Dark Ages in the British Isles were a fascinating, dismal time of constant wars, in which people fought for survival. A dark age with a deep blend of cultures. The 6th and 7th centuries were a time when invaders (Saxons, Angles and Jutes) tried hard to forge their destiny in a new world with the steel of their swords, shields and spears. The ancient peoples tried to resist, while they saw their kingdoms defeated and conquered by the “barbarians”, and sorrowfully saw how their beloved world slowly disappeared off the face of the earth. But other people must not be left unmentioned, like the Picts, who have always inspired great interest. Or to the west, another island as complex as Britain: Ireland in which many people were fighting for a piece of land, their clans, livestock and supremacy. In short, it is a world we know little about, yet a magnet for history lovers: a time of war and great deeds, where few kings (almost none) died in their beds.

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BRYTENWALDA, the Wargame

BRYTENWALDA, the Wargame

Nov 11, 2010 Article 0 comments

You are hear well! Run at your table and cover it with green baize, prepares the hills of cork and wire trees. Saxons, Britons, Picts, irish ... everyone...

Installation, troubleshooting and alternative Addons!

Installation, troubleshooting and alternative Addons!

Nov 17, 2010 Article 9 comments

Installation, troubleshooting and alternative Addons! Thanks for downloading our mod and have fun with Brytenwalda!

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