Prepare to see the most disturbing, sadistic and morbid manifestation of violence that you ever seen in your life. This is the definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Warning: After you see it, it cannot be unseen!

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Ok... Brutal Doom... This is perhaps THE best Doom mod you'll ever see, with the classic fast-paced combat, weapon mechanics, blood and gore, this makes for an awesome experience, even when you aren't into Doom I think this is a must play, for any gamer.

This mod is utterly brilliant, improving Doom in every single way that we all thought was impossible. Adds further difficulty so that veteran players have something new to have a crack at too.

Best funnest Doom mod I've ever played! This mod has it all, from decapitation to blood flying everywhere. All the changes are awesomely done! I will forever use this mod!

Outstanding! All the blood and gore had to be included in Doom when it was released. This mod fixes this! Love it!

There's not much that one can say at this point about Brutal Doom that hasn't already been said. Regardless of whether you love it, or hate it, BD has left an indelible mark on Doom modding for years to come, and has been one of the most famous mods in general. Obviously by my high rating, I do indeed love it.

From the enhanced gore and general bloodshed, to the new gameplay mechanics and weapons that make it much more of an intense experience, Brutal Doom improves and builds upon the base that the '93 game left. It isn't perfect of course, as some of the changes made can chance break a map due to how they were originally designed, but that's not Marks fault of course

BD has become the only way I play Doom normally anymore. I of course play other mods as well, and the community will continue to impress with new gameplay mods as time goes on, but at the of the day, when it comes to it on how I choose to play Doom on a day-to-day basis, BD is my go-to guy.

A near perfect mod that's constantly updated, definitely recommended to people who love gore in their games. This mod completely takes Doom to a whole new level. The only negative is the voice acting, it's awful and doesn't feel like it belongs in Doom. Other than that, Brutal Doom is a fantastic experience and every doom fan should try it out.


Revitalised DOOM for whole new generation! I don't really know what else to say as i have to write 100 characters to get this posted!

One. Five. Eleven. Nineteen. Twenty-nine. Forty-two. Fifty-three. Sixty-six. Seventy-seven. Ninety-two. Finally, I can give that mod a 10.

Brutal Doom Starter Pack is awesome !!! I love Los Angeles levels.

Congratulations Sergeant_Mark_IV.


There are no words I can think of to describe this mod other than "brilliant" and "orgasmic" as you tear through hell spawns and rip them apart in the name of survival.

It takes the classic Doom games with all the collective maps available and turns it up to a 11 out of 10! If you want even more hardcore action, take a look at the submod "Project Brutality" where that is 12 out of 10!

The visceral experience during gameplay draws the user in like an addict on drugs, where there is no retreat and only the salivation for a few more kills! And then a few more again.

Hell's army is completely amped up and comes at you relentlessly, never tiring and never ending. You cannot ever escape or win but you know you must keep going. From the screech of the Imps to the roar of Pinky and to the grunts of Zeds, you won't ignore their battle calls and will go for another round even though you surely will face defeat many times.

You want to conquer the army of the Lord of Lies or at least prove yourself worthy of survival in the realms it has overtaken.

To assist you are a pool of highly effective and balanced weapons left behind from UACs military division prior to their involuntary alliance to the dark side. Each one is ridiculously over-powerful on its own yet balanced against the horde. There is no one weapon that can tame the horde and only a combination of weapon proficiency will see you through the journey.

There is no denying Brutal Doom had taken many design elements from classic games especially Duke Nukem 3D but it is the overall direction that sets it apart and worthy of this rating.

No one will say Quentin Tarantino is the most original movie director, but we all can agree he delivers what he does best and Sargent Mark has come through in the same way with Brutal Doom.

Also take a broader look at all the other mods and new modern games out there POST Brutal Doom to see how it has influenced the market - Brutal Half Life, Project Brutality, Brutal Wolfenstein, Rise of the Triad Remake, Killing Floor 2 and yes I said it - Doom 4. All have taken cues from Sargent Mark's overall vision and greatly added to their own designs.

Lastly, lets not forget all those others who had contributed directly or indirectly to Brutal Dooms rise in popularity and its enhanced editions such as Project Brutality, Sperglord, Brutal Doom Redemption, Quaker540's sub mod and many more.

See you fellow Marines in the battlefield. Rip and Tear!

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