This modification aims to provide the epic battle of GDI and NOD into the Crysis® Wars® engine. It will provide players with the chance to experience what Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™ should have been, with the ability to handle and use many of the original features of the original game plus those enhanced features of the Crysis® engine. Through this world you will get to see Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™ up close and personal, with glowing crystals of tiberium in fields of battle, walking mech warriors like the GDI Mammoth Mk.II, and the ability to control everything what you like, every vehicle, every defense building, and of course yourself.

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map ideation experiments
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Incognito Author
Incognito Feb 13 2013 says:

Which one do you prefer guys and gals? Obviously it'll depend on the context, but I think the second one will benefit Nod... which is my choice >:)

+6 votes   reply to comment
Foxhounde Feb 13 2013 says:

Make the lower one near Tiberian Fields

+5 votes     reply to comment
Gregthegen Feb 13 2013 says:

For the Brotherhood! Is there really any other answer?

+4 votes     reply to comment
TheNodCommander Feb 13 2013 says:

Both looks cool to me, it really depends on the map as a whole!

+5 votes     reply to comment
hellodean Feb 13 2013 says:

they remind me of a tib sun fmv where an emp is used
i suppose i prefer the bottom one but its hard to choose.
(the image with the harvester 3 images to the right is still my favorite tho)

+5 votes     reply to comment
Albions_Dragon Feb 15 2013 says:

I'd personally go for the second it looks more life like and it meets more with the tiberian theme. the top one looks lifeless dull and blotchy the second one looks more real, more alive and more active.

+3 votes     reply to comment
metalmouth7 Feb 15 2013 says:

From what I remember of Tiberian Sun/Firestorm, was it not stated that Humanity only had a few months left before the atmosphere would be rendered unbreathable by the gasses put into the air by the Tiberium? From that alone, I'd go for the bottom option.

+3 votes     reply to comment
ApornasPlanet Feb 22 2013 replied:

I think one year left on earth when firestorm starts. In the TS manual it's stated that GDI are bringing people to off world cololonies on mars and on the moon but that only a very few priveligied people can go there. In TS there are no "blue zones".

+3 votes     reply to comment
DaViperDragon Feb 16 2013 says:

Bottom, would make it harder to find the enemy through the haze of battle.
Great for ambush locations.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Duruk Feb 17 2013 says:

Bottom for me.

+3 votes     reply to comment
L1b3rta Feb 17 2013 says:

As you said Incognito, it depends on the context in which setting is better.

If it's in a redzone, with alot of infestation of tiberium and/or veinholes (I really hope you're making veinholes & field by the way!), the lower picture would seem more fitting. If it would be a yellowzone, with still tiberian infestation (but relatively mild), the upper picture would be more fitting.

But in a heavily Nod occupied area, I'd say that the lower picture would be accurate aswell (I don't think the Nod guys are very clean, considering how they want to spread the green around). :)

+4 votes     reply to comment
NodGuy Jun 5 2013 says:

The second image reminds me of Tiberian Sun more.

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A series of mapping experiments made by Slamer56. The goal is to try to get the feel of the original Tiberian Sun experience. What would you improve?

Feb 13th, 2013
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