This mod Revives the mod called Crazy mod that were started by Jordan, But Jordan were pinned down by Real life, thats why the mod rests for a long time. But FILM_Smartson came in, he saw Crazy mod near the death's door, so he tried to carry it far away from the death's door, as he go farther, the mod is being revived. as the mod revives, new things came in, like Mono wheeled gatling tank, Cookie Cannon, etc. as long as the mod lives, the mod becomes more crazy than before, with the help of suggestions of the public. Realism doesn't really exist, because Crazymod takes place in a different universe. Take note that suggestions can be accepted on the Mod's official FB page.

Lets see how popular this mod right now:
C&C Crazy Mod: Revived

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The mod development has been postponed.
This does not mean that Crazy Mod is dead,
it will become a Stand Alone, Free to play Game with a different name.
Crazy Game? Crazy RTS? or something else.

The Game is planned to feature the following:
-High Poly Models
-HD Textures
-Procedurally Generated Maps, Textures, Civilian Buildings, etc. (Map generator is Customizable)
-Dynamic Weather System
-Day and Night Cycle
-Fully Destructable Environment (Nuke an area, it leaves permanent crater)
-Road System: (Build a road around your base for better supply flow)
-4 lane Road (Wider, less Traffic)
-2 lane Road
-1 lane Road (one way road, inexpensive)
-Better Base building system (Build your factories beside the road)
-Several sources for money
-Smooth Art style (Semi-Realistic)
-AI "General" that learns enemy tactics
-Unit Personalities:
-Training time:
-Crazy (99% chance of training Crazy units)
-Very Fast (50% chance of training Stupid units)
-Fast (25% chance of training Coward units)
-Normal (Train normal units, good enough for battle)
-Slow (25% chance of training Loyal units)
-Very Slow (50% chance of training Brave units)
-Elite (99% chance of training Elite units)
-Vehicle Building time:
-Rush (75% chance of vehicles with missing parts)
-Fast (25% chance of vehicles with malfunctioning parts)
-Normal (100% finished, good enough for battle)
-Slow (25% more armor)
-High Quality (100% more Armor, 50% more firepower)
-Game Modes:
-Single Player
-Mini Games
-More "General" Types (since its not C&C Generals, it will be renamed)
-Player Level (Online only)
-Unlockables (Unlock stuff based from Player level, and achievements)
-Ingame Programming (Use your programming skills ingame)*
-World Editor
-Design your own Weapons, Buildings, Vehicles, etc.
-Realistic Physics
-Touch-Screen Support
-VR Support (Play it with a Virtual Reality Gadget)
-AR Support (Play it on a table with an Augmented Reality Gadget)
-Mod Support (No need for Third-Party software to create and test your own mod)
-5.1, 7.1 Channel Audio (I might as well, include Binaural sounds in the future)
-Ingame Purchases (To be fair, there will be no OP Weapons for sale, only cosmetics and premium)
-Premium Players (More Exp for winning a game, level up faster.
available in 12hrs, 24hrs, 72 hrs, and Permanent
The Premium time will be used up when you are online)
-Automatic Match Making (Online Match making)
and more to be decided.

Production will be very slow (it will be done by me alone, since i could not hire a professional yet)
But i will accept Community Contributions, with free access to the development stage.
Contributors will receive Permanent premium, once the game has been fully released.
Production will start when I have free time.
Full-time Production will start when I graduate college (3 more years Guys)

2 New Concept Arts!

2 New Concept Arts!

News 4 comments

We have new Concept arts, and it looks AMAZING! We have new Concept artist, and they are Awesome!

CMR - Concept Arts

CMR - Concept Arts

News 2 comments

This update is an update to make the mod updated. This update is an update to make the mod updated.

We need more...... Staff

We need more...... Staff

News 5 comments

Hello guys, I have a good news, I will resume the mod again, on summer vacation, but this time, im searching for a Co-leader concept artist, texturer...

I have a new Video Card, which means...

I have a new Video Card, which means...

News 7 comments

This news is about Milferdson's new Video Card, and the Release date.

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Is it....... dead?

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FILM_Smartson Creator

no, just a dead GPU, my new gpu will be delivered to me around october.
I already have some planned units for the mod, check the FB page, i might upload some pictures of the new models of the units.
the mod is still being developed behind the 'spotlights' i will finalize the models that i created in my netbook, when i got my new gpu.

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Ok.. good to know. I don't like giving ideas to the mod just to watch it die before my eyes

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FILM_Smartson Creator

it will never die till the release of the full version.

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you could try doing a extra mod call crazycraft or something

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Any "recent" updates? Its already June and based on how things are being tracked, it has been close to a month since the last page update. I'm not asking for a Mod release, as that would be rude and unconditioned, I am simply inquiring about whether or not something is in the works..

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F.I.L.M. has problems with his PC. It may take some time.

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FILM_Smartson Creator

yeah, but the mod is still being developed every week ends (yes, very slow process), because i still go to school (i am 4th year highschool in my country, but i am grade 10 in K-12 education)

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Means what?
k-12 education?PLZ translate in 3° World language!

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FILM_Smartson Creator

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ahh ok now!

Winter vacations coming at the end here in Brazil, will soon be back to the university!

Hey i dunno if it was because this winter i have played to much Team Fortress2 but i have planned an fully independent faction based of TF2!(it would bassicaly use Inf.Gen script and spam vast amount of infantry and robots!(they will use the TF2 loadouts as upgrades dat can be changed at any time, also they can use their primary,secondary and melee weapons!)
I have planned this way:
.Scout-high speed, can climbe cliffs, but low life and short range.
.Soldier-Low speed, can rocket jump to pass trough cliffs, medium life and long range weapon.
.Pyro-Medium speed, medium life, really close range.
.Demoman-medium speed, can stick jump to fly over the entire map, medium life low range.
.Heavy-Huge life, low speed, can shoot at flying targets, can recover life at eating an sandvich.
.Engineer-medium speed, low to medium life, weak attack, medium range, can build sentrys(defense turrets), dispencer(heal nearby units) and teleporter(NUFFINTUBSAID!).
.Medic-Medium life, can self heal, can heal one infantrymen with the medigun,medium speed and low range.
.Sniper-Non camouflaged sniper, medium speed, low life, long range(CAN THROW **** AT PEOPLE!).
.Spy-low life, medium speed, low range, can become invisible, can backstab other infantry to instant kill, can use sapper to destroy enemy defenses(USE IT WITH THE DISGUISE ABILITY).
Dats all!



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FILM_Smartson Creator

Hello Everyone!, i am now Working on a Magnet tank that were Suggested by W0rldEmperor.

Q: There is no Magnetic Behavior in Zero Hour's Engine, But How Did you get it working?
A: it works like a "fan truck" with a little twist, it fires a projectile from behind of its target.

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can you do boulder cannon or stone bomber that be very crazy may be you should try those ideas

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Hey film check out the forum, i posted one idea!

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