• works with Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts, Tales of Valor or any combination of these three!
  • a much more realistic weapon damage system
  • greatly changed & expanded Commander Trees
  • a new designed ambush system 2.0 using trees & bushes (new v4.5!)
  • enhanced infantry and tank VET system
  • many new skins for infantry and tanks
  • many new units for all factions (>100 overall)
  • many new abilities
  • new sounds & fx effects
  • recommended new maps included in separate map installer
  • historical correct vehicle speeds
  • more detailed tank descriptions (armament & armour)
  • increased line of sight & weapon ranges
  • increased zoom out
  • removed team colours & projectile trails
  • removed transparency effects
  • a total of 32 new recommended maps included
  • language support:
    english german french spanish italian polish russian czech chinese

It is prohibited to use any parts from this mod without Xalibur's permisson!

Links & more stuff:


  • Wolf - Coding, Launcher
  • MarKr - Coding
  • Panzerblitz1 - Art, Models
  • Spielführer, HaryPl, RaCheEnGeL!.de - Betatesters
  • Frehelias, Kr0noZ, Nieles, Vega1707 - Forum moderation


  • Xalibur - Founder, Coding & realization (inactive)
  • Gawain - Co-Modder, Gameplay & Balance
  • panther7 - Launcher
  • £û©™ - Installer, Betatester
  • Olhausen - Betatester
  • Mettiu - AI coding
  • Ruhrpottpatriot - Forum Administration, BK wiki (german)
  • Shadow - PR Relic Online & moddb, Gameplay & Balance, engl.
  • isiar - Co-Modder, Gameplay & Balance


Here I would like to thank all persons who helped me directly or indirectly in my mod development!

Thanks to the persons who made the new models possible:
Aidas2, Pojarsma, Reichsbahn, Slayerknecht, Georider, Loran Korn (RIP), MrScruff (RIP), Sweeten

  • HalfTrack & Tankdestroyer for their great high quality releases
  • Eliw00d & DMz for many the latest models and some nice extra gimmicks
  • Tankdestroyer for his help & extra gimmicks
  • burtondrummerNY for his releases
  • Zeugma for his C15TA Armoured Truck release
  • Aidas2, Chopin, Darkblade for the M3 Stuart & Crusader tanks

GFX , ART & Video:

  • Ninja117 & Doombringer for some of the used Icons and UI GFX
  • GnigruG for his excellent skins
  • DMz for some nice custom tank skins
  • VanAdrian for some nice custom textures
  • panzerblitz1 for his video editing

Gamerisin & Lorankorn for the used new Sounds

Mettiu for his superb work in AI-enhancing

isiar for in-depth work in finding & fixing bugs with Corsix

SHADOW & Wolverine2108: (english), Ogon & TheDzierzanPL (polish), Ext3ermin4tor & crimax77 (italian), Ursidey (french), blackbishop (spanish), Maeglin (czech), saukopf (chinese), 531st & Idalgos (russian)

Also thanks to all active internal Betatesters that have spent a lot of time in finding and reporting Bugs:
SHADOW, Ruhrpottpatriot, Kr0noZ, Ivelios, Lordhelmlein, Muad'Dib, Mystic-Car, Chrome, Gambit, Keeper, d0nCarlos, Mr.Mind, Chako, RaCheEnGeL!.de, Smallz, Shogi, Spielführer, GrüneTeufel, Frehelias, Nobbio, Tinamu, Vega1707, WARTHOG, Rhel, BoogeyMan, olhausen, HaryPL, Tinamu, Twitchy, panzerblitz1 and all others I forgot to mention here...

Special thanks to Spielführer, olhausen & HaryPL for leading betatesting and open beta forum moderation

£û©™ for his superb Installer


  • gawain77 (retired) who helped diligently in specializing and reworking the doctrines
  • isiar (retired) who helped to fix many bugs and is now BK`s active Co-modder


  • Copernicus (without you many thinks wouldn`t work as intended, many thanks for all the great ideas and solutions!)
  • Halftrack (BotB mod) for all the nice exchanges of informations via ICQ late at night
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RSS feed Articles

Hey guys! Another new patch for Blitzkrieg mod!

