Prepare to see the most disturbing, sadistic and morbid manifestation of violence that you ever seen in your life. This is the definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Warning: After you see it, it cannot be unseen!

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i can only vote 10/10,but 10/10 isn't enough to explain how much fun you can have playing this great mod. the multiplayer is also a candy.

When Id software first released this game back in the 90s, it should have been exactly like this, well done.


santobielnr(BR) says

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well, this mod is amazing!, this mod looks like it is the real doom 3 expected, and their violence much advanced than Doom Old, well ... in my opinion this would be very useful for Sergeant_Mark_IV id software, only think he did not spot much of the English by reason of being Brazilian


bom,esse modificação é incrivel!,esse mod parece que é o verdadeiro doom 3 esperado ,e com sua violencia muita avançada do que os Doom Velhos, minha opinião esse Sergeant_Mark_IV seria muito útil para id software,só que acho que ele não mancha muito do inglês pelo motivo de ser brasileiro



I have always loved doom, and this mod just makes Doom much more fun to play, new animations, new weapons, Demons have new attacks. It takes doom to a whole new level of epic. ID take notes!


The best way to play DooM since the original. Period.
A great mod that adds a lot of bang without actually screwing up the DooM universe. Adding a lot of intensity this mod will put your DooM skills to the test. But, it greatest point is that it STILL feels like DooM. In fact, it feels like how DooM should have been if Carmack and Romero had the technology back then. I bet it is how their twisted minds imagined it in the first place. That said, do yourself a favor and download it NOW! or in hell you shall BURN!

I Don't Need To Write Anything Everyone Knows Why this deserves a ten

Brutal Doom revived doom and pushed it over more advanced build games such as Shadow Warrior or Blood without breaking a sweat in the process.


It is perfectly made, a great mod for an old game, made even better. I am glad that the person who made this is a 10/10 genius! :D


I can't even describe the amount of awesome this mod delivers! Just think: Doom II used to be popular in the DOS days, but now Brutal Doom can bring some of those fans back into the game, and even show what happens when you let someone mess with your game. People can make some amazing things. This is why SOME of us should have nice things. 10/10 in my eyes. ;)

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