While adding Black Templars as the separate race, this mod does not change the original gameplay style of Soulstorm and compatible with others race-mods. The mod brings Emperor's Wrath upon His Enemies, the Black Templars Chapter, whose zealous space marines prefer close combat over ranged warfare.

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I had been holding off on playing this mod for quite a while - both due to RL obligations, and due to my skepticism that the addition of another Space Marine faction would add much to the DoW experience.

In the latter regard, my concerns were very conclusively put to rest. The Black Templars mod is a perfect example of what a new race should provide; it brings a new way of playing against the existing factions while providing a unique aesthetic. The templars don't feel like 'just' another bunch of space marines, and the faction has a wonderfully different flavour.

I adore the voice acting. I would go so far as to say that it is one of the things that makes the race FEEL so different to the vanilla space marines. For what some would consider a 'vanilla' mod, there is nothing that feels bland or insipid about it. It even has it's own intro vid for Chrissakes.

The race is fully fleshed out with various 'vows', squad, hero, upgrade and weapon choices, all of which impact meaningfully on the course of battle. On a very dweebish note, it's all entirely fluff-friendly with voice responses referencing the Chapter Primarch, and the UCS descriptions mentioning little facts about the history of some upgrades etc.

I greatly enjoyed this mod and everything it added to the core game.

I’m grateful surprised with the amount of professional work the guys put in this mod. The 3D modeling has a number of great details on armors, weapons, banners, badges and the like. The way they set the development of the army during a match is in perfect compliant with the Black Templar’s lore of the WH40K Universe. They even developed a set of voice acting, making the warriors pose with a “Rainier-Wolfcastle-esque” touch, making me smile when I deploy the squads. I hope the THQ people got the lesson and hire a staff like this, instead of waiting for facing the bankruptcy. And of us, who are enjoying this mod, only one thing: “Honor us, Templars!”

One of the mest mods ever released for Soulstorm!

So the famous Black Templars from the famous Firestorm Over Kaurava mod comes to life in a new... one and only solo race!!! It was exciting.

Story line/plot/campaign - N/a (?)

Race design/layout: 10/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Immersive Feel: 10/10
Balance: 9/10
Tactics: 10/10
AI: 10/10
Sounds: 10/10
Learning Curve: 8/10

+2 points for well polished and finalised looking release + content.

Worth the download? 10/10

Get this mod if you like big stand alone factions! Black Templars has a very interesting gameplay technique, I must say. The sounds in it (I mean voice overs) are very well done I thought, and the gameplay, though obstacled at first, gets better and better and is overall well thought out.

The design of the race, including every single icon, upgrade, ucs, and polish has a finalized touch and it is not very buggy of a faction. The units in it are great, especially the commanders and their terminator armor looks.

I could be wrong, but was this faction also included with "mark" like choices? I stay away from that idea whenever possible... it is not a popular demand because it does split your faction and people tend to not like that... but it depends on how it was implemented, and it did not effect my performance, if any.

The balance is not perfect, but it is very keenly close. Vindicators I noticed can wipe out things clean, but there is a limit placed on them there, all good. No unfairness, like more relic units compared to other vanilla factions, so overall balance is great.

Tactics in it is full of surprises. So many abilities!

AI has like no flaw. Out of the two games I watched the ai battle, they kick ***...

That's it! Like Dark Angels and Daemons, this is one of the most finalized races I've played! :) Keep up the good work, jones1979! ;)

Super Cool mod got ****** of once cuz when i fully researched the Terminator armor for my comm. it said ive been defeated.... -_-


Nice mod


Fantastic mod
Fantastic quality
Proud, mighty, unique chapter. Enjoy the german accent.
Great so that "I cant hear you, when you stutter".
So, "If Marshall needs me, tell him I am at the front".

I can't say just how fun this mod is, you have to play i for yourself, but the unique game play, voice acting, and different style of play is fabulous and I have spent hours on this mod, keep up the good work.

very nice mod.

This section here is pointless we both know this is beyond coolness :D

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