gem of interest.


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