Eighteen years have passed since FreeSpace 2 and the destruction of Capella, and the shattered colonies of man are finally ready to re-open the jump node to Earth. As the Alliance teeters on the verge of total social collapse, the Security Council deploys the elite 14th Battlegroup to re-establish contact with Earth, and young pilot Samuel Bei finds himself once more under his estranged father's command. Age of Aquarius describes the journey of the 14th Battlegroup as its mission to the Blue Planet goes shockingly wrong. War in Heaven takes place eighteen months after the events of Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius and details the final stages of the civil war between Sol and the rest of her colonies: a war without good or evil, only shades of gray. Built at the cutting edge of the FreeSpace Open engine, Blue Planet is a fan-made conclusion to the FreeSpace saga, a story of sacrifice, triumph, and destiny, and one of the most beloved FreeSpace mods of all time.

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nice use of x-ray sound and mixed with other music

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first of all, I don't want to offend you it's just the way I talk, second : i said you only steal the um... how do you say this, AIM, then mission reports, bottom of the screen- left ( is ship status), that's the same thing as in Diaspora game, then I didn't know you have a few guys from Diaspora, so now I know you didn't (stole) take it from Diaspora, then I know it's hard, to make MOD, of some kind of a game, I thought you're just some FUC*ED up kids, who are stealing ideas from other games(which ****** me off) to make a (THEIR) MOD -.-" , so I'm sorry about this, and BTW, MOD is awesome. Just thought wrong, sorry, I just wanted to know , about this, and that last comment, I wrote to SodiumChloride, but thanks for reply,so... let's forget this and um.. delete these comments for me please , THANKS!

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The_E Author

What you mistook for things we stole are hardcoded limitations and features of the engine. We couldn't have done it differently, even if we tried.

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GeneralBattuta Creator

What a bizarre thing to say. Both Diaspora and War in Heaven run on the FreeSpace 2 engine, which is why they look similar. Both of them are 'stealing' from FreeSpace 2, not from each other.

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Another WIP mission from early in the campaign

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