CheatCommands Mod - an utility mod for Company of Heroes 2 featuring large set of tools.

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This mod gives COH2 a breath of new life and possibilities! without this mod I would have gone back to the original ages ago. So Thank You Janne252 :)

It's good to see CoH2 has got a Cheatmod, with it you can test all things you want to. Although I do not have CoH2 right now, but I will have in the future, this mod will be very useful for me. Great job Janne!

Why I give this a 10/10 is simple, these kind of mods allow me to make storylines and play the game however I desire, making it the ultimate tool of fun, I loved it in CoH1, DoW2, and was relieved to see it for CoH2, and for that thank you Janne

A very necessary tool to explore all the subtle nuances of this game.

It is an excellent utility mod for setting up scenarios in-game without the hassle of the AI, testing strategies in a sandbox setting, and generally messing around.

I like the cheat mod. It makes the game more entertaining and interesting.

However, there are some issues that maybe can be fixed.
Do we have to type Dofile("ccm/ccm.scar")everytime in a new game/mission? I don't like to call the console every time and type this out to access the cheat.
Another is, I notice most of the controls are with ctrl. For example, the units are ctrl + (letter). I have COH cheat mod from another creator. I get used to Shift + (letter).
In addition, control + delete kills the unit rather make it disappear.
Last, when spawning a unit, I have to click on my unit member to spawn my unit from the cheat.

Overall, the cheat is really good, but maybe there are some improvements to make

Not much to say...this is probably the best mod ever made for that game. It allows to really enjoy the game via everything you may imagine. Want to have a Tiger B as you're playing Russian army, no problem. Want a true epic battle with a plenty of tanks like IS2 vs Tiger,it's okay...having you're "own" commander's abilities,fine! Tired playing to gain the commander's "loot" with the "Easy Eight", what are you waiting for? It's that and many others thing! Just try it and you'll adopt it!

its Nachocheese, its mine

vCoH is the **** man



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