This is a game which allows you to construct own base and fight against enemies. Use your skills from another strategy games or learn more about it in the real battle! Play offline or with friends through LAN or Internet, use any tactics and strategies you want and conquer the battlefield. Join us and share this great stuff with your friends and people you know!

"Thats cool you’ve kept that up – it never stops amazing me the devotion the C&C fans have and that people still like to create new mods. When I was at Gamescom we heard the same thing from so many fans over and over again – "you made our childhoods". Very endearing" - Frank Klepacki wrote.

"Since 2002 we have explored, played and enjoyed mods of all shapes and sizes just like this. We love games like C&C Renegade that have opened themselves up to modding" - 2015 Mod Appreciation Week on ModDB.

"This is very impressive mod, it is totally worth a look!" - Community Battlecast Prime Time (CBCPT) said.

"I downloaded this mod and was playing with 4 friends yesterday. Dam we had a great time to options are endless in this game. I am also going to go further and actually take this to my college and set up an 8V8 LAN party and see how much craziness I can expand from that. As a strategy game with fps mechanics it has one amazing engine and is smooth as well. When I test it out with a bunch of people il get some feed back and record some videos and sent them to youtube. I am backing you on this like crazy because it is the future of fps/rts gaming" - Beanstalk5000 wrote.

"I played with some of my friends back than on LAN in cybercafe with your mod is quite unique. Always wanted a fps/tps-rts hybrid" - ImperialKaskins wrote.

Frequiently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How to

To play new beta Commando Assault 0.6, you need: the original C&C Renegade in 2 CDs (recommended, but you can try other releases), Tiberian Technologies Update 4.2.4 (recommended, but you can try other releases), the latest release of Commando Assault and its latest updates. Visit the official website to download necessary files.

To fix problems: contact the author for support.

To prevent deletion of scripts.dll: add the "scripts.dll" file to exceptions of your antivirus. Actually, modern antiviruses do not support old libraries, and they define them as viruses. New scripts are made by large community with the support of Electronic Arts, and they have open source codes. Do not worry and play.

browser version (if you can't get a response, send a letter to e-mail, it works much better)

Thanks to:
Yuri "GraYaSDF" Voroshilov (the author of idea), Wenny "Omicron_Nega" Dimart, Wu "Wzk" Zaokun, Ilya "Diamond00744" Palikov, Oleg "Sk0rpi0n" Juraev, Kirill "6key" Voroshilov, Frank Klepacki, "501.legion", "Kerubim", "Ren_Dimon", "Interval96", Westwood Studios, Tiberian Technologies, C&C Renegade russian and foreign communities, Digital Garbage, Internet-catalog “The Cat”, to many other companies and people. And thanks to everyone who helps to promote the project, who does not prevent from making the game, and who plays it

Gamemode "Assault" is inspired by:

C&C Series Russian Community
Northwood Studios
Digital Lights news

Frank Klepacki
MultiPlayer Forums
Digital Garbage
Tiberian Technologies
Star Sonata 2

Other projects:
GraYaSDF's Workshop - still uploading new works done by me! Also check my solo music Imaginary Frontiers, this album is so good
Red Sun - I am a composer, and still like this game. Awarded by 2014 Moddb Editors Choice!

This non-profit project is licensed by GNU General Public License. Westwood Studios, Westwood 3D, Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer Renegade are the registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Logos and trademarks in this page connected with these brands are property of their respective owner.

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RSS Articles

Help menu which now contains info about the base

Here are again some new key additions, changes and fixes, introduced in the latest 0.6.0 version of addon Commando Assault. These are not all of them, there are much more, so you definitely need to visit our website:

- changed the geometry render distance up to 1000 meters (parameter DrawDistance in Data/tt.ini)
- vehicles which are flipped over, do not explode (parameter DisableVehicleFlipKill in Data/tt.ini)
- help menu has been replaced with another menu which contains data about the base (bandtest.dll and help menu textures changes)
- when player leaves the match, his credits are going into general bank of team
- it is now not possible to refill the superweapon’s beacon on usual purchase terminal
- fixed the wrong changes of energy power for both teams when they capture/sell structures
- fixed an issue with animation of harvester
- new update from Tiberian Technologies has fixed a bug, when players were able to shoot from underground
- Assault Guard IACS prevents from using !unstuck and !stuck chat-commands too often
- Master Control Terminal receives more damage from C4-explosives
- added a mount for Master Control Terminal
- other fixes and rebalancing
The full changelog of versions 0.5.10-0.5.13 (click to read)
The full changelog of version 0.6.0 (click to read)

The development of addon slows down, but anyway... I wish Happy New Year to everyone!

Вот еще некоторые ключевые новинки, изменения и исправления, введенные в последней 0.6.0 версии аддона Commando Assault. Это не все из них, их намного больше, так что вам обязательно нужно посетить наш веб-сайт:

- изменена дальность прорисовки геометрии до 1000 метров (параметр DrawDistance в Data/tt.ini)
- при переворачивании машины не взрываются (параметр DisableVehicleFlipKill в Data/tt.ini)
- меню помощи стилизовано под справку о базе (изменения bandtest.dll и текстур меню помощи)
- когда игрок покидает матч, его кредиты перемещаются в общий банк команды
- исключена возможность пополнения маяка супероружия на обычном терминале покупок
- исправлено неправильное изменение электроэнергии у обеих команд при захвате/продаже зданий
- исправлена проблема с анимацией работы харвестера
- новое обновление от Tiberian Technologies исправило баг, когда игроки могли стрелять из-под земли
- Assault Guard IACS не дает игрокам пользоваться командами !unstuck и !stuck слишком часто
- повреждение Главного Терминала Управления от взрывчатки C4 усилено
- добавлено крепление для Главного Терминала Управления
- прочие исправления и ребалансирование
Полный список изменений версий 0.5.10-0.5.13 (кликните для прочтения)
Полный список изменений версии 0.6.0 (кликните для прочтения)

Разработка аддона замедляется, но тем не менее... желаю всем счастливого Нового Года!

