Blue Portals is a unique Portal mod that has players traverse through new test chambers using only the single portal device and many new test elements.

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What made Portal great was while it was certainly challenging it was easy once you figured out what to do. The main problem with basically any Portal mod i've played is that you know what to do but no matter what you do you can't do it.

Any Portal mod that requires crouch jumping, having two portals next to each other and forming a circle that makes you go higher is just frustrating to play in my honest opinion.

Sadly this mod falls in the same category as Portal Prelude and Gamma Energy, really good looking Portal mods, but incredibly difficult to play

Maybe I'm just a bad gamer but the difficulty with this one really drives me away from it.

Enough of the bad, now to the good I am impressed with the new cubes and magnets, I would encourage when the day comes to use them in a new Portal mod along with the new elements in Portal 2. That being said however, you really should turn down the difficulty just a tad

Overall it was a great and Challenging bunch of maps with a great environments, scenery, sounds, puzzles, and atmosphere. I absolutely LOVED the turrets' voices I thought it was very funny to keep reloading up the last quick save to hear each of their phrases. A few problems I had with it is that the player could get stuck in a few of the test chambers (Like place a cube through a portal and step off the button to close the orange Portal kind of thing.) I can't exactly name each one that can happen in I believe it's only one or two parts of the chambers though. One bug I found was that at the end of the 10th test chamber the final door wouldn't open for me (I had to noclip to get the other side.) All in all the mod was an excellent thing to play through and I loved it. I'd give it a 9/10. Good Luck with Future projects!


derp.mp3 says

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An awesome, but hard mod. the best mod i played for portal. although there is a twist at the end and i wanna know what happens

Great design and nice new gameplay elements, but it was a little buggy and difficult.

Awesome idea, which made me install the protal. You are using only blue portal, that means those red portals are already set.

Very good mod, once you learn how to go high with 2 close portals you can enjoy this awesome mod!

Amazing new features, great designed chambers, balanced difficulty. 5th chamber is bad for me and in 7th chamber I got 'AI disabled' bug, but rest is almost perfect. The richest and the most original mod for Portal ever created. Also extended maps are good. Only jump pads and 'gravity gun' should have got better models.



andrey11234 says

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thats a gret game the best of all portal mods


I had fun, that's why I give it 9/10, duh! :)

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