Archon ---> Quake. You heard right, elements of the 80's micro game archon extrapolated into the Quake universe. Get ready for a wild ride.                               (free stuff | no warranty | see disclaimer.txt | blah blah blah.)

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How has "the Archons" progressed since the beta 1.1 release last year?

Reasonably new features for this release:

Archon magic! (yes, it works)
Archon "soul vessels" - limits to Archon powers
Sphere of Annihilation super black hole mode
Many nasty bugs have been eliminated. :-)
More monster enhancements than you dare shake a stick at
PK 3.0 support is pretty much finalized
HUD update, a few new features here

What is left leading to final release?

Finalizing the Archon vs. Archon conflict
Deciding if demi-archons will make it in before the mark III recode
Avoid any more feature creep, if at all possible
Decide if the map-hack tech maps will -
a. be included
b. have some kind of limits
(these are the design spec for the "realms of Chaos" world)
Decisions regarding HD pack integration:

What significant part of the current plan is still missing?

The ability to pick up an Archon "soul vessel" and carry it to a flag altar and sacrifice it for the points and / or build up to the Archon total not even written.
Some approximation may be put in - then again it may not.

What is the main challenge?

I got bit hard by the "new code" has to be written _now_ syndrome.
I've started the qc++ v1.07 recode already. This will be a major
resource hog on my limited free time. It will be some time before
this new code base grows into Chaos mod mark (III).
It is very necessary - some of the mark (II) code simply does not go
forward very well. The recode will fix a few corners I painted myself
into with the mark (II) code base.

What is the current status?

I have just squashed the "floating" zombie bug (I hope - the bots are testing for me right now...)

fig 1. the "floating" zombies

When I am satisfied with the result - I just need to build the release package.
Then boom - you get it. In time for the holiday week.
Gee, arent I a swell guy? Ha ha.


fig 2. bots give 100% testing new features

zappy, zappy! _____________________________________ sucky __

rainy days _____________________________________
new worlds

fig 3. determined foes

______ arg! gremlins _________________________ new things to stick nails in

fig 4. Archon of Chaos

fig 5. Occlument Augury

What is in a map?

What is in a map?

1 year ago News 0 comments

Design notes, editor theory, descriptions, design philosophy, brush structure, sky boxes, entities (good and bad) and last / most, the player!

The Lost!

The Lost!

2 years ago News 1 comment

106 lost Doctor Who episodes found

Programming / Creating

Programming / Creating

2 years ago News 0 comments

Get Inspired! We are all programmers and creators. You program your own life, and create your own daily content in the simulation we call "reality".

Announcing Chaos mod: Archon

Announcing Chaos mod: Archon

4 years ago News 0 comments

Design: enter free for all deathmatch, become an Archon, lay down a magic onslaught like no other.

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Archon 1.2 (beta)

Archon 1.2 (beta)

11 months ago Patch 1 comment

Beta release 1.2 < CHAOS mod (mark II) - "the ARCH0Ns" > the Magic is real. Install instructions in archon.txt, readme.txt, Archon 1.0 (alpha) _must...

Archon 1.1 (beta)

Archon 1.1 (beta)

1 year ago Patch 3 comments

Beta release! Play Chaos mod: Archon - become an Archon, rule the Quake universe with your mystic powers. Refer to text files, site images and video for...

the Castle

the Castle

3 years ago Multiplayer Map 5 comments

Ariochs Castle. Where the gods of Chaos live and play. A clan map project that finally sees the glorious light of release it deserves.

Archon 1.0 (alpha)

Archon 1.0 (alpha)

3 years ago Full Version 1 comment

Alpha release = painkeep cube, morphic cube, crates, runes, regman quad-barrel dwarfcutter, quantum tunnel apparatus, super gravity well, chaos teleport...

Visage Nightclub

Visage Nightclub

4 years ago Multiplayer Map 6 comments

"I'm the seed in your head...if you're good then you'll dream. If you're good...if you're bad. K...K...K...K...Killer" As always - check your guns at...

Chaos Heaven (release 2)

Chaos Heaven (release 2)

4 years ago Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Chaos Heaven (Visit Arioch!) - A new symbol rotates serenely atop a sacred altar. Power grid flows away in all directions to deathmatch goodness. Weapons...

