Prepare to see the most disturbing, sadistic and morbid manifestation of violence that you ever seen in your life. This is the definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Warning: After you see it, it cannot be unseen!

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Honestly, there's nothing I could say that hasn't already been said. The mod is nothing less than a work of art, a gory dripping red work of art painted in blood and guts and viscera, but a work of art no less.

It's fun, it's immensely cathartic and hugely satisfying to play and what makes it more enjoyable is that the developers even managed to retain the feel of Doom regardless, the gibs and the new body-destruction system *looks* and *feels* like Doom. It's deliciously moreish and I highly recommend it to anyone --- just don't forget to combine with the glorious PSXDoom sounds and music for an epic Doom retelling :)

Brilliant! Just brilliant! This is how Doom should have been!

Insanely amazing mod... inspired me to make my HUD mod. I can't get enough of it, and all the submods it has spawned. I am amazed by the amount of trolling this mod gets from people angry at Sgt. Mark for his views I guess? I don't even know any of the drama, nor do I care... all I know is that I love the original Doom, and I love this.

If you don't like it, surprisingly enough no one is forcing you to play it - so move on and play something you do like, and let whoever enjoys this enjoy it. It is a game after all.

This is Doom perfected for a newer generation, with all the EXTREME insanity of the 80s or early 90s packed into one neat package. For the newer gamers, aiming down the sight is in place for some guns. But it isn't even the usual ADS, it actually AFFECTS how some of the guns function, especially with the Assault Rifle. None of the guns are "useless" or "weak" with that in mind, and you'll find yourself switching quite often even to the very first weapon which just so happens to BE the Assault Rifle! With all these tasty and much more satisfying guns than the originals, you'll paint walls RED with the blood of your demonic enemies as you brutally MURDER them in a variety of ways. But they put up just as much of a fight, moving faster, hitting harder, and doing UNEXPECTED THINGS like my much hated and terrifying Cocademon... God, those things are STILL terrifying!

Please, if you're a fan of the Doom series like me, you MUST NOT pass this mod up. It's quite possibly the best the Doom mod community has to offer! It's Doom the way you truly imagined it and in the image of the infamous comic!! With impressive sound effects, gore effects, and in canon animations for an impressive mod! Get it right away!

Keep the good work. Awesome mod.

For the next release i want OgreDoomer face instead of justin bieber in Commander Keen sprite


peterpen says

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Just clicked the Spoiler because its so much fun to tell all of you that in the End, the Demon Face dies.

Apart of that, nice mod. Thx for the great work, i really appreciate it.

i cant go to 10 :(


dobrenarcisflorin91 says

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This Should Be 10 Out Of 10 Vote Cause It Changes Alot Of Gameplay experience and it is very hard to make this mod it takes alot of months and testings before the first release and it is always updated on some websites at for testing downloads and it even need our opinion which is really really needed for the mod's bright future

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