Overview: You take on the role of Peter Kent: gallant gamer, put-upon party-goer, ersatz errand boy, suburban swashbuckler. Navigate a middle-class morass of whiny girlfriends, surly cops, slippery coworkers, surly bartenders, surly bosses, and more. Your mission: procure an ever-growing list of supplies to ensure an appropriately inappropriate weekend of drinking, revelry, and what have you. Features: * All new, entirely original script (over 12,000 words) * 18 new characters, 6 new levels, new sounds, models, textures and more, plus clever re-use of existing Deus Ex stuff (or "assets") * A non-dark-and-dystopian vision of the future * Awesome, old-schooly music brings luscious memories of past gaming goodness back into the now * Robots * Multiple solutions to problems and a world responsive to your choices, in the true spirit of Deus Ex

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10 ChineseDemocracy

Nov 12th, 2010

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nexusdx says
10 nexusdx

Apr 24th, 2010

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nerdenstein says
7 nerdenstein

Jan 30th, 2010

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stormbringer951 says
9 stormbringer951

Jan 20th, 2010

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Kaiza_Killa says
9 Kaiza_Killa

Dec 6th, 2009

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ShadowStar says
10 ShadowStar

Oct 7th, 2009

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SimonDenton says
10 SimonDenton

Apr 4th, 2009

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Torgue says
9 Torgue

Sep 30th, 2008

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Chadc says
10 Chadc

Aug 28th, 2008

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LiquidusWolf says
10 LiquidusWolf

Jul 31st, 2008

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