-- No Guns, No DOOM. This time it's MODERN WAR. -- This MOD adds 70 Call of Duty Style Guns to your "Brutal DOOM" and "Project Brutality".

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I like realistic firearms. I'd like to fight with a realistic firearms in DOOM. So, I am making this MOD.

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"CALL OF DOOM: BLACK WARFARE" is a NEW DOOM MOD project that I am currently producing.

I like realistic firearms, I like DOOM shotguns, but I do not like DOOM plasma guns much.

I'd like to fight with a realistic firearms in DOOM.
Because Marine is a human soldier, in the real world it will fight with army weapons.
I love fighting with realistic weapons while being plagued by the dangers of reloading.

(By the way, I love "Battle: Los Angeles" movie. I think that fighting a realistic US military and a fictitious aliens is the BEST WAR.)

This MOD I'm currently producing is a Weapon MOD that can kill DOOM Monsters using the weapon of the best war game CALL OF DUTY.

And it evolves from the "original CALL OF DOOM", and a variety of functions are added along with a new weapon motion captures.

I changed the project title from "CALL OF DOOM: BLACK OPS".

gzdoom 2017 08 14 02 25 45 860 m 1

gzdoom 2017 08 14 02 25 45 860 m 3


- Weapon mode switching function

One weapon will be more distinctive.
Most machine guns can switch between Semi / Full / Burst Fire, and small pistols and sub machine guns can be changed to Dual Wield at any time.
Shotgun can switch to a powerful explosive bullet "FRAG-12".
Silencer Weapons and Rapid Fire weapons can switch on / off of them.
Sniper rifles and Marksman rifle can switch the scope mode.

gzdoom 2017 08 14 02 25 45 860 m

gzdoom 2017 08 14 02 25 45 860 m 4

- New "Weapon Wheel"

Weapon Wheel of the new design will be available.
It makes it easier to take out what you need from a huge bag.

gzdoom 2017 09 09 21 20 28 295 m

- Tactical night vision device

You can use night vision device at any time.
You can see enemies in dark places, but instead, your sight changes to a green world, making it difficult to avoid enemy attacks.

gzdoom 2017 09 09 21 10 48 925 m

- "Weapon Look"

Pressing "Weapon look key", player checks the weapon.
By checking the weapon, weapon spec sheet will be displayed.
It becomes a reference when choosing a carrying weapon.

gzdoom 2017 09 11 00 26 16 428 m

SnapCrab NoName 2017 8 28 11 21  1

- New Companion Soldiers

You can use the improved UAC satellite phone to select and summon the companion you want to call.
If you call a UAC special forces, you can fight against a large number of monsters.
Or you can call a veteran soldier alone, or you can date a girls with a gun.

Information on the new created Companion Soldiers will be announced at a later date.

John Price profile picture CoD O


Since I am doing a lot of challenges in this MOD, I can not write the release date yet, but I hope to release it this year.

By the way, after launching "CALL OF DUTY: WW 2" which many fans have been waiting for, I would like to produce weapon MOD of "CALL OF DOOM: WW 2" as well.

Look forward!



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Sweet but are you gnna do that on doom's limited engine, i mean your sprites gonna look kinda pixelated inthere...

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Nice ! I am very surprised, it looks very high quality overall.

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Super cool! I'm excited for this mod! : D

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nice but i have one question ie will be there a weapon limit/

if yes can u make another version without weapon limit if possible hopefully compatible with brutal doom v 21 whenever it is released & if possible with project brutality

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Arrowood Author

In "CALL OF DOOM: Black Warfare", I plan to be able to choose "weapon unlimited" from player class select.
This is doping with a Perk drink "Mule Kick".

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So are these all going to be differnt weapon packs or will this all be one pack, but with different themes the player can choose?

Also, is it possible to get the KS-23 as a weapon? Its a pretty neat gun, being a cut-down AA gun barrel designed to fire pretty powerful rounds

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Arrowood Author

It is MOD packed with my favorite weapons, so in the present situation this is "one MOD".
If there are a lot of weapons installed on MOD, it is possible to divide it, but it is quite a story of the future.

KS-23 is one of my favorite guns, but when installing it on MOD it is necessary to think carefully about its standing position.
Since the real gun KS-23 is 4 gauge, there is no compatibility between the other 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, and 4 gauge Ammo becomes an exclusive item.
It is possible to forcibly change it to "12 gauge KS-23", but if I do that, I will be attacked by "Gun-caliber MONSTER" instantly.
They have weapons called Wikipedia and they always bite to those who made mistakes in describing Gun-caliber.

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Nice one. I was never a fan of Black Ops, but...I love the weaponry. It's like a big-budget action film.

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geez wiz nice wip :)

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