Boss Generals for Command and Conquer(tm) Generals - Zero Hour is a huge mod project that's under works for 8 months now, and it should better be called an "expansion pack mod", with 19 new revamped maps from the best available in the community, 6 new "Boss songs" (2 for each faction) - including an amazing intro soundscore from the CnC composing legend, Frank Klepacki, tons of new abilities and even new tech buildings. Gameplay-wise Boss Generals works as a "specialty generals blender", reuniting the specialized Zero Hour generals in three "Boss generals" that have to work their way through general points to unlock their special units and powers until acomplishing the dream army - the Boss army. This is achieved through the innovative Genplan system: Instead of giving full power right from start to the player, you use your early general point to define the army style with which you'll start playing, and then you start improving your army...

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Hi. Good, but could you add the enforcer tank(teleporting firing plasma)


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