General Background Life in City 14 is deeply worse than in City 17. The Civilian Protection is much more aggressive, brutal and civilian-beating is commonplace. You have been sent here by a mysterious man, in a weird building, and your only chance to survive is a "run and shoot" process. You have lost your memories and your escape will cause the resistance to wake up, and you will have to deal with the Combine force lead by the doctor Breen, the one who will later be seen in Half-Life 2. Remember, "the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." Before City 17, there is City 14... Prequel to Half-Life 2? In HL2's first chapter "Point Insertion", you meet two citizen who say that they are disappointed to find the doctor Breen in City 17, after what he did in City 14. So, I tried to imagine what events did take place there...

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Eh... were among the first few words I spoke when I started this mod.

Even though the level design was amaturish at best, it began to pick up near the end, with better set-pieces and enemy placement and refreshing scripted events.

That being said, it's not bad (As it is playable), but it's not entirely good either. So if your a Half-life fanatic in need of another fix, then give this one a go.


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