Blue Portals is a unique Portal mod that has players traverse through new test chambers using only the single portal device and many new test elements.

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What made Portal so much fun was that you had to carefully think about where to put your portals. Once you had that, it was trivial. This mod is well made, but it isn't very much fun. It's all about the precision execution of portal jumps. It's got some cool ideas and neat mechanics, but it loses the cleverness that made Portal great. You don't have to think very hard to solve the puzzles, but they are difficult to execute properly. I was pretty dissapointed by this mod. If I wanted to try a manuever over and over again until I got it right, I'd load up Quake Live to practice strafejumping. On the bright side, I found no bugs, and the test chambers looked nice.


I only give it that few points because it's mainly about jumping!
You have to jump here an hour and there! You have to think for half a minute to get the solution but half an hour to xecute it, because its only about difficult jumping that has to do with a big load of luck! not more. Many ideas are awesome but that jumping sucks and ruins everything


I've already written wayyyyy too much on this mod today, so I'll compress my issues in handy-dandy bullet points.

-The mapping (at least the visual aspect) was decent enough, and while some bits like the garbage are bad, the visuals are very very nice. Whoever did the particle effects should be awards a gold medal though, they are GODLY.

-The difficulty is way too high, to the point of being incredibly frustrating. It's compounded by the fact that the last level is freakin' timed, which should never ever happen.
-The text-to-speech AI was hard to understand.
-The entire mod was held together by a paper-thin plot and made worse by poor dialogue.

It's an okay mod.

I'm giving it this score because only the map design saved it for it, the gameplay is terrible and having to use some special tactics to acomplish the levels is just stupid. It's a mod more oriented for hardcore gamers, being the casual gamer I'am, I just didn't enjoy it.


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