Calradia Slave Rebellion is a Multiplayer (RPG) modification of Mount & Blade Warband.

The development of the project started on December 2011, until now. This is basically a complex RPG mod (read basic features below), it includes the typical Invasion gamemode and a new unique PvP gamemode (for more information about the pvp go here).


Located in Calradia, all was in peace for years. The slavery historically in Calradia was an essential part for the economy and subsistence of their society, so there was many wars between the different factions: Swadians, Sarranids, Nords, Khergits, Vaegirs and Rhodoks. These wars didn´t have had many deaths, because they only want to keep the slavery system.

However, somebody in the Kingdom of Swadian was planning some rebellion. Not like the old ones, which has fail because it hasn´t many slaves involved on it, and they didn´t got enough weapons and good leaders.

One group of slaves was preparing something for months. Finally, they started the rebellion on Praven, Swadia. They were too weak in the beginning, but they success on taking the armory. There was a hundred of slaves or so in this moment. Attacking and running away fast, they started to take more and more weapons and armors. The slaves of Swadia see his opportunity to take part on it and get their freedom, so more groups appears on disparates areas.

The technique attack and run away was successfull. The rebellion spread throughout Calradia, that was a disaster for the economy of all Kingdoms, they´ll have to do something, and fast. They let their differences out and start to fight together.

You are a soldier from The United Kingdoms. You must restore their system taking control of all these slaves.

Features (outdated):

At the moment (planning to add more), there are two gamemodes: WotK and Invasion.

· Login / Registration system by MySQL/PHP.
· Encrypted passwords, private servers system by IP.

· XP system: bunch of differents XP types and Gold system.
· Stats, information about your kills.
· Inventory for weapons, armours, crafting mats and everything, you can update your equipment.
· Mercenaries scripted system.
· Job system. Jobs: Blacksmith, Armorsmith, Medic, Engineer, Alchemist. All with her own craft items. Craft base system is done, all the jobs are working too!
· Craft system Minecraft like. 2X2 crafting and 3x3 crafting. You'll discover your item combinations by buying books.
· Complex class system. There are 9 different classes to choose! All of them has their own skill limits and weapons, with 5 ranks for every class.
· Complex skill system, combinated by your class choice. The skill system doesn't allow you to grow up every skill you want. Depending on your class and your rank class you'll have limits growing up your skills. 100% personalization and balanced!
· Complex faction system. You can choose every faction you want from Warband (6 factions). All factions has their own items in the local shop, but you'll able to trade with them globally, with your own shop.
· Complex shop system. There are two basic levels of shops: a local shop and global shop. A local shop is the shop available for everybody is in your faction, and has it own unique items. A global shop is a shop which a player will be able to open, and everybody will be able tu buy items from it.
· Items limitation to specific class and ranks.
· A dagger which heal people. There'll be a bunch of different daggers to craft by Medics.
· A hammer which repair shields. There'll be a bunch of different hammers to craft by Engineer.
· A potion / medicine to heal you. Bunch of different potions.
· Headshot XP bonification.
· Chat *dead* in-game is readable by everybody.
· Bot ammount spawn system. The more players in the server, the more bots will spawn.
· Respawn system. In specific rounds players will be able to spawn.
· 40+ waves, with a boss called Akrakorn in the end.
· Assist XP system, as well a Cavalry XP, Melee XP, Mounted Archer XP, Ranged XP system, plus Normal XP system.
· Crafting system.
· Blacksmith, Armorsmith, Medic, Engineer, Alchemist job crafting.
· Crafting looting.
· Book system for crafting.
· Local shop (owned by faction).
· Global shops (owned by players).
· Private trading.
· Quest, Mercenaries system & customizable equipment.

What is War of The Kings (WotK)?

WotK is the second gamemode released for Calradia Slave Rebellion including a totally new way of gameplay. Let's explain it, in essence:

At the moment, there are two kings (in the future we'll add much more changes and additions if the people support the mod). When you join a WotK server and the game didn't started, there is a lobby in which all players are waiting to start the game. You need to choose the team and then opt to be or not to be the king. Between the people who opted to be the king one is choosed randomly between all of them, one king for each team is choosed. Then, it's time to get ready: when all the kings are ready for the game, a countdown start and the match get ready. The main objective is to defeat the enemy king, kill him.

Although we'll change lot of things in the future, now as the basic gamemode there is only one map for WotK. Each king have a castle with walls, and the castle itself where he is. Each king have two mines of gold to exploit. Each king earn, by default, 1 gold each second. There are 5 flags around the map, each flag give extra amount of gold to the earn gold rate per second (1-2-3, it depends on the flag position).

The task of the king is like a RTS game, he have to manage the units, technology, buildings and resources in order to have an advantage over the enemy king / players. You press Q to open the control panel, in the panel you can research, build, produce units (and there is a unit viewer where you can see the stats, clothes, class and details of the specific unit, only clicking on his icon in the panel, screenshoot down), decide which units and where spawn, and other things which we'll explain in the upcoming video in October. You have a RTS camera (you con zoom in, zoom out, move around, etc), too, where you can see your HQ properly, like a RTS game, and control the building placement and the global vision of your castle.

The king has also one special ability. By only pressing a key he enter a special mode where he can control his own units that are alive on the battlefield (pressing P). When the unit die, you come back to control the king, you can also press P again to come back as the king control. That allow the king to not be only boring with RTS and participate in the fight dynamically.

Now, about the players. WotK is intended to be for middle-high level players of CSR, that's because the units which the kings can produce are strong and well armored, so we recommend you (at the moment) to level up on the invasion gamemode. There is special things on Invasion and WotK, you can't get everything on one gamemode, and they are totally different. Well, the player task is to support the kings. They'll fight the enemy king units (PvE), and the enemy players who support that king (PvP). The players (and the king if he control an unit) can conquer the flags placed around the map. That will take extra gold rate amount to the king (and extra points for the player who conquer it). The players share everything between Invasion and WotK, it's all the same mod with the same database, and I think that's very very interesting, specially for clanmatchs.

The players can use their mercenaries, equipment, weapons, potions, class, profession, buildings both in WotK and Invasion. Everything is allowed. We are excited to see if people do clans and, therefore, clanmatchs on WotK. I think it would be very interesting to see people playing serious stragegy games between clans. That means, that we'll strongly support clans if we see people support the mod (but we need to see a player base first in order to do it).

The features explained above are already done and ready to play, but we want to do some improvements, new features and the new video before open CSR again. We have many new plans with WotK and Invasion, but we won't talk about it yet. Wait until the video of October to see a graphical explanation of all this (and to play it, of course).


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Finally Released

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Greetings people,

After months of work, we feel honoured to present our project with a great anticipation. Feel free to track down the progress in our forums, too.

Forums Link:

The thread contains the download links can be found here;
Warmest Regards,
CSR Team

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this is amazing...good job

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Can I still download this anywhere?

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CTCCoco Creator

Sadly, CSR had to close, it's explained at the website. I could remake it for M&B II: Bannerlord, but I can't promise.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can't download :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

untill there is a download link on dasura... i am far more then unwilling to attempt to download this mod.... the download site looks WAYYY to sketchy for my tastes

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

ok ill try

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can you do a version for singleplayer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

i cant finde a server :/

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CTCCoco Creator

Search by modules for Calradia Slave Rebellion. Or search by server name by FR1 / FR2 / FR3_CSR_Server.

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