This is a full conversion Tolkien mod for Crusader Kings 2 which will feature bookmarks throughout the Third Age. This mod is being developed independently from any other LotR or Middle Earth mods out there. The map will cover the main areas of Middle Earth, known in the books and films. So, Middle-Earth is waiting for you! Will you play as the descendant of one of the noble families of Rohan or Gondor? Will you try to reforge the ancient kingdoms of Elves in Eriador? Or will you try to destroy all the Free Peoples, and claim Middle Earth for Morgoth? This mod will give you a unique strategy experience of the Third Age in Middle-Earth. From Forodwaith to Bellakar, from Lindon to Rhûn, lead your dynasty and survive the Dark Times. Become one of the most important Lords of the Age!

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Feb 21 2014 Anchor
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my mod don't appears in the CK2 launcher?
You need to have two things in your "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod" folder :
- The MiddleEarthProject Beta folder
- The MiddleEarthProject.mod file
If one of these files are missing, please extract them ! If you don't have them in your archive, try to redownload the archive from one of the links in moddb. To be sure to have all your files, use Winrar !

I've got blank events, and i can play at all.
This issue is because of a wrong installation. Please be sure to install your mod in "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod", and not in the game folder. If you've got this issue, remove all your current installation of the mod, and install it at the good place!

Some weird characters are present, like the Emperor William of Mordor instead of Sauron, why? I've got an Europe map instead of the Middle-Earth one while launching the mod, why?
This issue is because of a wrong installation. Please be sure to install your mod in "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod", and not in the game folder. If you've got this issue, remove all your current installation of the mod, and install it at the good place!

Which bookmarks will be available?

Currently the only available bookmark is the 'War of the Ring', but we plan on bookmarks for the Fall of Arnor, Kinstrife and 4th Age.

How large will the map be?
The map currently covers the main areas of Tolkien's Middle Earth, from the edges of Forodwaith in the North to the Dune Sea in the South, and from the Rhun in the East to Lindon in the West.

What languages is the mod available in?
The mod currently has English and French localisations. These are unfinished, and we also plan for Italian and German localisation.

Are any DLCs required to run MEP?
The mod will run without any DLC, but it's highly recommended to have at least the Old Gods for the best experience.

When will the mod be released?
It has been! Go and download it!

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Feb 23 2014 Anchor

Hello:)I could have the list of the events of this mode please? I need the events which replaces "24504" of the version original of the game, because I have dynasties which are going to disappear and thus I would want this code for area to continue, svp it is very important for me:)sorry for my english I'm not English ^^ :)

ps : copy

LemonSour BlackNumenoreanKing
Mar 26 2014 Anchor



Swiggity swooty, coming for that booty.

Mar 27 2014 Anchor

We're working on it. Be patient, it takes some days, and we won't work all the days on the mod, we've got real lives too ;)

Apr 6 2014 Anchor

hi, i had problem when launch game with this mod: that always crash after been launched.
i had a look at error log and found this:

[persistent.cpp:40]: Error: "Unexpected token: frameAnimatedSpriteType, near line: 79" in file: "interface/domestic_technology.gfx" near line: 91[persistent.cpp:40]: Error: "Unexpected token: frameAnimatedSpriteType, near line: 93" in file: "interface/domestic_technology.gfx" near line: 102[persistent.cpp:40]: Error: "Unexpected token: maxValue, near line: 73" in file: "interface/load_screen.gfx" near line: 74[virtualfilesystem.cpp:614]: Could not open file: gfx/models/Shields/mongol_empire_shield.xac

can you help me with this? :D

i have 1.09 version of CKII

Apr 6 2014 Anchor

I'm not sure it could works with 1.09, the MEP 0.1.5b was made for the 2.0 version, and the compatibility patch is for the 2.1.1. Do you tryed to update your game version? ;)

Apr 7 2014 Anchor

ok, problem solved, i have installed 2.0 patch and it works great!
one of the best mod ever!! :D

Jun 16 2014 Anchor

Just a question, I've been looking around but I didn't see anything about multiplayer. Me and a friend were wondering if it is multiplayer compatible yet because we have tried but it just says game not found and we have played together before with other mods.

Jun 17 2014 Anchor

For now, we didn"t really worked on it. I know that there's some little bugs with it, and i'll try to have a look at it when i'll have enough time. Thanks for this report by the way!

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

are all the factions playable at the moment or are there restrictions on who you can play?

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

All the cultures are playable -without the wilderness characters- but some of them are not really improved for now !

Jul 29 2014 Anchor

When playing as a Noldor ruler of Lindon I can't seem to colonize the wilderness at the eastern half of Forlindon. Is there any reason why? The decision doesn't appear.

Jul 29 2014 Anchor

Did you added the steward with the job "colonize a province" in the good province?

Aug 2 2014 Anchor

I did send my steward. Trying it again as king of Arthedain and I can't colonize the Shire or Midgewater. The decision to purge the Hillmen also did not appear after I sent my marshal

Aug 2 2014 Anchor

Try to use this fix:

By the way, the bugs reports shuld be in the good thread, because it'll be really difficult for the peoples to find them ;)

Aug 2 2014 Anchor

I have tried the fix but it didn't work. I'll post it in the bug reports next time. I was able to colonize a province in Rhudaur though. The Shire remains a wilderness.

Aug 2 2014 Anchor

Runtime error
programme c://......
The program was asked to end in an unusual way
What does this mean and is it fixable any help is greatly appreciated, many thanks

Aug 3 2014 Anchor

Please report the bugs in the bugs reports section of this forum!
This bug can be caused by a lot of things, try to told us when it happened, with which version, which character, .... But in the bug reports section ;)

Aug 25 2014 Anchor

I've downloaded the mod and unzipped it into my paradox mods folder. This mod doesn't appear in the game launcher. I have other mods in the folder that appear, but not this one. I use the Steam version of the game if that is a problem.

Aug 26 2014 Anchor

That shouldn't be a problem, but look at the first question in this thread, it should solve your problem. If not, send me a PM with a screenshot of your installation.

Sep 18 2014 Anchor

What the use of Churches/Shrines for elves ??? i can't tax them,i can build next to nothing within them nor destroy them (to build city/castle) !
and they don't even used for any special mechanics... my church vassals just sit there on pile of gold not knowing what to do with it.
i fear i may be attacked by the dragons.

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Sep 18 2014 Anchor

We removed the churchs for the next version, they're useless, that's right ;)

Sep 21 2014 Anchor

You said you got a new building system right? Maybe like the AGOT Mod? Im really hyped up for the new version!

Oct 14 2014 Anchor

Hi. My game won't start even with both the Beta folder and the .mod file placed in the CK2/mod folder. I press 'launch' and nothing happens. Is there something I'm overlooking?
P.S. I tried with all DLC off and with all DLC on except Charlemegne

Oct 17 2014 Anchor

my god...
- Calling Captain Obvious,we have a emergency !
- C.O. here !
- thnx,C.O. i didn't notice... anyway,this dude over here don't know how to activate a mod !
- oh,that's simple ! Ativate a mod or pray to St. Spirit to do it for you ! also this mod is for V2.16 as said IN the desriptiuon.
can't give more straight answer,because this question by itself defy common sense. :eyebrow:
i know,READING faq and description,where 99,99% of the questions are answered IS SO HARD.better ask it AGAIN. :thumbup:

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