• works with Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts, Tales of Valor or any combination of these three!
  • a much more realistic weapon damage system
  • greatly changed & expanded Commander Trees
  • a new designed ambush system 2.0 using trees & bushes (new v4.5!)
  • enhanced infantry and tank VET system
  • many new skins for infantry and tanks
  • many new units for all factions (>100 overall)
  • many new abilities
  • new sounds & fx effects
  • recommended new maps included in separate map installer
  • historical correct vehicle speeds
  • more detailed tank descriptions (armament & armour)
  • increased line of sight & weapon ranges
  • increased zoom out
  • removed team colours & projectile trails
  • removed transparency effects
  • a total of 32 new recommended maps included
  • language support:
    english german french spanish italian polish russian czech chinese

It is prohibited to use any parts from this mod without my permisson!

Links & more stuff:


  • Xalibur - Founder, Coding & realization (inactive)
  • Mettiu - AI coding
  • £û©™ - Installer, Betatester
  • panther7 - Launcher
  • Spielführer, Olhausen, HaryPl, Vega1707 - leading betatesters


  • Gawain - Co-Modder, Gameplay & Balance
  • Ruhrpottpatriot - Forum Administration, BK wiki (german)
  • Shadow - PR Relic Online & moddb, Gameplay & Balance, engl.
  • isiar - Co-Modder, Gameplay & Balance


Here I would like to thank all persons who helped me directly or indirectly in my mod development!

Thanks to the persons who made the new models possible:
Aidas2, Pojarsma, Reichsbahn, Slayerknecht, Georider, Loran Korn (RIP), MrScruff (RIP), Sweeten

  • HalfTrack & Tankdestroyer for their great high quality releases
  • Eliw00d & DMz for many the latest models and some nice extra gimmicks
  • Tankdestroyer for his help & extra gimmicks
  • burtondrummerNY for his releases
  • Zeugma for his C15TA Armoured Truck release
  • Aidas2, Chopin, Darkblade for the M3 Stuart & Crusader tanks

GFX , ART & Video:

  • Ninja117 & Doombringer for some of the used Icons and UI GFX
  • GnigruG for his excellent skins
  • DMz for some nice custom tank skins
  • VanAdrian for some nice custom textures
  • panzerblitz1 for his video editing

Gamerisin & Lorankorn for the used new Sounds

Mettiu for his superb work in AI-enhancing

isiar for in-depth work in finding & fixing bugs with Corsix

SHADOW & Wolverine2108: (english), Ogon & TheDzierzanPL (polish), Ext3ermin4tor & crimax77 (italian), Ursidey (french), blackbishop (spanish), Maeglin (czech), saukopf (chinese), 531st & Idalgos (russian)

Also thanks to all active internal Betatesters that have spent a lot of time in finding and reporting Bugs:
SHADOW, Ruhrpottpatriot, Kr0noZ, Ivelios, Lordhelmlein, Muad'Dib, Mystic-Car, Chrome, Gambit, Keeper, d0nCarlos, Mr.Mind, Chako, RaCheEnGeL!.de, Smallz, Shogi, Spielführer, GrüneTeufel, Frehelias, Nobbio, Tinamu, Vega1707, WARTHOG, Rhel, BoogeyMan, olhausen, HaryPL, Tinamu, Twitchy, panzerblitz1 and all others I forgot to mention here...

Special thanks to Spielführer, olhausen & HaryPL for leading betatesting and open beta forum moderation

£û©™ for his superb Installer


  • gawain77 (retired) who helped diligently in specializing and reworking the doctrines
  • isiar (retired) who helped to fix many bugs and is now BK`s active Co-modder


  • Copernicus (without you many thinks wouldn`t work as intended, many thanks for all the great ideas and solutions!)
  • Halftrack (BotB mod) for all the nice exchanges of informations via ICQ late at night
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New Forum

News 5 comments

Hello fellow Blitzkriegers

As many of you may be aware there are registration issues on the BK forum.

And since work has begun on Blitzkrieg Mod for Company of Heroes 2, we made a new forum.

I say to you all sign up there in order to keep the latest updates and news from us.

Here is the address New BK Forum

We will keep supporting CoH 1 as well but no more regular updates as our main focus will be CoH 2.

Xalibur we have not heard anything from him for a long time. If he may return he is free to join us at the new forum.

WolfCZ is the new administrator on the new forum. The rest of the team is unchanged compared to the current team.

The whole team will be seeing you on the new forum.

Forum registration issues

Forum registration issues

News 10 comments

Information regarding our Forum on www.blitzkrieg-mod.de

New version released on 20.01.14

New version released on 20.01.14

News 8 comments

Release news to go along with version of Blitzkrieg (slightly delayed XD)

Update on incompatible game options problem

Update on incompatible game options problem

News 9 comments

Look below if you experience the "incompatible game options" error.

No official support for BK on ModDB

No official support for BK on ModDB

News 5 comments

Because comments, problems and suggestions get easily lost in the comment-section on ModDB, we are now officialy ceasing support for BK here. If you have...

