This mod is provided as a standalone version. You don't need Tiberian Sun to play this. GDI, Nod, the Forgotten or CABAL. Who will triumph the endless war? This mod plays after the storyline of Firestorm. Command new units, conquer harder enemies. Will you save Earth or will you destroy it? It's your choice...

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I have just a quick queston for you out there about the mod...

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I have just a quick queston for you out there about the mod...

I haven't updated this mod since a year now, but I thought that I could try again to work on it. Mostly for fixing bugs, balance fixes and maybe finally a working campaign.

But I am not sure if it will be worth, so I ask you...should I work on this mod again or not?
Crystalized Doom Ressurected or Crystalized Doom Rebirth?

If I start on it, should I try to fix the bugs or start from the beginning, adding things one by one again?

Some feedback would be nice on this :)

Hey-Pi-Ron Online

Why not? It's good mod. :)
And... "Crystalized Doom Ressurected". :) "Rebirth" sounds like you remake it on another engine.

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Bugs and balance fixes would be great. If you are working on other things or are busy, you could work on this at a slow pace and tend to what really needs your attention.

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Yeah, this mod must be ressurected.

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work on this mod again

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ElrosAmandil Online

i think firstly u have to resolve lag issues (i think it is solved by dll?)

secondly ur previous version had a lot of content (i think you have to give some info/origin about every unit in the game.i can't recognize some of them in the previous/following Tiberian games.are some of them are just your imagination?)If you can make a more simpler/and lore based unit tree u can balance things easier

and last after pathinc balancing,i don't think its a necessity for a new campaign(it means huge workload :) ) .it's enough if you can make the orginal one work with your version. And after that , we can throw you some unit ideas so that that it can be more lore based :)

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Crystallized Doom the Return: this time it's personal!

I'll shut up now.

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