One night you wake up in your bed but you can't remember what happened the last few days... You know that feeling but what is going on?

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This Mod is Recommend, because its true

I respect your work i hope more people will do that.

Nice. Better than first part. Good work.

Really good story.


This mod is really intense. I am on edge the whole time walking through the place. I won't spoil it so play it for yourself.
Thank you MarvStudios for such a fantastic mod.

Much better than the first, but I still do not understand how the rating is just as good as The Great Work or A Late Night Drink. The scares are decent, the story makes sense, the level design is OK and the length is acceptable. Definitely a good mod, but don't go in with super high expectations.


Amazing. I recommend this mod!

Very good mod

WOW nice custom ;)

Just finished this Custom Story! :)
Good job, but I still prefer the first episode ;)
I liked the plot, It wasn't hard to understand what to do and I got really scared in some parts. The best thing was the music: the soundtrack was very good and appropriated.
I've rated 6 because there are some bad bugs/glitches:

-The Character falls down from the map randomly during the game;

-If you die, the music won't return (really bad: the game loses its most important matter);

-Rooms full of stuff have got little holes on the edges of the walls, where the ceilings start.

You haven't disappointed me about jumpscares: there aren't a lot of teleporting-naked-guys, the ones I love mostly, but poofers and scary events were enough!

I hope you'll make something again, I'd love to play that!


Reall nice CS,
My vote and thoughts ar ein the main post.

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This Mod is Recommend, because its true

I respect your work i hope more people will do that.

May 4 2012 by UnseenLegend