In this patch we changed veterancy levels a bit, so certain units like rangers, certain stormtroopers, certain commandos, snipers and some others will require a bit more XP to level up, some less.
All changes together should even the game a bit more, especially within doctrines of the same faction. Most "nerfs" were to Inf and Terror doctrines, which were played the most. Both AB and Luft got some buffs, we will see how it plays out. I would like to remember here, that not every doctrine should deal with everything and especially not with one unit. While there was a certain shift to that in the past, I wouldn't like to continue this trend. Also remember that playing games with or against multiple of the same doctine is not that of an example how to balance. If you will play against 4 arty doctrines you can ... surprisingly... expect loads of arty. And we will not change how arty doctrines work just because of that. Same applies to other doctrines, 4x RAF means that there will be planes all over the place. Also that something takes 4CP in the tree in one doctrine doesnt mean that there cant be the same unit in other doctine for 8CP.

Back to the patch .. It also features new mode called currently BK Fun Mode, in which all resource income is doubled, popcap static 350 - this mode will NOT be balanced and should not be played in "serious" games.

Majority of the changes were done by MarKr, so big props to him.

We also plan to make another mappack in near future, so stay tuned!

Full changelog on our forum post: Forum.bkmod.net

New Forum

New Forum

News 5 comments

Hello fellow Blitzkriegers As many of you may be aware there are registration issues on the BK forum. And since work has begun on Blitzkrieg Mod for Company...

Forum registration issues

Forum registration issues

News 13 comments

Information regarding our Forum on www.blitzkrieg-mod.de

New version released on 20.01.14

New version released on 20.01.14

News 8 comments

Release news to go along with version of Blitzkrieg (slightly delayed XD)

Update on incompatible game options problem

Update on incompatible game options problem

News 9 comments

Look below if you experience the "incompatible game options" error.

RSS feed Downloads
Blitzkrieg V4.9.5 Patch

Blitzkrieg V4.9.5 Patch

Patch 21 comments

This is the latest Blitzkrieg patch at the moment, to be installed over any 4.8.x.x version. Simply install it over and run launcher.

Blitzkrieg V4.9.3 Patch

Blitzkrieg V4.9.3 Patch

Patch 22 comments

This is the latest Blitzkrieg patch at the moment, to be installed over any 4.8.x.x version. Simply install it over and run launcher (usually is run automatically...

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Mappack

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Mappack

Patch 6 comments

It is the same mappack as 4.0, so no need to redownload, if you had it. The only difference is the new installer. Contains multiple maps for Blitzkrieg...

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Full

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Full

Full Version 43 comments

Full version of the latest Blitzkrieg Mod. Includes HD textures for infantry and ground. Only thing missing is the mappack, which has to be downloaded...

Post comment Comments  (7000 - 7010 of 8,827)

Game is way too one-sided. Germans are too powerful and computer allies are retarded. Pioneers can knock out a rifle squad with a grease gun while the pioneers have nothing. Also, I lost 3 rifle squads to one german squad (not grenadier or added weapons) and they lost 1 guy. If you wanna make it more realistic, I suggest your increase squad sizes to the realistic level so that 1 german squad, while a bit stronger, is out numbered 12 to 8 so it should even out. The computers are dreadful. Expert and hard allied computers do nothing. Literaly. They don't even build a barracks until the game is halfway done and the germans have tigers on the field. i played a game where me and 2 experts vs 3 easy comps and I'd honestly have the easy krauts on my side.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The best mod ever for CoH

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I beaten my Axis Player Friends on a 2 on 2 battle. Riflemen have the range advantage and I use the hold by number and intimidation. Those guys just can't get anywhere near without being shot, cover plays a lot in early game. I know grenadier is stronger, but by the time they got them. I already have heavier units like rangers and Shermans. They got desperate and make hopeless push, hah, cut downed with sheer brute defensive force thanks to my british allies, who use commando and slit trench.

