C&C Generals : The Last Battlefields Mod is a mod for C&C Generals : Zero Hour.This mod aim to bring C&C Generals : Zero Hour more fun with add new units,structures,Gameplay, and 3 new generals who has it own tactics and powers.

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GLA "Krokodil" E-100 Jagdpanzer Heavy Tank (view original)

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After silence in 10 years, Capitalism reign again in the world...
As Marauder Tanks just a scrap from now on, GLA Engineers searching every single bit any way to advancing their Heavy Tanks designs...
As one of the Engineer found out about E-100 Series, the WW2 Heavy Germany Tanks that canceled to the situations of the war, but GLA got some of the blueprints when they conquered Europe.
It was effectives for changing the tide of the war, With powerful Gun and decent armor...
As they decided to build the Jagdpanzer version of this tank...the productions begins, when the test...they added some changing and make the tank superior than before...
Dev.Corner : Why I'm posting this tank again? yeah...changing the skin and added some things to the model, i have recovered my files from broken computer and now, i will continue from where we're stopped before..let's finish the beta! :)