Zombies are Awesome. But who wants to be stuck in a building? Unlocking one room at a time? The ArmA 2 engine provides 1000km2 terrains in which to explore. My missions utilize this to create an epic zombie experience. Enjoy!

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Feb 3rd, 2012 1 person agrees 3 people don't

This is extremely good but the zombies are dumb as bricks and zig-zag like total trolls on their way to you. They also stand still and wait 6 seconds before slashing you from seemingly 10 feet away. No biting, grabbing, or tackling--very primitive AI, even Ps1 era Resident Evil AI is smarter.

That said, at night time, with friends, during overcast, and fast time off, it is effectively immersive. Arma 2 lends itself well to horror mods, this much has been known for awhile. My friends and I had a scenario that was basically blair witch project. We ran into a cabin and went inside and found a priest in there, my friend was using a priest skin so I thought it was him and sat next to him, then my friend says, "C-zom, where are you?" and I look up at the zombie and it begins to eat me. Scary, unscripted, dynamic stuff.

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