The greatest Half-Life modification ever made. You can't play BooM... BOOM PLAYS YOU!

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10 Crumar

Nov 7th, 2013 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

15/10 would boom again

felipe1355. says
1 felipe1355.

Aug 18th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't
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The worse mod, sucks

DoctorAmazing says
10 DoctorAmazing

Jul 24th, 2012 3 people agree 2 people don't
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poshgaloo says
1 poshgaloo

Jun 9th, 2012 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Worst mod ever! This is the dr jekyll and mr hyde of half life mods.
PS: avgn reference


Feb 10th, 2010 4 people agree 3 people don't

This mod is very "challenging", since the player is always taking damage, no matter where he is;

The mapping, is stretched to ****;

Skins that'll make you bleed to death;


Frogs that try to eat you;

Pieces of ham that explode nearby you;

turrets welded to the walls;



random posters on the walls;



usbpetrock says
1 usbpetrock

Sep 26th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

This mod has a gripping storyline about the Boomer, a young boy who sets out on a journey to break as many crates as possible to find his lost sister. The controls are superb, making perfect use of the customisability of the GoldSRC engine to address issues found in the original Half-Life, and map design is incredible, pushing the engine to its limits with fantastic lighting, high-polygon structures, and wide-open areas, yet the mod manages to have brilliant r_speeds and does not lag at any point. Enemy encounters are well designed, custom scripted sequences are thrilling, and, in general, this mod is just perfection itself. Custom textures are high-resolution, using heavily modified DLL files to provide much higher resolution than stock GoldSRC could support, and a similar thing has been done for the sounds, allowing them to play at 48khz with no choppiness or sync issues. All in all I give this mod 42 out of 5 stars.

engiSonic says
5 engiSonic

Jan 7th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Good for a laugh in how bad it is, But not very good legitimately.

╬╗ntonio22222285 says
9 ╬╗ntonio22222285

Nov 18th, 2013 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

Very Good!!!

WARHEAD2013 says
10 WARHEAD2013

Nov 5th, 2013 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Great, just great 10/10 xD

alflife says
4 alflife

Jun 30th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't


It Interesting and Hilarious at first ... It is curious to play something funny what it takes to download this mod.

It is repetitive and gets boring quickly, there are some problems that make it worse: You can not save the game, if the game saves ... Then there are problems going from map to map and can not continue

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