Prepare to see the most disturbing, sadistic and morbid manifestation of violence that you ever seen in your life. This is the definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Warning: After you see it, it cannot be unseen!

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i change this because this is not a huge up from brutal doom v19 and its not worth waiting 2-3 years firstly only new things

-dual wield
-new death animations
-new blood graphics
-some new tweaks on monsters
-some new tweaks on gameplay
-some new tweaks on weapons

thats it thats all the things ur getting i dont actually want to count new deaths and bloods because they are a must but so does the new fatalities if u're looking for a brutal doom that you have waited for 2-3 go play project brutality instead because it has alot more cooler things than v19.1(v20)

While this mod certainly brings itself to the forefront of impressive endeavours, it is not the be all, end all mod of DOOM, or what have you. Where some say this is how DOOM was meant to be, let us remember DOOM 3, and the direction id Software took with it. DOOM was meant to be scary, not ludicrously gory and insane.

What Brutal DOOM is, is a testament of what DOOM can become when one man (with a lot of help, whether they admit it or not) is resolute enough to achieve a goal to create a modification for a 20 year old game that would stand out in the world; and stand out it has, both positively, and negatively. While there are many bugs that one will run across, that is simply due to limitations or incompatibilities within the game, and the sourceports used to play it.

Where this mod brings impressive gameplay, it also brings with it a lot of pointless and pitiful drama, from both it's advocates (the unreasonable ones), and it's adversaries (and some are just as bad). The mod's creator is not one who has done much to falter this conflict, but is/was something of a center piece in some of it.

As I finish this review, I will say that there are many more mods for DOOM and DOOM II out there, and some may even be better than Brutal DOOM, dare I say. I encourage fans of this mod to look for others to add to their collection alongside BD, and expand their horizons beyond the blood-soaked halls they leave in their wake.

Well, to start off, this is in no way an entirely unique mod. This is not "Doom the way it's supposed to be" like you other guys say.
When you first start up the mod, you notice some new binds that (except reload) have no purpose whatsoever. The gimmick of the entire thing is to make the gameplay, as the title says, brutal, but it just doesn't feel brutal. The fatalities are way too similar to Mortal Kombat and its clones, a stiff animation that interrupts game play while you beat up an enemy and blood covers the screen. The weapons, while not useless, have many Call of Duty-isms on it, having a reload system, ironsights and all. The weapons sprites are good but the voice acting made me cut off my ears with a knife and the out-of-place special effects made my OCD go haywire.

So in short; the mod is playable but it's stiff as hell.
I suggest you try other gameplay mods available for Doom.

Yea, the mod is quite fun in some aspects but the excessive blood (at least to me) can get in the way or seem ridiculous. I also don't like the additional features such as giving a 3 shotter to the zombieman or the pounce to the imp, it can make facing groups of these minor enemies annoying to troublesome.

Visually, it is outstanding work but it has its quirks and the occasional feature creep in it.

Downgraded to a 6 from a 7 because of the fanboys.


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