I don't know, cause US combine with British is really strong. One go defense while one go offense, or reverse easily. Axis usually have to attack and push as soon as possible, cover a lot. They lack flexibility, only sheer attack force. And expensive drag them down, unless you are the experience guy. hehehe

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The best to play Blitzkrieg is vs HUMANS and in battles of 3 vs 3 for balance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The AI problems will be fixed with the next version.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Please, the AI on easy, plaese don't make it as powerful as normal. Although I got play with freinds, sometimes I played to let off some steam! Please don't increase the difficulty on easy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

We aren't increasing the difficulty. We jsut fixed the problems (bugs) that caused the AI NOT to tech-up to higher tech-levels. Especially on Hard/Expert level, this was pretty annyoing. Now the AI always builds all buildings allowing them to build the heavier stuff. If you play on "Easy" the AI still is pretty slow and easy,e ven with this change. But Hard/Expert AI now is way better ebcause now not only 2/4 of the AIs tech-up correctly, but ALL of them (if you play versus 4 of them). This is especially great for 3/4 human vs. AI games and a real challenge.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

will this work for company of heroes online ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hi hey shadow i have a question
i would like to give jagdtiger the mgs back i work a little bit with corsix mod studio so how can i do this
i think in raceeps and then jagdtiger model but i dont know where exactly
pls can u help maybe thx

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm no expert when it comes to coding so I've no clue about that. Sorry.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can you decrease the cost for CW infantry?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

@regz321: Real armor values are not possible with the engine. So the penetration capabilities isn't always correct in all situations. This is simply impossible with the Engine.

@mulibi: Please rread the BK FAQs in the "Features" section here to fix that problem. I don't want to repeat myself over and over and mostly the problem is a common one and already explained in the FAQs.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can you please help me and my friend? I have ToV and Blitzkrieg, which is patched for latest versions and i can play ToV in multiplayer without problems, but blitzkrieg says "incompatible mod version. You have: reliccoh, they have: reliccoh". What's the problem?

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Hokipoki Online

sun kaverilla tai sulla ei ole oikea blitzkrieg versio.

your friend or you dont have right blitzkrieg version.

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Was playing a 2v2 match as Axis where I had a Panzer IV infantry support tank with side skirts and the enemy had a British infantry squad with 1 Boys anti-tank rifle the tank was facing its side to the anti-tank rifle here is an article on the Panzer IV infantry support vehicle in COH:

Which Describes that the panzer 4 is model Ausf. F with ~30mm of side Armour + side skirting which I don't know how much Armour that has, and the Boys anti-tank rifle can only piece Armour to a Maximum of ~21.5mm on the newest model according to:

Where the enemy with the Boys anti-tank rifle used the aimed shot ability and immobilized both treads, I believe this is unfair as it should only damage light tanks and the Boys anti-tank rifle is only effective at 91m where the distance was about 150m, also the fact is immobilized both sides of the treads looks like a problem.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Once you have one tread down...you cant move -_-
and They can destroy easily treads with the AT rifle they are using... Look the 50 cal can even destroy the tracks of the Tiger...
And I know that youre a well read academic of war... But try do some more research(rather ingame or with literature)

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Highest Rated (84 agree) 10/10

Best COH mod you will find, most realistic you will get in COH, with no new factions this mod pwns everything, imagine with new factions, but its alot of work, so dont get angry on the devs if they dont add any, which i dont think they will, but anyway, play it and you will never find yourself using the vCOH shortcut again ;)

Nov 2 2010 by Wulfburk12

Lowest Rated (22 agree) 4/10

IMO "realistic" damage system should be accompanied by at least somewhat realistic resource availability and NUMBERS, yes numbers. I mean, how the hell are you calling realistic several tigers (or some other of the kind) against few shermans anyway?
In other words - nazi-favouring (game-wise) mod, plus I, personally, find it to quickly become a bit boring. And if you really want realism - go play "Men of war", or any of the various mods for it, including nazi-biased (game-wise).

Nov 29 2010 by IJoe

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