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numbersix Creator
numbersix Jul 25 2013 says:

Code is going very well. I am starting to see odd things. I cant decide if I should leave them in as surprises (it is a Chaos Mod) or fix them as bugs. Decisions, decisions...

+3 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Jul 14 2013 says:

The package builder for the update release is done. Simply a matter of finishing off the "list" and testing.

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Jul 16 2013 replied:

Changed my mind about this. I really want an Archon available in the alpha test, so I'm coding that up before 1.0.5a is out. Means maybe a 2 week delay.

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Jul 2 2013 says:

Current Version [ 1.0.5 alpha ]

It contains all the coolness listed in the previous december comments.
Sadly is too buggy to release.

And we are talking both minor concerns and some server crash.
Got some video I need to go through. Will be releasing that in the next couple weeks.
Stay tuned, the new version will come out.

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Mar 11 2013 says:

This project still lives. Just other stuff going on.
Thought the faithfull might want to know.

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Jun 29 2013 replied:

Posting some screens in lead of the update release.
Just have to run some tests and see if there are any serious bugs...

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Dec 27 2012 says:

I have an update release almost ready.
2 stumbling blocks - 2 bugs - a possible bad one & a confirmed silly one,
and no time to work on it for a week.
Going to start working on the files for the release and decide what to do about the bugs.

Added features:
2 new sizes of tripod aliens for alien infestation mode.
Plague of scourge (centroids)...and I mean plague.
Larger monsters with a super extra mad mode:
Ogre, Scourge, and Demon
Lots of mod for the super monsters (few or no pain frames, poss. self healing, etc.)
Some bug fixes for existing bugs.

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Feb 15 2013 replied:

its funny how a week can turn into 2 months...

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Dec 4 2012 says:

Castle is done...just need to test the package and upload it.
Unfortunately I've got the weird combination of a bad tooth, serious painkillers and a nasty fever I got as soon as I took the painkillers. Ugh. Cant wait for the fever dreams - I always use them for source material!

Cant do a code update right now. Its up to version [ 1.0.5 alpha ] - but I've done a ton of modeling. An update release package will have to be built.

Things are coming along just great. While I'm looking for inspiration for the Archon spell casting system, I've been giving single player a big upgrade.

What can you expect?

New boss styled "super" monsters - Vore, Ogre, Demon, Tarbaby, Lavabomb.
(And you will likely need serious help with the Super Demon)
They are much larger, have more health, new attacks, and other abilities.
You will need a couple runes to fight these off, or a serious weapon like a BFG. (Or both - these monsters are not weak...)

Of all the super monster abilities, some of them (ogre, and demon) can get SUPER MAD! No pain frames and self healing. I'll let you know how nasty they are when I have a chance to play test them.

Multi grenade ogre from Ritual.
A Hexen 2 imp - he is a pretty cool flyer - and is friends with gremlins.
2 larger sizes of alien infestation "tri" leg jumpers.
2 smaller size centroids - babies that will ride on moms back, and a medium size that will follow mom around. And I'm planning a "Super" Centroid...with 6 dual nailgun arms!

Monster generators (a la Gauntlet)
Those puppies will crank out new monsters until they are killed.

Along with generators, many monsters can be configured (either by map load or randomly) to move faster or slower. This is wicked cool. This is a Gauntlet 2 feature, and I'm planning on the shoot a "poison" potion or food to slow monsters down in a given radius for a short period of time.

+1 vote   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Dec 4 2012 replied:

Almost forgot - Army grunt and Enforcer have also got some weapon enhancements.

The grunt can fire nails, super shot gun, (weak) rockets, and throw a possible grenade or two when he has the shot guns.

Enforcers can have (slightly better than the grunt) rockets, lightning, reflecting laser bolts, super shot gun or a Railgun! (yes that is one bad *** enforcer - he taps you with that railgun beam, and you better have some armor and health or runes.)

+2 votes   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Dec 4 2012 replied:

I realize at this point that a re-play through of the quake 1 SP levels with the new monsters (while imminently fun) simply will not do. I'm going to have to crank some serious single player mapping.

Lucky - I have some ideas kicking around. Once the mod hits a functional beta, I'll start working on the SP maps.
(Why is it anything I type when I have a fever is 3 times longer than without?)

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