Prepare to see the most disturbing, sadistic and morbid manifestation of violence that you ever seen in your life. This is the definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Warning: After you see it, it cannot be unseen!

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9 StavrosSk

May 3rd, 2015 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Amazing gore and particle visual effects. The player's and enemies' projectiles look much more deadly. This is almost how the default game should be. The greatest part is that it can be combined with custom maps or other mods for even greater gameplay experience.

DougMayovsky says
9 DougMayovsky

May 2nd, 2015 1 person agrees 0 people don't

As a person who came to this mod rather late, I had high expectations, for surely such a well renowned mod had to be good. Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.

The controls are tight, the guns are gratifying as Hell to discharge into groups of screaming demonic sprites, and its a welcome update to the granddaddy of FPS. Its what I love about the older generation of shooters, but pleasantly modernized.

Can't wait for v.20 to be released!

BarrelsOfAle says
10 BarrelsOfAle

Dec 5th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

I have been an FPS fan my whole life and have personally placed the original Doom games at the top of my list. Brutal Doom doesn't take anything away from the original Doom that makes it amazing but enhances the experience 10 fold. It's harder, nastier, faster, and has incredible sounds and visual effects without ruining the classic look of Doom. The real-time lighting is beautiful and the brass ejection sounds couldn't be any better. I laugh out loud when gibs stick to the ceiling and walls and splat on the ground after the room is silent. It's complete overkill madness and mayhem in every way. You paint the maps red with gore by the time you complete a level. The fatalities are satisfying and truly brutal as possible. I can't find anything significant enough to score this mod below a 10/10. I am picky as hell about new games because old games are so much better to me and Brutal Doom adds what is needed to really feel like you are in hell with no rules and a bunch of big guns! With that said I must end this short review and play some more BRUTAL DOOM! There are still plenty of walls I need to paint red for my dear Daisy :P Cheers.

TheGreatBigBoss says
10 TheGreatBigBoss

Nov 27th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Sometime over a year ago, I decided to pick up Doom off of the Steam store, remembering my older brothers playing years ago when I was younger.Not long after grabbing the classic Doom collection from Steam, a great friend of mine mentioned this very mod, Brutal Doom, saying that if I was to get Doom, to check it out.

It was the greatest thing he had ever recommended to me. It did NOT dissapoint.

Brutal Doom grabs an old, legendary, classic game, and breaths new life into it by rebalancing enemies and weapons, cranking it's speed up to eleven and it's blood and gore up to 20 in a dark, twisted series that should have had it all to begin with. Non stop, adrenaline pumping action fueled by, with the right add-ons, thrashing metal tracks, lead spewing, gas powered, energy infused weapons, and even your bare fists, and hordes of ravenous enemies that won't stop until you die, or they all die, in an incredible show of ultra violence replete with grey matter, unidentifiable chunks of bloody flesh and gushing fountains of blood.

Brutal Doom features a combat system that, to me, NEVER ceases to amuse and thrill me. The infamous chainsaw used to eviscerate, decapitate and tear enemies to shreds, is back with a vengeance, your bare hands, and now feet, with a new Duke Nukem inspired kick, can now hit with the force of a small explosion or can be used to execute virtually any enemy in a variety of gruesome finishing moves. The pistol is replaced with an assault rifle that is useful all the way to the very end of the game and has an iron sight that you can aim down with the new alt fire option, unlike the pistol, the shotgun is EXTREMELY satisfying to use, seeing enemies being blown away, or in half, by a salvo of buckshot after hearing a bassy BOOM come straight out of the barrel, the Super Shotgun, with both of it's barrels, is logically, twice as satisfying, when you use both barrels to literally blow the top half of an enemy to smithereens, or use the alt fire to use only a single barrel at a time. The Gatling Gun is now a demon eradicating, lead spraying behemoth of a gun that can tear through crowds of enemies in seconds, especially with it's alt fire that, when used before firing, will gear up the gun to spit out even MORE bullets at an absolutely stupifying rate, simply destroying anything in front of you, provided you can control the recoil. The rocket launcher is still the handy explosive heavy weight it always was when in tight situations against large groups or strong enemies. The plasma rifle has more functionality this time around and a much more fitting skin to boot, no longer sporting a Toys R Us motif as it spews out powerful bolts of energy, and now with the alt fire option, an extremely powerful, and ammo slaying, flamethrower that will instantly kill anything that isn't a Baron of Hell or stronger. The BFG 9000, just as it was known to, clears out whole rooms of...well...anything. It's the ultimate weapon used to destroy anything unfortunate enough to meet the business end of it's giant pulsing ball of liquid DOOM that it launches. If you can find the special Nazi enemies in Doom, you can also grab an MP40 to slay demons with, along with the Revenants Flame Cannons or the Mancubus' flame thrower, if you gib them.

Tired of old Doom? New to classic gaming and want to play, but the slow, clunky controls are too unappealing to you? Do you just want to spice up Doom with a ghost pepper explosion of ultra violence and metal? Grab this mod and a source port to run it with. It will NOT dissapoint you, just as it hasn't dissapointed me. It is nigh flawless and SergeantMarkIV is the one and only person to have made it so.

Daneels says
10 Daneels

Apr 21st, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

In 1993, DOOM came out and caught everyone by surprise. Its fast paced, ultra violent gameplay combined with its dark atmosphere and pumping heavy metal soundtrack made this game an all-time classic.

Now, Brütal DOOM takes everything you know and love about DOOM and puts it on steroids. It's bloodier, faster, harder and, I can't believe I can say this... better!

