In development since 2010, the 18th Cacoward winner and Moddb 2012 MOTY Editors Choice of Creativity Award Brütal Doom takes Doom into a whole new level. It makes the game much more violent than before. There's much more blood, plus it adds unique gibs, death animations, dismemberments, headshots, executions, fire and explosion particles, flares, shadows over all objects, and much more.
The whole world becomes more real and interactive.You can kick severed limbs and heads (and sometimes, use it to activate some traps in the map earlier, or even kick them against enemies to do some damage), you can shoot enemies' heads to deal more damage (and cause more gruesome deaths) you can destroy most things in the the scenario (trees, lamps, hanging bodies, etc), you can paint the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling with blood, you can push the explosive barrels to make traps, or grab them and use like an explosive weapon, you can silently take down enemies from behind and perform stealth kills, the chainsaw actually cuts the enemies in two. When you find the berserk pack and get super strength, you can perform cinematic executions and RIP AND TEAR your foes with your bare hands. Some enemies will scream in anguish and try to crawl away when near death, and they can be used as human shields, and much, much more

Everything in Brutal Doom is extremely intense. Everything sounds louder, looks bigger, moves faster, and hits harder. You can even fell the impact of explosions. Enemies are harder and smarter, and weapons and explosions are loud as fuck. Your weapons have been upgraded to a deadly arsenal, completely throwing the vanilla Doom's "progressive weapon system" through the window. Every weapon is powerful and have it's pros and cons, and a weapon will never be outclassed when you find a new weapon.You have new abilities too. With any weapon selected, you can press Q (default bind) to kick enemies at close range and send them away. Press F (default bind) to taunt enemy players, and Z or X (default binds) to wave to other players in cooperative modes.
Brütal Doom will make the good an old Doom have a new and fresh look. It will give you a reason to play all the Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom levels again. This mod also works with almost every megawad and map pack around. Take a breath, and prepare to RIP AND TEAR HUGE GUTS!!!!!

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Before making any questions related to the mod, or problems to make it work, please read the FAQ.

Check out new original maps being made specially for Brutal Doom:

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On v20b there will be a CVAR called "bd_blursphere". It can restore the invisibility power-ups (which are replaced by captured marines), or mix them, with a random chance of spawning each other.

And now, unlike in Vanilla Doom, the player is actually invisible, and you can confuse and trick enemies with it. Watch a demonstration here:

v20b update coming soon

v20b update coming soon

4 months ago News 21 comments

Nazis will be back, and new CVARS and new enemies on some specific wads will be added.

Brutal Doom version 20 released!

Brutal Doom version 20 released!

5 months ago News 82 comments

After long 18 months of development, Brutal Doom v20 is finally here!

BD v20 Trailer

BD v20 Trailer

7 months ago News 44 comments

BD v20 comming up June 5 and with the optional Starter Pack.

Brutal Doom news on January

Brutal Doom news on January

10 months ago News 39 comments

A new video showcasing the latest features of BDv20.

Brutal Doom version 20

Brutal Doom version 20

5 months ago Full Version 259 comments

Latest version requires Zandronum 2.0, GZdoom 1.8 or higher. Read the FAQ if you are having any problems to play or install it. Compatible with Freedoom.

Optional Doomguy Taunts and Footstep Sounds

Optional Doomguy Taunts and Footstep Sounds

5 months ago Audio Pack 10 comments

This addon restores Doomguy's advanced taunts and one-liners from the infamous Doom Comic, and enables footstep sounds for different surfaces. Just remove...

M1014 Automatic-shotgun v1d

M1014 Automatic-shotgun v1d

1 day ago Weapons Skin 6 comments

As of v1b has compatible version with Project Brutality, occasionally dropped by Alt Shotgunguys (the ones with helmets) or ARZombies. Well, this is automatic...

Unreal Tournament 2004 Tripple Rocket Launcher

Unreal Tournament 2004 Tripple Rocket Launcher

2 weeks ago Weapons Skin 9 comments

A new way to blow up everything on your sight. A Tripple-Rocket-Launcher. Sprites drawn by me using Unreal Tournament 2004 models, also it designed like...

Brutal Doom HD Build v.2 LITE

Brutal Doom HD Build v.2 LITE

2 weeks ago Textures 5 comments

Same as my HD Build v.2; however, with lower quality PSX music (for those wanting a compact version to stick on a flash drive for portability).

Brutal Doom HD Build v.2

Brutal Doom HD Build v.2

2 weeks ago Textures 3 comments

You want a tweaked up HD version of Brutal Doom without scrolling, installing, and testing mods? Well, this is the build for you! It includes Sgt. Mark...

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BlindeyeHyro Jul 1 2015 says:

Chex Quest: Kid-friendly FPS that advertises the Chex cereal and uses the original DOOM's engine.

This game with Realism Mode in Brutal Doom version 20 = mostly one-hit deaths for you.

I am dead (no pun intended) freaking serious.

0 votes     reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Jul 1 2015 says:

alright, all Doom 3 sounds are working now.

+3 votes     reply to comment
JTC3 Jul 1 2015 replied:

YES! Really like these! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
dougbolster Jul 1 2015 says:

V20 is ******* amazing, love the new weapon art.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Calvinic Jul 1 2015 says:

Can't wait for v20B! :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Talic Jul 1 2015 says:

Does Brutaldoom have hud on its own, if it does, how do I activate it?
Or should I just download one of the huds that are addons to this?

0 votes     reply to comment
CaptainKane Jul 2 2015 replied:

The "+" and "-" keys on your keyboard are capable of changing the size and also what shows up on your HUD. I think if you press one of the keys that I mentioned a few times, you can get the original Doom HUD.

+2 votes     reply to comment
bigg_boss82 Jun 29 2015 says:

Not sure how to word this but does anyone know or remember the wad where it expands doom 1 and doom 2? like in the first level of doom 2 you start outside and the inside is also expanded with more rooms and more monsters. I use to play that using brutal doom and it was awsome.

+2 votes     reply to comment
TerroristSvin Jun 30 2015 replied:

Maybe you're looking for Maps Of Chaos, ex Brutalized Doom & Doom 2:

+1 vote     reply to comment
bigg_boss82 Jul 1 2015 replied:

yes thats what it is. thank you :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Highest Rated (149 agree) 10/10

BrĂ¼tal Doom clearly deserves a 10, for several reasons: First, it has been developed almost single handedly by a goodwill individual, who clearly has shown the outmost dedication and perseverance through 2 years of continued development, besides from being always open-minded and patient, hearing suggestions and criticism and enduring ludicrous amounts of flame-wars on some of the forums where the project was being discussed. Such professionalism must be taken in note. Second: the level of compromise…

Jun 9 2012 by Manny_F.

Lowest Rated (9 agree) 1/10

Brutal Doom is an over the top (and OVERRATED) mod for the classic DOS Doom games. The weapon sprites look nice and smooth... That is where the positives end I am afraid. The sounds within this mod are terrible (excluding voice acting), the weapons sound like water guns compared to the sounds of the enemies screams of pain (Seriously are you into sadism and shit bro?), the screaming blasts over every other sound going off, it is pure ear hell! The balancing of the mod is absolutely shagged: More…

Oct 31 2013 by mrthejoshmon

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