Whiteville 1423, A peaceful village famous about its beautiful landscape turned into a deserted place where no one dares to enter because of the plague, Recent information has told that lights start to burn at night and people standing around the mountain side. Many say the place is cursed and no one may enter or no returned is promised. Many villagers where evacuated to the castle when it all happened. The rest moved across the land.

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not bad, a few good scares and detailed script writing. I found the map to be a little pointless near the end as there were a lot of confusing and empty rooms, but still very worth playing.


Good cs which ends just when it really starts to get interesting. Of course all stories can't have happy hollywood endings, but this could have been even just a bit longer. Maps were nicely detailed, puzzles were mostly key hunting.

8/10 - a lot of potential here


The end was a bit dissapointing but overall it was really great! I like your mapping really much by the way! =)

love it but make some more mods longer ;]


misaelk says

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The story carries itself nicely, but the ending feels too abrupt and inconclusive.

Some chases felt completely unfair (almost as if the designer intended to create a forced game over).

There's also some typos here and there in some of the narrative parts (letters and loading texts).


great idea for a story but, that ending.....wtf

Sooo creepy!!! But I LOVE it!!! :D Thumbs up! Great work!


Quite enjoyable. Well made and somehow original. However it seems to me like the story was suddenly cut with no really good reason. I was surprised it was already over. Maybe that was the author's intention but it didn't make a good impression.

Pretty good :)


I'm really impressed that you made this CS alone. You, my good sir, made a good and scary one :) I really enjoyed it till the end. I'm looking forward for your next creation :P

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