City Decedere is a three part horror total conversion for Crysis which aims to scare and thrill users.

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Feb 18th, 2009
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After 2 months of development time, the secret City Assault 2:City Decedere level is now ready for download. This is a demo of Level 1 of the mod.

After 2 months of development time, the secret City Assault 2 level is now ready for download.
I have been working on this project by myself; The purpose of this map is to be included as part of my 3rd year Dissertation at University

As part of my university studies, I have included in the zip folder a link to an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will contain spoilers, so it is suggested that you play the game first, before reading the questions, in order to keep the content of the game a surprise. The questionnaire will help me in my studies and also help me make the map better, so please fill it in as it is only short.

As a demo - some of the elements are still WIP, and i have had to replace some designed features with standard features, but overall it should work well and feel different to the usual Crysis mods.

  • If you play on 64bit you may experience a few texture bugs/ other weird stuff


  1. Install patch 1.2 if you haven't already.
  2. Unzip the "City_Decedere_zipfolder" and place the "City_Decedere" folder into 'Electronic Arts\Crysis\Mods' folder.
  3. Click on the Launch City Decedere.bat and allow Crysis to load with the mod.
  4. Open console (with the ~ key) and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "") to allow access to console commands
  5. Load your custom map by typing in the console "map cityassault2" (Without "") and press Enter.

Additionally you can use the Crytools Launcher to load your custom level.[/list]

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City Decedere Level 1 - Happening
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zahlenbechk Feb 19 2009 says:

Good work guys. :D This mod needs more love XD.

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jlim Author
jlim Feb 27 2009 replied:

i know :( lol hopefully level 2 will do better

thanks for the +

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treat Mar 8 2009 says:

I almost downloaded this the other day. Good thing I didn't, because I didn't realize this was a Crysis mod - Crysis being a game I don't have. Interested in seeing this come along, though.

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Otreum Mar 8 2009 says:

Going to check this out now, i'm in need of some good horror.

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Otreum Mar 8 2009 says:

Unfortunately I didn't get good horror :(

Ok, I just wrote up a nice big post explaining my thoughts on this but it seems I can't exceed 2000 characters ...urgh.

Overall, I thought this was downright annoying and the only horror I got out of this was the screaming, but that wasn't due to being disturbed by the screams or scared by them, it was purely because I was ANNOYED by the screams, I hate screams, just like everyone does, and when it's constant, you just want to shut the source of the screaming up, it's bloody annoying.

Too many monsters made it too predictable, and the fear factor was gone immediately, the sound quality was terrible, surround sound wasn't working too well with anything, and no it's not my speakers, it's just the mod, as surround sound works just fine in other crysis mods.

The voice acting was pretty good, it was natural, but something didn't feel right about it, like the voice didn't match the scene very well.

Overall, I was not immersed, everything about this was BAD IMO, and nothing about it was scary.

I also didn't like that we had to start the map by going to the console, and that we actually had to run the bat file rather than activating the mod, it's too much effort for the end user to play the demo. When people want to play a mod, they just want to whack the mod in the folder, go into the game, activate it, and play, not run a seperate bat file, select 32 or 64 bit, then have a whole bunch of annoying real time rendering information in the top right of the screen which they may not know how to get rid of and then finally have to type into the console.

One more thing was the readme should be in the main section of your zip file, not hidden away in the mod folder, I didn't know the readme was there until I looked back on this page.

Anyway, this needs a HEAP of work, as I said, I wrote a whole bunch before, with criticism, and suggestions, however I can't be bothered now as all that text wasn't allowed.

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jlim Author
jlim Mar 9 2009 replied:

hey thank you for your critism.
as this was a demo, there were quite a few things that i implimented that i wasnt too sure about whether to include or not, so your feedback is greatly appreciated so that i can work on making it better.

in terms of the screams, when i play tested and some friends tested - no one mentioned how much she screamed and i didnt know it was that much? so i will reduce her screaming only to when it is vital to a specific event, like the end cutscene.

as for the amount of monsters, i will also be reducing the amount of monsters that attack you. not really sure whats causing the sound issue, but i will look into it.

but as for the way you launch the mod, i think this is just a matter of opinion, as i have seen many mods being launched like this and i havent heard any complaints of other peoples. But i guess it wouldnt hurt to impliment both ways so i will try to do that. And the readme file doesnt really contain anything interesting and i know most people rarely read them, but i guess it wont hurt to include the file outside of the mod folder so i will do that too.

if you wanted to PM/email me the text that you wrote, i would be happy to read through it, to see how i can improve this Demo

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Otreum Mar 9 2009 says:

I should apologize for being a bit rude with my previous comment as I didn't add much to what you could do to improve the mod.
I think I was just very disappointed and frustrated.

I'll TRY and sum up some points.
With the ghosts, there are alot of them, which is fine, but not with the amount of damage they take.
To make this better, you could have 2 classes of ghosts, 1 which don't try to hurt you, but appear and disappear around you while coming at you, the other class would actually attack, so whilst their movements and so on are the same, the player has to be alert to watch out for the ones that will actually attack, so while the presence of the ghosts are constant while they are around, the player doesn't know when he will be endangered by them.
Of course instead of 2 classes, you could just make the 1 class, and give them an attack chance, like a random value which determines if they attack or just pester you (much less predictable).

You should also make ghosts into 1 shot kills or something, because i've had to shoot like mad to kill those ghosts, only to see them get back up lol, if you have more ghosts that die in 1 shot and turn into a cloud of fog when they're killed, it could add to the atmosphere and immersion.

I'll PM you with the rest, it seems even by covering 2 features I exceed the 2000 limit :P

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mdp_mason Aug 23 2010 says:

this mod is mod there with bioshock and dead space, freakin scary, 2 thumbs u 5 starts.

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Guest Mar 9 2015 says:

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