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Blitzkrieg V4.9.3 Patch

Blitzkrieg V4.9.3 Patch

Patch 18 comments

This is the latest Blitzkrieg patch at the moment, to be installed over any 4.8.x.x version. Simply install it over and run launcher (usually is run automatically...

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Mappack

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Mappack

Patch 6 comments

It is the same mappack as 4.0, so no need to redownload, if you had it. The only difference is the new installer. Contains multiple maps for Blitzkrieg...

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Full

Blitzkrieg V4.8.6.0 Full

Full Version 39 comments

Full version of the latest Blitzkrieg Mod. Includes HD textures for infantry and ground. Only thing missing is the mappack, which has to be downloaded...

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Is there a way to get the mod working for the CD version? I installed it in the root folder but when I run the launcher, it only starts the regular version of CoH with nothing changed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Are you running Steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Dear community members and BK-mod team,I need your help.I dont know why but I cant get my CoH NSV (New Steam Version) to work,its not even launching!(I press a "play" button then pops-up a window that CoH is launching,then it disappears and after a couple of seconds my steam avatar turns from green (im in-game) to blue again :c
Do you have any ideas or suggestions?I will be grateful for any help :3
Btw I found this file in my documents folder (text file named "warnings"

this is what inside of it :
-RELICCOH started at 2015-10-29 19:05
OS NT 6.2 (sp0.0) x64, 3561MB Physical Memory, 1327 Physical Available, 3934 Virtual Available
WORKING-DIR E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes Relaunch

19:05:32.62 4 Logical Processors detected
19:05:32.62 Multithreading Enabled
19:05:32.62 THREAD: Hyper-Threading Technology Processors are not detected.
19:05:32.62 XTHREAD: Detected 4 core(s) with 4 hardware thread(s)
19:05:32.62 XTHREAD: Main thread now used as XThread 0
19:05:32.62 XTHREAD: Spawned thread on processor 1
19:05:32.62 XTHREAD: Spawned thread on processor 2
19:05:32.63 XTHREAD: Spawned thread on processor 3
19:05:32.63 MATHBOX -- Version=6, Cpu=unknown:f=18,m=1, Mode=SSE
19:05:32.79 GAME -- Company Of Heroes, 2.700.2, Build test.2.700.2, Type test, Language english
19:05:32.80 MOD -- Mounting RelicDLC1, 1.0
19:05:32.80 FILESYSTEM -- filepath failure, path does not exist 'C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\DLC1\Movies\'
19:05:32.80 MOD -- Mounting RelicDLC2, 1.0
19:05:32.80 FILESYSTEM -- filepath failure, path does not exist 'C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\DLC2\Movies\'
19:05:32.80 MOD -- Mounting RelicDLC3, 1.0
19:05:32.81 FILESYSTEM -- filepath failure, path does not exist 'C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\DLC3\Movies\'
19:05:32.81 MOD -- Mounting RelicOps, 1.0
19:05:32.81 MOD -- Mounting RelicCoH, 1.0
19:05:32.87 FILESYSTEM -- filepath failure, path does not exist 'C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\Engine\Movies\'
19:05:32.87 FILESYSTEM -- filepath failure, path does not exist 'C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\WW2\Movies\'
19:05:32.96 GAME -- Resetting fp control word.
19:05:38.51 WW2Mod -- PropertyBagManager Loaded in 5.546000s
And sorry for such a long comment,just want to play CoH again :\

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Just to make sure you need to download 3 things. The Blitz 4.8.6 (full), the 4.8.6 Map Pk. & the 4.9.3 update for it to work. Know a few people who had some issues - gl/tc..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The filepath failure are normal. Unfortunately nothing in your warning.log gives me a useful hint to solve your problem.

I can only say that you should try to repair or reinstall your game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hi, I am having an issue with your mod.
So I enter the skirmish, everything going fine until suddently the game simply stops, like it crashes. I did wait at first, seemed to be just a sudden wait there but then it did the same 5 minutes after and simply crashed to desktop.
Tried reinstalling the mod and running it on admin, nothing seems to fix this issue.
Any solutions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Did you receive a crash warning of some sort after the game crashed?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Highest Rated (84 agree) 10/10

Best COH mod you will find, most realistic you will get in COH, with no new factions this mod pwns everything, imagine with new factions, but its alot of work, so dont get angry on the devs if they dont add any, which i dont think they will, but anyway, play it and you will never find yourself using the vCOH shortcut again ;)

Nov 2 2010 by Wulfburk12

Lowest Rated (22 agree) 4/10

IMO "realistic" damage system should be accompanied by at least somewhat realistic resource availability and NUMBERS, yes numbers. I mean, how the hell are you calling realistic several tigers (or some other of the kind) against few shermans anyway?
In other words - nazi-favouring (game-wise) mod, plus I, personally, find it to quickly become a bit boring. And if you really want realism - go play "Men of war", or any of the various mods for it, including nazi-biased (game-wise).

Nov 29 2010 by IJoe

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