One man, one sad memory, one brutal lie. You play as Michael, a 20 year old man living with his family and guests in a pretty rich castle. You wake up one day and finds a cassette on your desk. It's from someone you know pretty well. Someone with a story to tell you. Someone that will lead you into a great adventure...

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Great mod. :)

It was okay. Too short and too easy for my tastes. My favorite parts were the Easter eggs and references to your other games, Dark Descent, and F.E.A.R.

The Cassette players were cool and it was a great idea, but I couldn't understand what was being said half the time-though maybe that's my problem.
The levels were meh to empty too many times.
The story was pretty good, though I didn't really understand what was going on sometimes.
I liked the "puzzle" near the end, and just generally that whole section at the bottom.
Though a few things were left unexplained, or maybe I couldn't find any reasoning for them.
The music was brilliant, and the custom stuff was neat-even if White Nighted.

That's it for me

Very good CS. Decent storyline is present, and the music at the beginning was well chosen. I expected it to be shorter as it's named that way, but it's not that short. Just the cassettes were sometimes hard to understand, the sound should have been more "normal" instead of trying to emulate how a cassette player sounds.


i hope you are happy for now!

Great story! I really liked it!!! x3



A good short story, probably best for someone who has just started playing amnesia, but I liked it. :)

The rooms are too empty, you need to put more detail thats for sure, but the story is interesting,
and the bad quality of the tape records hurt my ear, they were playing in one headphone

That was great!

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