Christmas-Life is a small fun mod for Half-Life. This mod should be a thank you to the community. A year has now passed since the release of Hazardous Materials Episode 1 and the community has given me helpful tips to improve my maps. With this mod I want to say thank you and wish each of you a Merry Christmas!

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The idea of the mode is simple, maybe too simple. The only difficulty are puzzles, that are really easy to solve. However, the christmas environment makes the gameplay more pleasant, even when mod is extremely short. The last part of the original mod (because I haven't played the mappacks) has too much lag, so that's a big downside. My advice to you is to play it if you are bored, or have to wait for something for about half an hour.


10/10 Good Feel to it

this is a cool mod

Not exactly anything groundbreaking, but it's nice to play a simple puzzle and jumping mod now and then :)


Somewhat i'm impressed by this mod

Fun, and simple.


It's a really fun and simple concept, got it at first to waste time, then I realized it was really fun XD.

I really did like how simple it was all together, I just really wish they would release more maps that were just challenge based like this pack.

The only real problem was the lag on the large town map, the snow was somehow causing it to lag intensely, (had to finish playing it on Cry of Fear.)

Other than that its really put together well, the music and level design is really cool.

Thanks man!



Feels more like 0.1alpha, not 1.0 release.



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