Celeritas Eos is an open world dark fantasy horror survival role playing mod for Neverwinter Nights.

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Celeritas Eos is a low fantasy-mature-horror-survival-RPG series for Neverwinter Nights. This article discusses the world and the features of the first module in this series: Equilibrium of The Night.

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Oct 7th, 2012

This article discusses the world of Celeritas Eos and gives you some insight into it while also discussing the features of the first mod in the series: Equilibrium of The Night.

The World:

Celeritas Eos is set on the world of Iriumirum. Three continents exist on this world: Eridanus, Polaris and Delphinus. Equilibrium of The Night takes place on Eridanus in 87th epoch in the year 2654 (which is equivalent to the 17th century in our world). Some forms of technology exist such as primitive guns, but they are rare and the lack of resources to build such technology leaves much to be desired, and thus civilizations still use armor and melee weapons in battle. Magic exists but it is very much a part of the natural world and is in small use with only a talented few being able to use it.

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This Vampire Hunters is an order which hunt vampires just as the name suggest. The player will be able to join this order and hunt vampires across Eridanus but such tasks are dangerous...

Religion, Views and Culture:

Eridanus is the smallest continent on Iriumirum but also the most culturally diverse with history dating back to the time people began recording. There are two major religions practiced on Eridanus. The first (and official state religion) is a monotheistic religion called Serephimin. The adherents of this religion worship one god who they conveniently call God. The founder of this religion is named Seraphiel who worshipers believe to be The Angel of Truth, Light and Suffering who brought light and truth to the world and entered everybody's hearts to absorb their suffering from evil which the religion claims is brought on by free-will and mankind's inability to stay away from temptation. The main code of The Serephimin religion is to overcome evil and the religion maintains that life is but a test. Several sects of Serephimin exist each with different interpretations of the code of Seraphiel.

The second religion practiced on Eridanus is Eiosiaism which is another monotheistic religion. The adherents of this religion worship the creator as The Goddess. The main sect of this religion teaches that The Goddess - while feminine in characteristics - isn't female in the sense of gender (because it's a spirit). Another sect teaches that The Goddess is feminine in all forms and believe that women were created supreme over men which is the view of the kingdom on Delphinus which has The Queen ruling and making decisions. However, this sect is small on Eridanus and frowned upon. Another minor sect of Eiosiaism believes that love shared between two females is not only the highest form of love, but also the greatest way of worshiping and honoring The Goddess. However, this sect is outlawed on Eridanus due to homosexuality being illegal (as it is in most places of the world but not all) but that doesn't mean people have stopped practicing it in secret.

Only small forms of magic exist in the world.

Another religion practiced on Eridanus is a form of pagan worship, but it is outlawed due to the adherents of this religion practicing human sacrifice. However, in uncivilized parts of Eridanus, one might find adherents of this religion engaging in this practice with other cults.

There are many people living on Eridanus who came from other parts of the world. For this reason, there is a great diversity in color on Eridanus and everyone is accepted regardless of their color. The majority of the natives of Eridanus had light brown skin with others being very dark, but now there are many more white and black Eridanusians. However, on other continents such as Polaris, there are countries there which are racist and hate people of other colors. Lucia herself had to deal with racism due to her mixed-parentage with her father being a black Eridanusian and her mother being a white native of Polaris. The people of Delphinus are generally very dark skinned.

Equilibrium of The Night:


Equilibrium of The Night follows a woman named Lucia who travels to the land of Eridanus to put a stop to an ancient evil arising from the castle of Lox Avue which is spreading the seeds of corruption and darkness over the face of the world. Corpses arise from their graves with a hunger for flesh. Strange, monstrous creatures are appearing in the countryside, attacking any living thing that they come across, and the world is generally in a state of chaos thanks to this evil. Lucia will need to launch an offensive attack against the Castle and destroy the source of evil within. How she goes about this and what alliances she forms is entirely up to the player to decide, and there are many ways to beat the main quest. However, nothing is as simple as it sounds and many surprises await Lucia...


The gameplay of Equilibrium of The Night is party-based and your party set-up is very important. Most companions can be customized, and thus setting their tactics and managing their equipment and inventory is vital to gaining the advantage in combat. Combat is heavily based on preparation, strategy and tactics and aims to give a "survival" feel to the experience as you come across tough enemies and are forced to learn new ways to defeat them. Leveling up occurs in the mod but the maximum level is currently aimed at Level 5 whereas enemies can be up to Level 15. This should really tell you that using alternative methods in combat such as traps and potions is really essential to winning some battles. It is possible to solo the mod but it would likely be harder.

Always plan before heading into battle.

Combat isn't the main part of the experience, however, and there's much dialogue and many choices to be made (each with their own consequences). Quests normally have multiple solutions and endings with the player being allowed to use whatever means they want in a quest to complete it. Some quests can even be solved simply through dialogue and in diplomatic ways but, even in such quests, the player can choose to use violence if they wish.

Many choices await you in this adventure...

Choices are many and don't just determine the character's personality. Choices can lead to your character gaining different types of reputation (which impact how NPC's view and interact with Lucia) and some choices even have dire consequences such as leading to a group of hunters trying to hunt you down across the world whereas other choices can even result in villages being attacked or even destroyed. Some choices and actions can change the world for better, though. For example, completing one quest in a certain way leads to guards patrolling an area they didn't previously, thus making it safer. Making choices isn't always easy however because there's many quests involving a moral dilemma, and even when some choices are presented to you as being "bad" that doesn't automatically make them so.


There are many different companions in the mod who can be romanced. Lucia is able to romance companions of either gender. Each romance is unique and develops differently from each other over the course of the story. Some romances have love in them whereas others are purely based on lust (but one romance based on lust can be turned into a romance based on love if the player is able to talk the character involved in such a romance into it). Lucia is also able to work as a prostitute earning money for such services that she performs but also the reputation associated with the trade for it. Asides from that, Lucia can also perform sexual acts (or even force people to perform them on her!) to persuade certain characters (although the player can also utilize other methods to get what they want) to get what she wants.

More to come soon....

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