Bleach:Zanpakutou Senshi is a totally free Total Conversation of Half-Life 1. It´s based on the japanese hit Anime Bleach.

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Anywhere [OLD] [unpaid] C++ programmer (any level) at Bleach Zanpukto Senshi Development Team

[unpaid] c++ programmer (any level) bleach zanpukto senshi development team anywhere programmers [this job is unpaid] bzsmod is a tps-mod for hl1 based on the anime bleach. the team consist of people who want to work on game development and have chosen to work on bzsmod in their free time. some are studying and others are educated in their work. location: anywhere. your gain: learning + portfolio. ------------------ platform: windows as programmer your task will be to implement game features and aid as tech artist (implementation of assets: ex: animation calls, sound calls, 2d sprites). you will be working with: melee fighting system kido / weapon selection system (ui integration) radar system game modes the code is written in c and c++. we keep third party libraries to a minimum. you will get your hands dirty with pointers, singleton classes, network messages and gui. you will perform informal acceptance tests. qa will test features and critical bug fixes. you will be working with 2 programmers who both are studying their master in computer science. we use svn for version control and ”the bug genie” for project management. application notes: we expect that you have experienced coding in c++. furthermore it will be beneficial that you have knowledge of object oriented analysis and design + reading / writing uml or utilize a software to do it. it is required that you can and are willing to work with pointers. 2 – 5 hours work per week is expected, more is welcome. we will read and respond to every application. if you have any questions, mail

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