Commando Assault 0.5.13 - Updates!

Commando Assault 0.5.13 - Updates!

News 1 comment

I will keep this updated, no matter how. Here are again, few changes, including the successful porting to TibTech update! For details read the full news.

Commando Assault 0.5.12 - Updates!

Commando Assault 0.5.12 - Updates!


Here are few important fixes, changes and features, including music player with 15 tracks I am talking about! For details read the full news.

Commando Assault 0.5.11 - Updates!

Commando Assault 0.5.11 - Updates!


Also some changes were made locally: purchasable ammo, repair pad refill, collapse fix. And planning to finish a musical player, so read the full news.

Commando Assault 0.5.10 - Updates!

Commando Assault 0.5.10 - Updates!


Here are some changes I made after 0.5.9 pre-release: repair guns new ammo, cargo truck, heli and ammo fixes. For details read the full news.

RSS Files
Commando Assault 0.6.0

Commando Assault 0.6.0

Full Version 5 comments

(100% COMPATIBLE WITH TIBERIAN TECHNOLOGIES UPDATE 4.2.4!) I am proud to release my latest beta-version of Commando Assault. 6 years of developing!

Commando Assault Introduction 2013

Commando Assault Introduction 2013


A new introduction to Commando Assault. It describes anything related to the game, in addition to the "Strategic Plan". Новая вводная для...

Commando Assault 0.5.0 (OLD)

Commando Assault 0.5.0 (OLD)

Demo 4 comments

This version is currently unsupported, try the latest version, it's better than ever. This archive is an introduction to Commando Assault.

Commando Assault Strategic Plan (DONE)

Commando Assault Strategic Plan (DONE)


The strategic plan is valid from June to August 2012 and describes the project C&C Commando Assault, activities of its developers and what it is directed...

Commando Assault 0.4 Installation Readme (German)

Commando Assault 0.4 Installation Readme (German)


Nobody cares, enthusiasm at the helm as usually. Thanks to "501.legion" for the german translation of installation file of the 0.4.0 version. If you want...

Commando Assault 0.4.0 (ZIP archive) (UNSUPPORTED)

Commando Assault 0.4.0 (ZIP archive) (UNSUPPORTED)

Demo 10 comments

This version is currently unsupported, try the latest version, it's better than ever. This archive is an introduction to Commando Assault.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 392)

Everything is great except it needs bots...
Do you think that would ever be possible?
I bet adding bots would be extremely hard to do.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can anyone help me to how i can play online with others i got bored of lan games ( thanks in advance for the help )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GraYaSDF Creator

You need RenList program to play C&C Renegade online, and also TT Update 4.2.4 or higher, direct links are on

After installing those program and update you will be able to play online. If you mean you wish to play Commando Assault online, then there was only one server available in RenList just yesterday. But it seems to be crashed again. You can visit , join to their IRC-room or chatbox and report to user "unknown". He will maybe re-install the server of this mod again.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Fulger100 Online

how can i play it offline?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GraYaSDF Creator

If you have any LAN connection or at least working VLAN, you can do it through Multiplayer. Choose the mod in list, set players numder to 1, uncheck Dedicated, and start and have fun with it =) Tiberian Technologies 4.2 Update fixes gameplay pending, and so you only need the latest updates from my website. I store updates only on the website because it is easier to update them there. The version of mod I uploaded here on MobDB is only to show progress how far it goes.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
GraYaSDF Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can be mod standalone?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GraYaSDF Creator

Only with the permission of EA. Otherwise, this addon may become illegal and will certainly violate the copyright law.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
GraYaSDF Creator

The latest version of Commando Assault is in the final stage of beta-testing. Summer 2016 promises to be HOT, indeed! =P

Reply Good karma+1 vote
GraYaSDF Creator

I think it is not the time for any tests. I will release it completely after I make sure that everything works fine. The latest version still has few bugs which may crush the server and I did not applied all the features due to porting it to a new engine. But good news to hear are: it will be automatically downloadable, with SSGM support and its own modified scripts.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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The website is restored! Thank you for visiting =)

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The website was closed for maintenance mode. We apologize for any inconvenience and trying to fix it as fast as we can.

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EN: Commando Assault 0.6.0 release RU: Релиз Commando Assault 0.6.0

Jun 20 2016

EN: The latest version of Commando Assault is in the final stage of beta-testing. Summer 2016 promises to be hot!

Apr 24 2016

RU: Последняя версия Commando Assault находится в заключительной стадии бета-тестирования. Лето 2016 обещает быть жарким!

Apr 24 2016

EN: Digital Frontiers, trip to Russia, End of Nations wishes

Mar 4 2016

RU: Digital Frontiers, поездка в Россию, пожелания End of Nations

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RU: Большой список изменений EN: A big list of changes

Jan 2 2016

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