Centralia is a first-person horror-puzzle game. Our focus is on the artistic side of the game so we have aimed to leave almost none of Valveā€™s original textures or models in our game. We'll also be adding lots of custom sounds. Some small changes will be made to the source code of the engine but this will remain largely unchanged owing to its complexity. Jim Fletcher is a curious, young, local journalist looking to make a name for himself by landing an exciting story on the ever-burning Centralia. He will travel from his town to Centralia, where a coal mine fire has been burning for half a century. The town has been abandoned for decades, leaving the eerie shell of a community behind. What will Jim uncover on his quest to make that all important good story? Developed by Andrew Furniss & Oliver Davies.

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it's good but it's to short. i would recomend it

In my opinion, this is a pretty decent mod. While it may be very short, it also shows a well designed atmosphere. It's classic, but it's pretty cool and I personally like it. You modders should consider making more mods. But this time, please try to make more levels (if not, find others who might be able to) and add a bit more detail into the storyline. Overall, I will gladly give this modification an 8/10. It would've gotten atleast a 10/10 if it had just a few more things to add.

I recommend the rest of you HL2 fans to download this mod - if you're into horror and scary stuff.

Has great potential, but for now it's more of a short demo

I did like this mod, the ending was kinda...meh, but aside from that this was over all a good mod.

Just got done playing it.
Pretty short, great idea for a mod.
Bugs I found:
1.)Doors are completely white (First room)
2.)When you swing the hatchet at nothing your arm like glitches out while swinging.
3.)Wasn't able to sprint/run. (Maybe how it's supposed to be)
4.)Have a hard time getting on one of the rocks in the mine near the big fire wall.

I really like the models and how everything looks, was put together very nicely.
Can't wait for more content. :)
Spoiler below
(Don't read unless you already played the mod)

-Also I didn't really get the part where the dead body just swims away. Or the part where the monster was like flailing his arms around.-


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