GDI, Nod, the Forgotten or CABAL. Who will triumph the endless war? This mod plays after the storyline of Firestorm. Command new units, conquer harder enemies. Will you save Earth or will you destroy it? It's your choice...

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Hi fellow guys!

I bet most of you can't wait for the very close release of 1.9.4! This news should be an information post about feature plans for our mod. So what will happen?

At the moment we are preparing 1.9.4 - which will be completly standalone - for public release. The changelog is big, it won't be public before release, as there are things which may change here and there now.

So what will follow? We will collect your feedback - which will be categorized for each techlevel. Please notice Crystallized Doom is intended to play with lower techlevels too! I for myself prefer T2-T4 a lot. See the techlevel slider as a option for you, adjust it. If you know Supreme Commander you may know what I mean - that lower techlevels can also be fun. ;)

T1 - Basic Infantry
T2 - Extended Infantry + Basic vehicles + Basic Defense
T3 - Radar + Extended Vehicles
T4 - Additional Units + Advanced Defense
T5 - Armory + Advanced Infantry + Additional Units
T6 - Techcenter + Helipads + AA Defense + Basic Aircraft + Additional Units
+ Additional Defense
T7 - Additional Units +
Additional Defense
T8 - Advanced Techcenter + Advanced Units
+ Advanced Defense
T9 - Prototype Units + Prototype Defense
T10 - Everything + Superweapons

- Warning - if you are new to the mod don't start with T10!
- You will be overwhelmed with the high amout of building and unit possibilities
- Start your first games with T1 or T2 at least (mostly recommend with max starting money)
- Even if you are a C&C veteran or maybe a Crystallized Doom veteran, 1.9.4 does have major changes
- When you feel ready move to the next techlevel
- Crystallized Doom does have ~100 more units than original TS
- AI can handle lower techlevels also better (T8+ is for the AI very exhausting to keep up)

So now for the next following updates. Next updates will be smaller but more regulary, i.e. each update is for one particular techlevel:

1.9.41 T1 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T1
1.9.42 T2 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T2
1.9.43 T3 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T3
1.9.44 T4 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T4
1.9.45 T5 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T5
1.9.46 T6 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T6
1.9.47 T7 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T7
1.9.48 T8 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T8
1.9.49 T9 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T9
1.9.50 T10 update + mappack, reworked balance and AI for T10
1.9.51 Final features and polishing (soundrack, graphics and more)

With each small update we will include a map pack which is intended to play with that techlevel! So you may now understand why I recommend you to play lower techlevels too, your feedback matters!
Each update does rework a techlevel and the AI for that level!

We will open for each of these updates a forum where you can help us, please notice if more people giving us feedback the faster we may reach our target. :)

And now some last words. With the release of 1.9.51 the mod is going to be feature complete!

Yes, after 4 hard years of work we are close to it.

After that release we are going to focus on our singelpayer campaigns and additional map packs!


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