I'm not kidding, Brütal DOOM makes the vanilla DOOM slow and dated by comparison. Let's start with the weapons. In DOOM, you start with a petty pistol and your fists, both quickly become useless once you have the shotgun or the plasma rifle. In BD, however, every weapon remains useful throughout the game. Your fits, for example, punch much faster and you can even perform a devastating combo. Your pistol is replaced by an assault rifle with high firing rate and accuracy. The chaingun now fires extremely fast and can literally shoot your enemies to pieces.

Although your arsenal is improved, the enemies have become much more dangerous. Remember the former humans, those losers who shoot so poorly that it makes you laugh out loud? Well, you won't laugh anymore because they now shoot relentlessly. That's right, every monster in DOOM has received new abilities and is faster, deadlier and more intimidating than ever.

Last but not least, I want to talk about the one thing that this mod is best known for. Its violence. Brütal DOOM is so violent that it makes the original version look like a Looney Tunes cartoon. When you shoot any enemy, blood splatters everywhere and stays there for a long time. Limbs and heads can be shot off and kicked around, the chainsaw can cut enemies in two, the plasma rifle turns everything in a pile of ash and bones and the BFG... well, find that out for yourself. Finally, once you get the Berserk Pack, things get really nasty because you can perform fatalities, just like in Mortal Kombat.

You know, I can go on and on talking about BD but really, download this mod now!

Grimmlight says
8 Grimmlight

Dec 23rd, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

I loved brutal v 18, and was ecstatic for v.19, but I lost a few things that I loved about the mod. I'm hoping by posting this it may be fixed or.

1. There have been many different weapon skins used throughout the evolution of this mod. While all of them excellent quality, there are a few that I preferred over others. I feel that there should be an option to change the skins for the brutal weapons, in game. Something like a list with a jpeg preview in the options menu.

2. The ability to roll added a level of finesse that I (and I'm sure, many others adore in FPS games. unfortunately, to my surprise, was 86'd in brutal v.19. I would absolutely love this feature in the game again.

3. I would like to see a slider for the amount of gore, viscera, shells, cartridges, and various other decals that stay on the map while your'e playing. This could open up a wider range of people that still have dated PC's and just don't have the processing power to page it all. As well as rewarding people with updated rigs so nothing disappears so they can walk through the map after they've steamrolled everything, and admire the mess they've made.

4. The ability to change the gamma for blood textures and puffs.
I know some people that like blood to be bright, vibrant, and beautiful. As for myself, I love the dark, dinghy look in shooters.

5. Brutal pistol, being your starting gun in vanilla, i thought brutal was sure to have something like a Sig Saur or a Glock.

6. For a mod as over-the-top as this, with all of the beautiful visuals and oh so satisfying gore, I'm amazed that no ones put a Saw blade Launcher (a.k.a Ripsaw) like in Redneck Rampage, or something that pins enemies to walls like Half Life 2's Rebar Crossbow. there are so many nasty things you could put into this mod to stimulate that murderous part of your psyche. But it would really make my year if I could see something like those weapons

7. chainsaw'ing corpses. i would like to see this back in the mod.

DrVonFungi says
6 DrVonFungi

Nov 6th, 2013 4 people agree 3 people don't

Well, to start off, this is in no way an entirely unique mod. This is not "Doom the way it's supposed to be" like you other guys say.
When you first start up the mod, you notice some new binds that (except reload) have no purpose whatsoever. The gimmick of the entire thing is to make the gameplay, as the title says, brutal, but it just doesn't feel brutal. The fatalities are way too similar to Mortal Kombat and its clones, a stiff animation that interrupts game play while you beat up an enemy and blood covers the screen. The weapons, while not useless, have many Call of Duty-isms on it, having a reload system, ironsights and all. The weapons sprites are good but the voice acting made me cut off my ears with a knife and the out-of-place special effects made my OCD go haywire.

So in short; the mod is playable but it's stiff as hell.
I suggest you try other gameplay mods available for Doom.

jct400thz says
10 jct400thz

Sep 20th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Here, i make a new Review. Brutal Doom Version 19, i have to say, is much an improvement to BDV 18 and especially to the original doom series. Why, there could be a bunch of "**** YEAH!"s going around your head. The game just takes you, it put's you in the helmet (we could refer to the new Helmet Visor. You feel real! Like you're holding that Super Shotgun. Like you would tear an imp in half. Like you getting torn in half by a Baron of Hell. Just feels so real. But Doom Metal is way too big for a quick download.. Anyway, Sergeant Mark IV put a bunch of work into this, i can tell. he did a good job too

HectorShiroi says
10 HectorShiroi

Sep 20th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

This modification is absolutely magnificent! It brings the game to a new level, imho more enjoyable than DooM 3 and "high grapich" FPS here around,besides is compatible with TNT, Plutonia, DooM 1 and 2 and map packs... this means hours of gruesome carnaging of demons with cool weapons and brutal dismemberment of enemies.
Rescuable marines who helps you and Mortal Kombat (which I love) like fatalities give to this amazing mod other points to it's awesomeness, to not mention the possibility to acquire big demon's rocket launchers chopping their limbs with chainsaw or crushing their corpses!
One of the best and most violent mods off all times I've ever played for one of the best and of my first games ever: DooM.
Great job and keep it up for v.19 which I'm waiting impatiently! ;)


Stiegi says
10 Stiegi

Sep 16th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

This mod is simply the best game I#ve ever played! After getting in touch with Brutal Doom, almost every other game lost its right to exist for me. Vanilla Doom was awesome; nowhere else you face so many enemies at once! Now you have all the enhancements of Brutal Doom like finishing moves, hitzones and the most beautiful gore system ever. Brutal Doom rocks, and once V19 is out, you can see me livestreaming this title on Twitch / the Corsual Live stream very often, thats for sure! Thanks for all your work Seargant, MUCH appreciated! I gonna spread the word for you!

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